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Romsterpedja, i started on a docker image for just samba but i didn't get around to finishing it. i asked if alan is maintaining that still and said it's fine if i wanted to take it over.01:04
frinnstjue might want it back if thats the case01:06
frinnstsince alan took it from jue01:06
Romsteri'll bump it locally and see if i can not get it to crash like pedja's is01:08
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onoderaHi, I just installed crux on a muchine with xfs as root fs01:24
onoderabut for some reason the root mountpoint thingy (/dev/sda3 in my case) didn't get symlinked to /dev/root01:25
onoderadoes anyone know why?01:25
Romsteri don't even use /dev/root01:33
Romsterwould need a udev rule for that anyways01:33
onoderaRomster: does your /proc/mounts say /dev/sd* or /dev/root?01:35
Romsterbut i use the UUID in mine.01:37
Romsterso disk reordering isn't a issue.01:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: mpv: update to 0.20.010:50
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pedjaRomster: it crashes with tevent-0.9.30, afaict.I am using jue's port, with the version bumbed to fine, so far :)11:54
pedjawith tevent 0.9.28, just to be clear11:55
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frinnstwent to the office to pick up some firewalls to play with. office temp as of 3:45PM: 32.7C14:11
frinnst= 90.860 degrees fahrenheit14:11
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tilmanfrinnst: same here for the past 3 days. fuck summer  resp. not having AC14:27
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onoderaRomster: ffmpeg 3.1.3 has been released :)14:48
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joacim13C here. rather humid tho, so it isn't comfortable yet15:24
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viai know its not really the right place to ask this, but has anyone had any issues with radeonsi just rendering black windows for opengl apps on crux?17:42
tilmanvia: no17:43
tilmanvia: did you make sure that the radeonsi driver is picked up/loaded at all?17:43
viait is17:44
viasometimes it does work, its kinda intermittant. i'm trying to run farcry2, and when it does load, even the video playback in the beginning might be .5 fps17:46
viaits been a long time since i tried to debug these types of problems17:47
tilmandid you try glxgears or another "basic" app?17:49
tilmanif that's all black too, try running with LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose17:49
tilmandid you check X log and kernel log?17:49
viayeah, i was seeing the black window with glxgears, using =verbose just shows it loading the dri for radeonsi and seemingly being fine17:50
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pedjafinally, 3 days later, win7 is on the fucking laptop.$deity, I hate HP.20:05
pedjaand MS.20:05
pedjaand small fluffy animals20:06
frinnstisnt the hp website wonderful?20:25
frinnstAdditional Entitlement Required20:27
frinnst(for cisco firmware fixes)20:27
frinnstisnt it wonderful they place security updates behind a paywall?20:27
pedjabusiness reasons, probably20:41
onoderapedja: I need to install windows this coming week20:43
onoderaand I'm going to try dualboot for the first time20:43
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onoderafrinnst: I'm pretty sure on of the highest rated posts on the sysadmin subreddit is about how horrible the hp website is, lol20:44
onodera heheh20:46
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pedjaonodera: I had to netinstall it, stupid Windows setup can't tell the difference between usb2 and usb3 port.20:52
pedjaI used Serva on the WIn7 VM as a PXE/dhcp/tftp server, but I really need to learn how to setup it on Crux, for future use :)20:56
FaymIMO Toshiba's support is worse.20:57
FaymI mean, HP's is absolute shitshow, but at least you can eventually get what you need.20:57
pedjaare they competing on *that*, too?20:58
pedjawhose support is the absolute worst?20:58
frinnstFaym: not if the specific server is down21:11
frinnstbut yeah, everything is available on the hp ftp-server - if you know the filename21:13
FaymBut a 30% chance to get something from HP > 0.1% chance to find where Toshiba is hiding the file.21:14
pedjaI can usually find what I need from HP, but if I don't make a note what sp72644.exe is, I am fsckd.21:21
pedja(synaptics touchpad driver, if you are curious)21:22
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