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darfooh, yeah, hands must be in the right place ;)01:22
darfojaeger: thanks.01:23
darfoonodera: that's the stuff I got away from by using i3. I use a laptop01:24
darfoand I like to squeeze every minute out of the battery that I can01:24
darfoso extra graphics work is not on my list of desired options01:24
darfoI'm also kinda anti-pointing device so I really like that i3 doesn't01:25
darforequire a mouse.01:25
darfohope he reads the logs01:26
jaegerI like a little bit of eye candy, doesn't have to be much. :)01:29
brian|lfsI like virtual girl01:32
jaegerrandom music video, slightly not work safe:
brian|lfsvirtual girl isn't either lol01:37
brian|lfsanyone have wine 1.9.18 compiled it keeps fialing on me01:50
jaegernot at the moment, romster probably does. I can try to build it but it'll take a while01:51
brian|lfsah ok newest oen romster has on his site is 1401:52
brian|lfstrying again with -j8 instead of 16 seems like its trying to compile out of order01:53
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brian|lfsno luck02:09
brian|lfswhat you think jaeger02:21
jaegernot sure, maybe DECLSPEC_IMPORT got removed or something02:24
brian|lfsstrange closed my terminal and opened it and its working so far lol02:25
jaegerhow odd02:27
brian|lfsbombed out again lol02:29
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Worksterbrian|lfs, uploading wine and thunderbird packages now.03:37
brian|lfscool thanks03:39
Worksterprt-get deptree wine03:40
Workstercheck if nothing is missing03:40
Worksterand revdep too03:40
jaegeryeah, it built for me, too, just finished03:40
brian|lfsdon't see your wine package03:40
brian|lfsWorkster, only see up to wine 1.9.14 still03:40
Worksterit's still uploading :)03:41
Workstergive it a few minutes and refresh03:41
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Worksteror not...03:42
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brian|lfsnow the site isn't coming up even lol03:43
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jaegermay or may not work, I have pulseaudio on that machine03:47
tilmantrying to fix a broken parallel build by reducing the number of build jobs to > 1 is a bit optimistic :p03:50
tilmanbut maybe wine is large enough that it's worth a try03:50
jaegermaybe pulse won't be an issue, no 32-bit version installed... my footprint mismatch is a bunch of xaudio SOs and that seems to be openal-3203:52
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marakuhey guys, has anybody here recently switched to btrfs from ext4?03:58
jaegernot I03:59
marakubecause compiling chromium on btrfs took around 3-5 hours while on ext4 it takes 1.2 hours03:59
marakuand unfortunately no ramdisks for chromium because it's massive (i only got 12gigs of ram)04:00
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brian|lfsmight be compiling this time I was missing a few deps04:11
Worksterit's up now brian|lfs04:35
Worksteri did mention in the commit message of new deps04:35
Worksteri probably should have did [notify]04:36
Worksterit's up now04:36
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frinnstmaraku: i run btrfs almost exclusivly08:43
frinnstsome things are very slow unless you disable CoW - kvm images etc08:44
frinnstbut for regular use i havent had any troubles (other than strange mm issues with 4.7 kernels)08:45
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pedjait's slooooow.09:11
pedjaI am trying to read mesa3d-12.0.2 release notes, but no luck.09:13
pedjabut with the xorg-1.19 release set for November-ish, no rush.09:18
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Romsterpedja, i dunno how long before wayland is used more09:45
Romsterand get more composite managers other than weston09:47
pedjathere is a demo live dvd to show off wayland, iirc09:48
Romsterand do we still need bumblebee for dual intel/ati/nvidia notebooks?09:49
pedjaI think onodera has been talking about his/jer/it's experience with it09:52
pedjaRebeccaBlackOS is a live wayland distro
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] chromium: updated to 53.0.2785.9209:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: virtualbox-extpack: fix source line09:55
pedjano more OOM killer since I disabled
pedjanow, this is interesting.
pedja23 beta flash plugin for Linux.Wow.10:03
frinnstno its not. it should die. now10:03
pedjaI use Chrome when I need flash, no plugins in FF, tyvm :)10:04
pedjahtml5 still can't do live streaming, so flash would be around for quite some time, i am afaraid.10:05
pedjaaccording to Allan Jude, who does streaming for a living (manages CDN)10:06
pedjakilling Java plugin is a much bigger problem, most of the e-government sites here use it :)10:09
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: ca-certificates: update to 2016090611:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.9012:10
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frinnstcome ooooon telia carrier and route our /32 prefix already!14:18
frinnstACTION wants to play with ipv614:19
abenzbut but14:19
abenzNAT is safer ;)14:19
frinnstyeah when i first started using hurricane electrics tunnel i only did NAT on my firewall14:23
frinnstso NFS was accessible from the internets for about a day14:23
frinnstgranted my nfs acl prevented access but still.. :)14:24
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onoderahas anyone every used source mage?14:39
frinnstis that the one where you "cast spells" to build/install stuff?14:45
frinnstread about it, nothing more14:45
onoderait seems to be still active14:46
onoderaI kinda like the the whole magic theme they have going on14:46
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retardthere are way too many issues caused by people confusing technology with magic for me to really enjoy the theme14:54
retardand people keep making it worse by stuff like pairing two objects by literally banging them against eachother14:54
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tuduromi'm on crux again, hello there!17:12
jaegerwelcome back17:12
tuduromi have this weird problem: glxinfo errors with the following message "couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig"17:13
tuduromi'm using nouveau and i have the module built17:13
jaegerI don't use nouveau but can you pastebin your x log somewhere?17:20
jaegermaybe it'll say something useful17:20
tuduromi checked it, everything's ok17:23
tuduromit seems that i can't use anything that uses opengl17:23
tuduromif i start compton it says17:24
tudurom"no glx extension"17:24
tuduromoh i forgot to enable agp on the kernel17:32
tuduromalthough i'm not 100%17:34
jaegeragp is pretty rarely used these days, I believe17:35
tuduromit didn't solve the problem17:40
tuduromi have dri enabled for my card(s) and still nothing17:40
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tilmanjaeger: on my ~3 yr old system i still need the agpgart module so i can use my pcie card. maybe agpgart ~= generic gart these days(?)17:48
jaegercould be, I admit I haven't looked into it closely17:49
jaegermight just be that parts of the agp module are needed even if no AGP hardware exists or generic GART as you say17:49
tudurommy system is a thinkpad t430, it's 3 y/o, it shouldn't be the case17:51
rmullteK_: contrib/mercurial is out of date and 404 - here's a working Pkgfile: please note I've specified python2 during the setup because mercurial does not support py3 and has no interest in prioritizing it18:04
rmullAnd IMHO we should start working around packages that don't work with python318:04
tuduromi solved the problem! when i installed crux i installed mesa3d from the iso i downloaded from removed the packaged, recompiled, installed and now i have opengl!18:05
tuduromthanks for the help anyway18:05
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druid_droidjust found crux on reddit <320:59
onoderaas in a subreddit or?21:00
druid_droidhey, if crux start using linux libre, then it can be endorsed by FSF ?21:01
mothonodera: I think he means he just discovered it exists, if that's what you're asking.21:01
druid_droidI'm new to reddit, I think yes a subreddit, I subscribe21:01
onoderadruid_droid: probably not, their guidelines are really strict21:02
onoderafor example debian isn't even fsf approved21:02
onoderaand they have a seperate repo for nonfree stuff, unline crux21:03
druid_droidhummm, I was thinking core and opt was just freesoftware21:03
onoderanah, nvidia is in op21:03
druid_droidI see,21:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: purple-hangouts: initial import22:44
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