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brian|lfspretty soon chromium will be 50000 lines of code too compile its up to 20k already lol04:02
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brian|lfslooks like hexchat needs to be bumped to 2.12.1 and lua added as a dep04:59
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brian|lfsseems to be working couldn't say if anythign useful was added copyright is still 201405:06
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frinnstwow, intel 1tb 540 ssd is not that pricey12:45
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wildefyrhow much is that in usd?14:24
wildefyrit's 275 quid here14:25
wildefyrso 370 usd14:25
wildefyrfuck brexit14:26
jaegersandisk x400 is another decent option in the 1TB range, maybe that's cheaper14:26
wildefyrbut still 320 usd14:26
jaeger$238USD for us, that sucks14:26
wildefyrhardware has always been stupidly expensive here14:27
wildefyreven more so since shitty brexit14:27
wildefyrrather just set up a zfs cluster for this amount of money anyway14:27
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jaegerI need to buy 6 ~1TB SSDs soon so have been keeping an eye on the prices... that X400 isn't the best on the market but it'll be fine for my use case14:39
jaegerZFS is definitely nice. I've been using it for years now for my NAS14:39
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pedjafrinnst: this might be interesting to you :
frinnstnot a very fast webserver though..17:06
frinnstor they are blocking ipv617:07
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frinnstcan you give me the gist?17:08
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frinnstsweet, ~315mb/s17:10
frinnstwait, that was without17:11
frinnststrange - i only managed about 50mbit17:11
pedjathere are some sysctl knobs you might try.bsdrp is based on 10.3, just like pfsense-2.3.17:13
frinnstwonder if linux will be faster17:14
frinnstbtw dont seem to have any io issues with 4.8-rc517:17
pedjaso , 4.7.x is indeed broken :)17:20
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pedjaI'l just have to live without compositor until 4.8 is out and nvidia updates their driver.17:23
pedjaI was thinking of writing an e-mail to lkml, but I am not in a mood for being flamed when they see 'nvidia: tainted' in the kernel log :)17:24
pedjaoh, well17:25
tilmangood call17:26
wildefyrpedja, what do you use the compositor for?17:26
pedjaeye candy in xfce417:27
pedjaalso, no tearing17:27
wildefyrAH HA17:27
frinnstwat, tearing with nvidia?17:27
frinnsthow shite17:27
pedjayeah, yeah, 'buy an AMD'.17:28
frinnstcant wait for zen17:29
frinnstbeen an intel whore since core2 :(17:29
wildefyradd the Option and no more tearing17:29
pedjame too17:29
rmullAnyone use apache maven?17:32
pedjawildefyr: any side effects?fps drop in open gl games, or something?17:33
wildefyrpedja, not really17:35
wildefyrI've never noticed any issue17:35
pedjawildefyr: I'll try it, thanks17:35
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pedjawildefyr: btw, nice 'VendorName' in 20-nvidia.conf :)17:42
wildefyrof course :>17:45
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pedjathere is nothing particularly interesting in 4.7.3 changelog (usb, crypto, alsa)18:22
pedja"nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="DVI-D-0:1920x1080_60 +0+0 { ForceFullCompositionPipeline = On } " seems to fix the tearing, afaict.nice.18:34
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wildefyrtold ya so.20:08
wildefyrno need for compositor20:08
wildefyrunless you really like shadows I guess20:08
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joacimor want to get rid of tearing20:13
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wildefyrbut if you have a nvidia card np20:25
wildefyri think intel has a method too that you can enable from X directly too20:25
wildefyrnot sure about amd though20:25
wildefyrthey suck20:25
wildefyrunless you open stuff20:26
wildefyri guess20:26
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pedjaxfwm4 git master has opengl vsync support, using moar tearing :).20:35
pedjafor now.20:35
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onoderathe nvidia and intel driver have build in options, probably yhe best performance you can get20:39
onoderayou can also use compton which has multiple backends, including opengl20:40
onodera+ both don't depend on a single wm or de20:40
pedjabut it kiils my desktop on 4.7 kernel :)20:40
pedjaand new xfce compositor works fine, so20:42
pedjanow, back to the 'The Book of PF'20:45
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