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joacimseemed fun enough =)00:30
joacimfigure 8 racing should be bigger too00:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: fftw: 3.3.4 -> 3.3.5 new dep gcc-fortran03:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gcc-fortran-ccache-bindings: fix missing symlink03:10
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onoderahow the hell do I create a bootable usb from a windows 7 iso13:18
onoderaa simple dd doesn't wrok13:18
teK__of course not13:31
teK__theres a tool13:31
teK__windows media creation tool, iirc13:32
teK__but i think it requires you to also download the ISO with it. There was another one.. let me check13:32
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onoderayeah using that now13:45
onoderait only works on windows though13:45
onoderaso that kinda sucks13:45
pedjaonodera: this worked for me :
pedjabut because of the missing drivers for this particular laptop, I ended up netbooting Windows.14:17
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wildefyronodera, best bet is just grab a windows machine from a friend and create the media from that onodera17:26
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abenzonodera: there's a simpler way17:29
abenzeg to create windows 7 mbr, simply run: ms-sys -7 /dev/sdX17:32
abenzthen copy the contents of the ISO to the drive17:32
abenznow its bootable!17:32
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onodera wow17:36
onoderawhy didn't I read that earlier lol17:36
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wildefyrinb4 it doesn't work18:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: lxc: 1.1.5 -> 2.0.420:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: git: 2.9.2 -> 2.9.320:51
rmullI'm having trouble getting my intel drivers working on a new machine. Intel HD 5500. I think I have everything installed. X -configure finds the intel driver, but says "no devices to configure"21:11
rmullAny suggestions?21:11
frinnstwhat does the xorg.log say if you start without a config?21:20
frinnsti had some issues with intel on my work pc too. amd ftw :>21:20
rmullSeems like it just terminates normally21:24
frinnstthat REALLY reminds me of the issue I had.21:25
rmullIs that... good? :D21:25
frinnstunfortunately i had that issue ~1 year ago and dont remember what the fuck i did to fix it21:25
frinnstif you run x as root does it work then?21:25
rmullUmm. Yes, it does.21:27
rmullMy user is a member of the 'video' group21:28
frinnstha! same issue as me21:28
frinnstI havent had the opportunity to look into it since my work box "needs to work". I use a loginmanager that runs X as root and then drops privs so I dont really have a practical problem21:28
frinnstbut something is wrong21:29
frinnstanyways, sleepytime now. hopefully i can find some time tomorrow and look into it again (but probably not :()21:29
rmullIf you do, thanks in advance21:29
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rmullfrinnst: It's working now... not sure exactly what I did, but I added my user to the 'users' group as well21:35
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onoderapedja: a while ago you(?) talked about some bublebee replacement right? What was that called again?22:32
pedjaonodera: libglvnd?22:39
onoderaoh right, that yeah, thanks22:39
onoderado you know if it's in any way usable yet?22:42
onoderaas a bumblebee replacement22:42
pedjait is not an optimus/bumblebee replacement, afaict.22:46
pedjait doesn't dynamicly switch between cards, it just provides a way to install mesa and binary driver side by side.22:50
pedjaand the applications choose whichever GL they like.that's the theory, anyway.22:52
pedjahow will that work, I don't know yet, I am waiting for new mesa/xorg releases to test it.22:53
pedjait's still too early to tell.22:54
pedjabut, if it works by  binding apps to particular gfx card, so, for instance, your games use discrete, and everything else uses integrated graphics, then, yes, it could work.22:58
pedjabit, that's just speculation at this point.22:59
pedjaby the end of the year, situation should be a bit clearer.23:00
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pedjahm, now I see that that's how PRIME works.interesting.23:05
pedjaOptimus, Prime, bumblebee.Using Linux on a laptop is fun.23:08
pedjasorry I couldn't be of more help, onodera, I am not at all familiar with hybrid graphics on the laptops, or the state of Linux on them.23:10
onoderano problem23:10
onoderame neither :p23:10
onodera ohh nice23:33
onoderathanks for the link, looks interesting from the title23:33
pedjait clarifies a few things that were confusing me :)23:34

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