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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gnutls: update to 3.4.1511:07
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druid_droidevery time I reboot the computer one of the partitions is mounted read only11:14
druid_droidfstab is just like other, I mount that partition on /usr11:15
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druid_droidmust be the initrd, I use dracut ...11:27
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frinnstthe kernel generally mounts / as ro. when init takes over and loads /etc/rc - / should be remounted r/w unless you specified something else in fstab11:40
druid_droidfrinnst: thanks, root is ok, it become rw, the problem is /usr, don't know why is mounted ro when in fstab is like /var for example11:49
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frinnstcan you maybe paste the line?12:12
frinnstalso can you do a mount -o remount,rw /usr after the system has booted without any errors?12:13
frinnstand nothing in the log?/stdout during boot?12:14
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druid_droidI do mount -o remount,rw without errors14:09
druid_droidUUID=35755a81-89b2-4f84-a945-5185d1d3b10b       /usr            ext4    defaults,nodev                  0       014:10
druid_droidI found it :D is dracut14:14
druid_droidSep  8 13:35:47 c9 kernel: <30>[    4.516789] dracut: Mounting /usr with -o defaults,nodev,ro14:14
druid_droidwhere dracut get that "ro" ?14:14
druid_droidhumm, thanks frinnst14:14
retardwho knows, it's dracut14:35
frinnstah, yeah we only remount / as rw14:38
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druid_droidwill try to find other solution than dracut,16:31
druid_droidI saw output from dracut mentioning systemd :)16:31
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druid_droidif some one have a tip :P, once I saw out to do it by hand...16:58
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marakudruid_droid: need an initramfs? how about better-initramfs?17:16
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druid_droidthanks maraku, I have open a tab with it, will look at it later18:00
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