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pedjapdbedit -r $user lists the pass change, and yet samba stilll refuses to accept it.11:37
pedjavalid users in share defintion is correct.wth am I misssing?11:40
pedjapermission denied on gencache.tdb, and it's 644.hm11:45
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pedjabtw, why is opt/samba so old?4.2.14 is the latest from 4.2.x series12:52
pedjaI guess it's patch time :)12:54
frinnstpoke alan13:07
frinnstI use jue's port13:08
frinnsthttpup sync samba13:08
frinnstVersion:      4.3.1113:08
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pedjai updated dependencies and opt/samba.should i attach all the patches to FS, or just form samba?13:14
pedjait fixes a bunch of CVE's, too :)13:15
pedjahm, maybe just bump it all the way to 4.4.513:17
pedjathis is way more fun than slipstreaming win7 install, so I can install it on the samn laptop13:18
pedjathe dreaded 'cd/dvd device driver is not  present (kindly fuck off)' error13:20
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2016082313:27
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: gawk: update to 4.1.413:28
onoderadoes anyone here use xfs?13:35
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pedjadamn, I was *this* close to get 1337 as fs#13:55
jaegeronodera: I used it a lot in the past, haven't much recently13:58
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pedjait's not my day...14:57
pedjasamba-4.2.14 and 4.4.5 dump core now.wth.14:58
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tilmanpedja: bad compiler(options)?15:27
pedjatilman: I didn't set any, just the defaults.that is why I am confused.15:30
tilmanmaybe you're just hitting a plain old bug in samba :]15:31
pedja4.2.14 one daemon dumps core, 4.4.5 2 :)15:31
pedjaI'll try jue's port, see if it makes any difference.15:32
pedjawith the version bumped to 4.4.515:32
pedjafrinnst said that he uses it (4.3.11), so i know it at least works for someone :)15:33
frinnstjoacim: how hot does your apu2 get?15:36
frinnstim worried I fucked up the assembly15:36
frinnst60C 10 min into memtest15:36
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joacimmine idles at 60C15:42
joacimseems normal i guess15:42
abenzyea that assembly is not very confidence inspiring is it?15:43
joacimi could ssh in and run a yes > /dev/null i guess15:43
joacimi think it would've been better for it if the processor was mounted on top of the baord15:43
joacimwith a bigger heatsink15:43
joacimbut i guess it is fine the way it is15:44
joacim60C isnt that hot i think. seems normal enough15:44
joacimit is mounted correctly if the underside gets hot15:47
joacimi guess thats the only thing you have to consider15:47
juepedja: works for me too :)15:51
pedjajue: it doesn't dump core anymore, atleast :)15:53
pedjaafter I downgraded tevent to 0.9.2815:54
pedjabut, (Error NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED) persists...15:55
pedjaand I don't know why15:55
frinnstyeah its hot now. took a while so i thought i'd fucked it up :>15:58
joacimi guess you could line the bottom with heatsinks. those cheap ones you can buy for ram16:01
frinnstdoubt it will be an issue16:01
joacimpeople like to go nuts about temperatures16:03
joacimonce someone got so offended about my r9 290 temps they had to block me =)16:04
joacimlike 85-90C under load after undervolting16:05
joacim95C and a lot of throttling before undervolting16:05
jaegerhow is the apu2 cooled?16:35
jaeger(not at all, I'm guessing)16:36
jaegeraside from an onboard heat spreader16:36
jaegernever mind, I went and looked it up for myself. :)16:36
frinnstcisco 5505/5506 gets a lot hotter than this16:37
jaegerIs that a useful comparison? They're different CPUs16:44
frinnst5506 uses an atom. 5505 uses some ancient geode16:46
jaeger5505 used a celeron if I remember right16:47
jaegerHardware: ASA5505, 256 MB RAM, CPU Pentium 4 Celeron 2000 MHz16:48
joacimi missed out, so now i have to get a geode board16:51
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joacimhaving a fast 486 sounds really cool for some reason16:52
jaegerI could send you my alix, heh. Wonder what post to you would cost16:52
jaegerprobably more than that thing's actually worth at this point16:52
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joacimi see people selling it for 60 dollars16:52
frinnstwhat? i was sure it was a geode16:53
frinnstopened one up to install ram a few years ago and found it odd16:53
joacimthese two are some of the cheapest ones i can find16:54
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frinnst*** Welcome to pfSense 2.3.2-RELEASE (amd64 full-install) on pfSense ***16:56
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joacimfrinnst: did you check if ecc is enabled or not?17:03
frinnstnot yet. memtest didnt suggest it was though17:04
joacimi think memtest86+ should tell17:05
frinnstthen ecc is not enabled17:06
jaegerfrinnst: the OLPC XO-1 used one if I remember right17:12
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frinnsthm. our 3.2 ISO doesnt boot. just a bunch of junk chars after the syslinux "byt peter h anvin et al" line17:22
joacimi could probably find a cheaper geode spc on ebay17:22
joacimthan the pc engines stuff17:22
frinnstor my usb stick is broken:17:23
frinnst(probe0:umass-sim0:0:0:0): CAM status: CCB request completed with an error17:23
frinnst(probe0:umass-sim0:0:0:0): Error 5, Retries exhausted17:23
joacimi had issues booting freebsd/opnsense on my board17:26
joacimwhen using the external usb 3.0 ports17:26
joacimbooted fine using the internal 2.0 header17:26
joacimgot my rs232 adapter yesterday. was surprised when i found out os x has native support for the ftdi-based ones17:32
frinnsti think most OSes do for ftdi17:43
dlcusaWell, gcc built with -O2 fails identically when rebuilding nss using "-g -O1" CFLAGS, whereas both optimizations of gcc build nss when using "-g -O2".  Can someone confirm this?18:07
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frinnsti've built it on 4-5 different installs. no issues for me18:21
dlcusafrinnst, specifying "-O1"?18:39
frinnstno, O219:06
frinnstoh, you need to use -O1 for nss?19:06
frinnsttesting now19:07
frinnstyeah, fails with -O119:08 :-)19:09
dlcusafrinnist, thanks for the corroboration.  Hard to see how -O1 can force such a warning, but it is what it is.19:18
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dlcusafrinnst, and see last message (sorry about the id typo).19:48
frinnstYou might want to include the buildlog - atleast the relevant parts19:53
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frinnstah sorry, you had included it19:57
frinnstyou might want to clean it up though19:58
dlcusafrinnst, if they want--it's just nss and firefox, and they might want the bigger picture.20:03
frinnstfirefox is irrelevant and maybe confusing20:03
frinnstfirefox will build just fine with the old nss version - you just lack autoconf-2.1320:03
dlcusaAll right, if you think it better.20:04
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dlcusafrinnst, done.20:16
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schACTION 20:48
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druid_droidlong live crux :)23:34
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