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frinnstmeh. only ~50mbit via ipsec from my apu209:45
frinnstoffloading seems somewhat broken i guess - interrupts consumes the cpu09:46
abenz_running crux?09:47
abenzfrinnst: try: openssl speed -elapsed aes-256-cbc09:49
abenzand then: openssl speed -elapsed -evp aes-256-cbc09:50
frinnstno, pfsense09:50
frinnstif it was due to the encryption i'd guess one of the ipsec processes would hit the roof - not kernel interrupts09:51
frinnstanyways lots of things to tune and look at. just did a quick test now for the first time09:54
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joacimfrinnst: how do you test it?11:29
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frinnstipsec to a 5506 and iperf12:10
frinnstCPU:  0.0% user,  0.0% nice,  0.5% system, 29.6% interrupt, 70.0% idle12:12
frinnstpolling instead of interrupts:12:35
frinnstCPU:  2.2% user,  0.0% nice, 32.2% system,  1.5% interrupt, 64.1% idle12:35
joacimopnsense is also based on freebsd, so i guess i'll have the same numbers12:39
frinnsthm nope, the 150mbit number seems bogus. back to ~50mbit again12:39
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abenzmost certainly bogus14:11
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dlcusaRomster, I tried aubio-0.4.3 due to a build failure and got a differennt failure (, not finding in the python directory.  Want me to ask the aubio folks?14:36
dlcusaI annotated that link with the 4.1.0 build log since you'll probably want to see that14:50
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pedjadlcusa: comment out 'cd python' in the Pkgfile and try again.16:02 is in the root directory16:03
pedjadebian's list of packages broken with openssl-1.1 is loooong16:20
dlcusapedja, Romster, commenting out "cd python" indeed fixes aubio-0.4.3.  Thanks, pedja.16:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ffmpeg: 3.1.2 -> 3.1.322:14
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Romsterdlcusa, i'll take a look at that later22:34
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pedjaarchlinux subreddit is screaming their heads off because The beginners guide was removed from their wiki?23:01
pedjai thought arch users were leet, no need for stinking guide?23:02
pedjadriving the Mars rover is 'leet', installing Linux distro?not so much.23:04
pedjaI have more trouble installing Windows these days :)23:05
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pedjaone of the best kept secrets in IT is that ALL OS'S SUCK!to a degree.23:08
pedjaand they are a fucking tool to do something.23:09
pedjaI think that geeks enjoy that 'he knows how the computer works, he/she/it must be a wizard! aura.23:11
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joacimit's all a matter of finding what sucks less for you23:12
joacimalways that guy that told me to get winxp or ubuntu tho23:12
joaciminstead of os x and gentoo23:12
joacimi dont know what sucks more. people that want to talk to you about technology, or technology itself =)23:13
pedjafindinf people that can talk sanely about tech is hard.23:14
pedjatalking to people is hard, full stop.23:14
pedjamainly because I have a very narrow set of interests.23:15
pedjaso smalltalk can be challenging :)23:15
pedjaand that's why I wish I can afford to go to  HackerCon in a city nearby.Those are my people :)23:17
joacimi tend to have friends for specific kinds of talks23:19
joacimlike one for weather, one for walks, one for macs, one for linux23:20
pedjaI can listen and nod at appropriate intervals to pretty much anything, with the caveat that it's interesting ;)23:24
pedjaor that her cleavage is deep enough23:24
pedjabut I am not at all interested in sports or 'celebrity culture'.I'll rather watch the paint dry than football, tenis, or whatever.23:28
pedjaif corgi racing becomes a sport, I'll watch that :)23:29
pedjathat video frinnst posted a while back was incredible.23:30

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