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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cifs-utils: update to 6.609:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: scite: update to 3.6.709:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: yapo: move man page to /usr/share/man09:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: ck4up: move man page to /usr/share/man09:28
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.43.309:29
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pedjacompton invoked oom-killer on
jaegerstraight outta memory12:37
pedjanice :)12:37
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pedjaback to xfce compositor.aaand...I can't see the difference (apart from things not get killed randomly)12:42
jaegerI run compton on my i3 setups, haven't run into problems with it... but I don't recall what version it is12:42
pedjayou are not using 4.7.x, iirc?12:45
pedjakernel, that is12:45
jaegerI've had just enough weird issues with stable/mainline kernels that I prefer to stay on the longterm ones now12:46
pedjabtw, jaeger, do you think this might work for Crux iso :
pedjasmart man12:47
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jaegerNo idea, I've never tried it... we used to have an unofficial netboot ISO but that hasn't been made again in quite a while12:48
pedjait's on my TODO list :)12:48
pedjaadding two modules, and modifying init should do it (famous last words)12:49
pedjaI'll need to hack the Makefile in iso repo to skip building the packages.12:53
pedjabut first, lunch.12:53
jaegeryou probably don't need to hack it, just put the packages from an ISO into the proper folders and touch them, maybe12:53
jaegerand skip the bootstrap phase12:54
pedjahm, that's a good idea12:54
frinnstanyone else running 4.7 ?13:08
frinnstive hit some strange mm issues with high i/o13:08
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pedja4.7.2 here13:17
frinnstno issues if you really load the disks?13:18
frinnstif I run rsync on a big'ish file over nfs cant even move the mouse :)13:18
pedjaupdatedb pretty much makes my system unusable.does that count?13:23
frinnstprobably. same with older kernels too?13:23
pedjanot so severe, no.13:24
pedjaalso after I poweroff win2012r2 vm.13:25
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pedjait grinds and grinds and grinds13:25
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pedjaas an added bonus, random visits from OOM killer :)13:26
frinnstlovely. sounds like a kernel issue then13:26
pedjacompton triggered OOM killer, according to the logs.13:29
pedjabut the hard disk grind?I don't know.I am thinking of switching to 4.6.x, for the time being, see if that helps.13:31
jaegerwoo, found what I think is a great deal on some used dell R610 servers for a home lab VSAN cluster :)13:33
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pedja'Does not ship to Serbia'.Damn.13:50
pedjaiDRAC is that remote thingie?13:54
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pedjaholy fuck, Unixes, you couldn't agree on checksum file format.14:21
pedjaBSD has one, Linux has another.14:21
pedjasha256sum can create BSD-style checksum files, but not read them, if they are actually made with bsd tools.14:22
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frinnstvmware just hiked our prices by 80% starting next year14:54
frinnstso fuck em, we're out14:54
jaegerouch, that's nuts14:54
nwefrinnst: time to migrate to kvm ? ;)14:55
frinnstwe had the same experience with veeam, starting last year14:55
frinnstso fuck them too14:55
frinnsthyper-v probably :(14:55
jaegerwhat a bad way to keep business14:55
frinnstwe used to pay for veeam by cpu count. now we have to pay per VM14:55
frinnstyeah its interesting since microsoft really wants people to move from vmware to hyperv14:56
frinnstone might think vmware would be interested in keeping their customers14:57
frinnstbut its not the first time vmware does something stupid and shaft their customers14:57
jaegersadly it seems like all of them do it sooner or later14:58
frinnstwas it when esxi 4 was released and they changed their pricing massively? Then reverted when people got angry14:58
jaegerI don't remember exactly when but they did go through some dumb iterations. It's pretty reasonable now, barring giant price hikes or whatever15:00
retardthe lengths people go to for buttons to click on and sliders to drag around15:01
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retardvmware, open-e and hyper-v are the things i'll miss the least from my last job15:03
jaegerI really like vmware from a technical standpoint... we just implemented a VSAN cluster at work, very slick15:08
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pedja"A simple upgrade to support a new OS shouldn't cost you, VMware says."Awww.15:11
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pedjasome say that, in a couple of iterations, hyper-v will seriously start to eat vmware's lunch.15:20
pedjapowershell control of hyper-v server from Linux box?that would be interesting.15:21
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darfojaeger: I use i3. What is the advantage in using compton too?19:55
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abenzI see i3 is not available in any of the official repos20:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.7.221:00
jaegerdarfo: it looks pretty. that's all :)22:08
onoderadarfo: shadows, you can also use it to remove tearing22:10
onoderaoh and it makes stuff like shapen windows, and transparent windows work22:10
jaegerI just use it for the fade between windows when switching desktops or opening rofi or new programs22:17
jaegeryay, EK finally has the materials to replace my GPU waterblock22:19
frinnstdidnt you just buy that?22:23
jaegeron 7/2622:23
jaegerbut it was assembled incorrectly from the factory and didn't fit. It's been in the RMA process ever since22:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libmms: 0.6.2 -> 0.6.422:53
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