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onoderaI accidentally generated the wrong locales00:36
onoderawhere does this stuff actually get saved?00:36
onoderahow do i remove the<00:36
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mender27Quick question - where are the utils normally used to shutdown and reboot the system in CRUX? Both "reboot" and "shutdown" are missing :(.07:23
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mender27So, any ideas about "shutdown" and "reboot" utils missing? :)08:54
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Romstermender27, you can find it with: prt-get fsearch shutdown09:13
Romstershutdown -r and -h [time|now]09:14
Romsterctrl + alt+ del will also reboot too. out side of X09:14
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mender27Thanks Romster10:06
mender27Romster:  will be using your spacefm and ffmpeg-thumbnailer ports soon, too ;).10:07
mender27and maybe producing my own ports over the weekend. It seems quite straightforward and there tons of interesting projects floating about.10:08
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mender27I'm guessing no one has tried circumventing the Steam requirement for pulseaudio, right?10:14
mender27Ah, no, my bad, I found the port already :).10:14
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Faym<Romster> ctrl + alt+ del will also reboot too. out side of X <-- that actually just tells init to call shutdown/reboot (see /etc/inittab)10:25
Faymonodera: /etc/localegen or somesuch.10:26
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mender27It's great to be back in CRUX ;).10:57
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mender27I wonder why it's not more popular on Distrowatch :(.11:05
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frinnstwho cares? small community is nicer :-)11:28
mender27Well, after a very short consideration...I think you're right :). It's just that with such a great design, there ought to be more users :P.11:30
frinnstWell it does require time and energy to setup a crux install. Guess most people just want something to work right off the bat11:33
mender27I feel it's faster than either Arch Linux or Gentoo, which are more or less in the same skill-tier :).11:33
mender27As in, it's faster to set up. The only time-consuming thing for me thus far was kernel config.11:38
mender27What does CRUX use as a firewall?11:39
frinnst"crux" uses nothing. iptables is available and installed by default11:40
mender27Sorry for the caps.11:41
frinnstno, its the correct way to say it11:41
frinnstim just lazy :)11:41
mender27I thought it's really just "crux"11:42
mender27I used to write "CRUX Linux" on my blog, but someone pointed out that the correct name is simply "CRUX". It's a tad confusing, because some distributions do add "Linux" to the name.11:43
frinnstHonestly nobody really cares what you call it :-)11:45
frinnsti guess the most correct name is just "CRUX"11:45
joacimi like xurc myself11:45
frinnstnobody can ever guess you're norwegian11:45
mender27Well, so iptables it is then. Hope it's at least remotely similar to BSD's PF.11:46
joacimphoned a customer once11:46
frinnstnot really, no.11:46
mender27I threw in a lot of different add-ons through the kernel config, so maybe I can now properly configure iptables :P.11:46
joacimwhen i met her in person later, she told me she spoke with a guy on the phone, and he wasn't very good at norwegian11:46
frinnstif you just plan to use crux as a desktop or something with no public services you can just allow established,related for incoming and drop everything else11:47
frinnstand allow everything outgoing. lots of simple example-scripts available to do just that11:47
frinnstthe 5-line example should do just that11:48
mender27Thanks a lot :).11:49
mender27I wouldn't use CRUX for public services, no. Merely a test laptop/desktop.11:49
mender27I can probably fish something from the Arch Linux wiki, too. Is iptables running by default or do I need to append the init module to /etc/rc.conf? I'm asking, because I'm not on that computer right now :).11:50
frinnstI place my rules in /etc/rc.d/iptables and then call it from rc.conf11:51
frinnstyou could also add it do rc.local11:51
mender27Simple yet functional :).11:52
mender27I was also thinking of writing a simple Shell or Python script to allow dynamic choosing of config options when building a specific port.11:54
mender27Much like it's done for FreeBSD ports.11:55
mender27For things like mplayer or emacs it might be useful :).11:55
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joacimjaeger-: New graphics card12:37
joacimhavent had one as quiet as this in maybe a decade. fans turn off during low load12:38
joacimand they dont really run at higher rpms when i play games either12:39
joacim800-1300 RPM when i'm stressing it.12:39
frinnstSun Microsystems acquired the company, copyright and trademark of StarOffice in 1999 for US$73.5 million,[7] as it was supposedly cheaper than 42,000 licenses of Microsoft Office.12:48
joacimyes. r9 fury13:02
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frinnstare you running amdgpu on itu?13:54
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mender27Anything interest happening? My PC went to sleep again :P.14:16
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tsaophello all16:55
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joacimfrinnst: just windows on that computer18:50
joacimjust use the intel integrated on my laptop running crux18:50
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rawmatInstalled Crux yesterday, the linux i ever wanted.19:08
rawmatEx Slckware, Debian, FREEbsd19:09
abenzcozy in your new environment?19:11
rawmatexcuse me, first time using IRC19:13
tsaopit seems LLVM 3.9.0 has been released19:13
tsaoprewriting the PKGBUILD for it right now19:13
tsaopOpenGL 4.3 support on radeonsi will be great19:13
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tsaopOpenGL core profile version string: 4.3 (Core Profile) Mesa 12.0.120:11
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