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Romstercheck permissions on ls -la /dev/nvidia*02:42
Romsteror what ever vendor card you use02:43
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frinnstrmull: what else did you try? :)08:05
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rmullfrinnst: So before I tried (successfully) to run X as root, first I had to install xterm and its deps because it was finding an .xinitrc somewhere13:08
rmullOnce that worked, I went back to try as my user - deleted my existing .xinitrc, added my user to 'users' group, logged out and back in, then did 'startx /path/to/my/wm'13:09
rmullNone of that makes intuitive sense for why it would be working now, and it's possible there are some other details I'm forgetting. Rigor was low :(13:10
frinnstyeah its wierd13:29
frinnsthm, pfsense has crashed twice today on my apu2c413:35
frinnsthuh, works now13:49
frinnstseems i had a .xserverrc file that fucked shit up13:49
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rmullteK__: contrib/rtorrent fails to build because doc/old/rtorrent.1 does not exist in the sources14:45
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loungehi ,im trying to build simplescreenrecorder and i got stuck at error library missing "checking for glPushAttrib in -lGL... no"14:59
loungecan someone help me with this15:00
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darfoprt-get info mesa3d. Version 11.2.2 has libGL with that glPushAttrib in it.15:49
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darfoor prt-get isinst mesa3d15:50
darfolounge ^^^15:51
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luxioWhere can I find a list of packages available on crux?15:51
luxioabenz: That's it?16:08
wildefyrluxio, ports -u followed by prt-get search will get you the most recent available packages from synced repos16:08
wildefyrif you are on a crux system of course16:08
wildefyrluxio, we're a small distro16:08
wildefyrso, less packages16:08
abenzluxio: there are many personal repos16:09
wildefyralso most people tend to maintain their own ports16:09
wildefyrI have something like 80 in my repo alone16:09
wildefyrI haven't even really used crux in the past 3 months either16:09
luxioOh, so it's possible to use packages that are in other distros, you just have to port it?16:10
wildefyrwell crux is on the whole a source based distro16:10
wildefyrso you need to at least be able to copy a package build to a crux pkgfile16:11
wildefyrbut it's very easy16:11
luxioso it's like gentoo where you have to compile everything?16:11
wildefyryeah essentially16:11
wildefyrif you want to try out crux download the updated iso from crux.ninja16:12
luxioah I see. Thanks for the help :)16:12
wildefyrall packages have already been compiled and are latest versions16:12
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rmullRomster: Can you bump contrib/cython from 0.21.2 -> 0.24.1 please?18:23
rmullIt's also 40418:25
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pedjasome hw pr0n
frinnstoh very nice19:54
frinnstbut tkl is pointless for me19:54
tilmantenkeyless, not pointless19:54
tilmanthe dot is still there19:55
frinnstGET OUT19:55
tilmanS C N R19:55
tilmanfrinnst: do you punch in alot of numbers?19:55
frinnstwhen i pay my bills 1-2 times per month19:55
frinnstthats enough for me to need it :)19:55
tilmanthat's just messed up19:55
tilmannot the paying the bills thing19:56
tilmanbut refusing a smaller keyboard for it19:56
frinnstnumpad doesnt bother me even if I didnt use it19:56
tilmanokej then!19:58
frinnstThe MK2016 is the first full size keyboard under the brand. The MK2016 is essentially a rebranded Ducky Premier, with a few changes. The keyboard retails for $129 and upon first look appears to be a fantastic deal for the money. It has nice thick PBT keycaps, removable cable, and Ducky internals. With all of the obvious benefits of this keyboard, are there any cons that should be19:58
frinnstconsidered before buying?19:58
frinnstI have 2 ducky premier19:58
pedjawhat's with the switch options obsession?20:01
pedjado they really make that much of a difference?20:02
tilmanyou mean the choice between LOUD AS HELL and bearable?20:02
pedjaoh, so that is what is that about?ok, then :)20:03
frinnsti've used mx blue for over 2 years now. both at work and at home20:03
frinnstthink im going deaf :D20:03
pedjaACTION never used a mechanical keyboard, hence the stupid questions20:03
tilmanpedja: also amount of pressure you need to apply to push them down20:03
tilmanwell, mostly really20:04
tilmanpedja: i think many "gamer" keyboards these days have cherry mx browns. try those when you can =)20:05
tilmani mean the gamer ones might be the easiest to spot in the wild (shops)20:05
pedjaof course they are the easiest to spot, with that crazy lighting :)20:07
pedjalots of learning ahead
tilmanthere's also
pedjaI think I have an old IBM keyboard in the basement.I'll have to check it out.20:17
pedjathanks, tilman20:18
onoderamine has a tux super key :)20:20
pedjanice.which one is it?20:21
onoderacherry mx brown, the keyboard itself is a WASD20:21
pedjavery subtle, I like it.20:25
onoderayeah and you can customize the keys20:28
onoderacolor and print.20:28
onoderaalthough I'm probably gonna buy some dyesubbed PBT keycaps someday20:28
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frinnst :>21:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: pango: updated to 1.40.221:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to 45.3.021:12
joacimi have yet to fix my quickfire rapid21:18
joacimstill got a broken usb port =)21:18
joacimneed a hot air thingy, or a smaller iron to fix it properly i think :(21:19
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rmullIf you're worried about soldering tight-pitch stuff you can typically get away with applying flux and touching up with an iron - doesn't need to be too precise, the flux will cause it to flow properly21:24
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joacimjust been too lazy to take it all apart again. think the connector popped off the pcb when i stuck the cable in21:49
joacimsome of the leads at least21:49
pedjaI am laughing my head off, this is incredible :)
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onoderapedja: I really want to try topre23:12
onoderajust look at that23:12
onoderaon a sidenote, I wanted to buy these arabic keycaps, but not enough people bought em to be made ;_;23:13
pedjawhy arabic?23:13
onoderaI like the accent color of a second script on the key23:15
onoderabut hiragana/hangul/cyrillic is overdone lol23:15
pedjaI haven't used cyrilic since high school (20 years ago)23:17
pedjait was mandatory for every second essey23:18
onoderareally, do you live in a post ussr country?23:20
pedjaDucky kb sure look nice.23:24
pedjaI might get one, next time I am abroad :)23:25
pedjair's been a while23:26
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joacimany single board computers like the rpi that supports PoE?23:57

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