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darfo doesn't have my df repo listed.03:56
darfoAnyone know who I should ask about why?03:56
darfoIt's been there for quite a while in the past.03:56
jaegerThe server was down for a while, it will show back up when the cacher runs again03:56
darfook, thx03:57
darfoscp -r to the rescue03:57
jaeger(well, the network was down at least, so the cacher wasn't able to contact some repos)03:57
darfoThat's cool. I can copy it from another machine locally.03:59
jaegerer, how are the two related?03:59
jaegerThe portdb doesn't have any access to YOUR hosting04:00
darfoNo, I just need to deploy the repo on a local machine.04:07
darfoSince I can't get the httpup from right now I can just04:08
darfocopy it and the port tree from a local machine I know i up-to-date04:08
jaegerdon't you have a copy of your own repo already? I'm confused04:09
jaegerYou created it, right?04:09
darfoYes I do but I don't normally make my machines dependent on each other04:10
darfoI use ports -u them like they are standalone04:10
jaegerThat's not what I meant... you created the repo so why would you need the httpup file from
jaegerThe collection isn't hosted on crux.nu04:10
darfoThat's true. It's just easier to wget the httpup file from than to find04:11
darfoit on my local machine. I finally see what you are getting at.04:12
darfoIf I scp the repo from another local machine I don't get a full test of04:13
jaegerAh, ok. I understand now04:13
darfothe new machines configuration.04:13
jaegerOK, lost me again, heh04:13
jaegerwouldn't scping the repo from another local machine simply give you a copy of the repo on the other machine?04:14
jaegersame as running httpup sync on it?04:14
darfolol, I'm not writing very well tonight.04:14
darfoYes it would. But that doesn't mean ports =u will work when the time comes04:15
darfofor normal maintenance.04:15
jaegerAh. Well, you could recreate the file pretty easily04:15
jaegerjust need to set ROOT_DIR and URL04:15
darfobut I don't have automation for updating all the local machines so some times04:15
darfothe local copy of df is not current on any particular machine.04:16
jaegerROOT_DIR=/usr/ports/df, URL=httpup sync
darfothanks for that tip. I should have that it through better.04:17
darfoI think I better got to sleep04:17
jaegertake care04:18
jaegeroops, I mis-copied that URL04:19
jaegershouldn't have 'httpup sync ' in it04:19
jaegerjust the URL04:19
jaegerI copied and pasted from the terminal where I tested connectivity, though04:19
brian|lfshello all04:29
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wildefyrgod sql is such a pos14:28
wildefyrsomeone come find me and shoot me if I ever take a job having to deal with it14:28
abenzgoogle maps location?14:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nvidia-sl: updated to version 370.2814:34
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nvidia-sl-32: updated to version 370.2814:34
onoderanow I only need the .19 xorg-server14:34
onoderafor PRIME vsync14:35
frinnstis there a worse site than (hp doesnt count)14:45
jaegersourceforge is slightly above it on my list of terrible14:45
frinnsttrying to find a link to cgit or whatever they use and list all the repos14:45
jaegergoogle says cgit.freedesktop.org14:46
frinnstyeah but thats cheating :)14:46
jaegerwell, you work with what you can when the site sucks :D14:46
wildefyrfrinnst, debian's website is nigh unnavigatable for me14:49
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abenzI thought debians' was rather good15:10
abenztoo many links to reach what you need but well presented15:10
wildefyrthat's exactly what I mean15:15
wildefyrI end just using google to search their site directly15:15
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dlcusaI must have msomehow issed the dropping of the xfce repo--is baquette a replacement?18:11
dlcusas/msomehow issed/somehow missed/18:13
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druid_droidHallo Crux'ers :)19:48
abenzhi druid_droid19:50
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druid_droidI allways have problems with mutt/gpg I don't want to do it right just starting get use to it, but is hard :)19:58
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druid_droidnow I forget my gpg key password and mutt says no gpg... puff... I guess I will see this again tomorrow19:59
abenzI see19:59
druid_droiddo you people use mutt ?19:59
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tilmantek will be your support tonight20:06
tilmannight :p20:06
druid_droidthanks, I was thinking it was "to much" :)20:06
teK_tilman: you must have had some very confusing / terrifying expericences20:07
druid_droidXD I try to read/search before I ask :) I'm sure I will solve my problems without wasting your time20:08
teK_you can try me, if I know it, I will answer20:09
teK_but I stopped configuring it yonks ago so dont expect much ;)20:10
druid_droidteK_: thanks very much, I will look first at documentation before asking :)20:11
abenzare we talking about the email client?20:11
druid_droidabenz: yes, mutt :)20:11
druid_droidI'm tryng to configure (again) with gpg20:12
abenzanyone around using libreoffice on crux?20:16
teK_druid_droid: works for me [tm] (I think)20:17
abenzits the only application where occasionally the menu and controls go blank (ie as if gtk is non responsive)20:17
abenzdid any face this?20:17
abenzfor a while resizing the application window will force-refresh it20:18
abenzbut shortly thereafter even resizing doesn't restore the controls20:18
abenzI will compile one from source and see if it behaves in the same way20:20
teK_I use it occasionally20:23
teK_are you using the current version?20:24
abenzteK_: ^20:30
abenzdo you have this "flaky" interface issue I mentioned?20:30
teK_not atm but I think I had it too but it wet away by some random update20:34
abenznot the same here unfortunately20:34
teK_or the other way round20:34
abenzlibreoffice wont compile its missing Archive:Zip perl modules20:34
teK_yeah compiling wil be a pain20:35
teK_it also takes ages from what I heard ;)20:36
abenzwilling to wait it out if it'll work correctly in the end..20:36
frinnstusing libreoffice at work without problems20:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: linux-firmware: strip .git and use more relaxed file permissions20:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libreoffice: 5.2.0 -> 5.2.120:43
abenzI hope that will fix it :)20:46
abenzthanks teK_20:47
druid_droidteK_: thanks21:00
teK_sure, no problem21:07
druid_droidSome advice where I can publish "html" notes that I'm writing about crux ? (free server)21:37
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druid_droidalso wold be nice to store some "git's only" as tar's so I can make ports ...21:40
druid_droidfor example git-ftp to deploy there...21:41
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jaegerdruid_droid: perhaps github itself? you can host webpages there, I believe22:09
druid_droidI'm maintaining the html there, this is the one I'm working now
druid_droidbefore was sysdoc but started to be to "poluted" with ports and bad organization...22:10
druid_droidso I started a new one and I'm doing a revision...22:11
druid_droidI see as gists ?22:11
druid_droidI follow the manual, but where I see now the pages :) I save "master" as pages ...22:20
druid_droidsorry jaeger for this offtopic22:20
druid_droidsorry I found it, thanks :D22:24
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jaegerno problem. was AFK setting up some servers22:32
druid_droid... and my new spot on the Internetzzzz ;)22:37
druid_droidI spam here just becouse is about crux, I think is no problem :)22:38
jaegerlooks like a good start22:47
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