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dlcusajaeger, on Monday at 3:56 you said the df repo would show up in portdb again and it has.  I'm still waiting for xfce, though.  Is that a different problem?02:32
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jaegerlooks like there were errors syncing it, which look to be caused by it not being where it's supposed to be02:43
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dlcusajaeger, it looked like xfce wasn't (isn't?) supposed to be under any version of CRUX.  Was that a partial change?03:11
jaegerI'm not sure what its current state should be, honestly03:15
dlcusaTime to light the sepensignal, Commisioner?03:16
jaegerhe's been absent a while03:16
dlcusaBut he always shows up when needed, right?03:17
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druid_droidis there any command to auto-download all "dist" files ?13:46
druid_droidI will try to make a simple script that download all distfile of a given collection...13:54
jaegerdruid_droid: pkgmk -do -r13:59
druid_droidbut I have to manually go in each port,14:07
druid_droidI'm thinking to use prt-get print | pkgmk -d14:07
jaegerare you sure? :)14:07
druid_droidhumm dat r14:07
druid_droidWOW :D thanks so much jaeger, I feel much safer with all sources, in case Internetzz fail ;)14:08
jaegerI use pkgmk -do -r and a small pruning script to manage my distfiles mirror14:09
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druid_droid:( will have to move /usr/port partition is getting full14:14
jaeger8.5G    distfiles14:15
jaegerfor reference14:15
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druid_droidhey, I have configured prt-get to run as "pkgmk" user,14:31
druid_droidbut then I have to pkgadd as root, is this correct ? but then pre/post install scripts are run ?14:31
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jaegerdruid_droid: use "fakeroot pkgmk" as your makecommand and "sudo <command>" for the other 315:11
druid_droidso I put that on /etc/prt-get.conf15:18
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jaegerdruid_droid: yes, at the end there are some lines already16:00
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pedjatime to dump infinality patches, and go back to freetype proper, I think :)18:26
onoderahmm im using 2.7 with patches18:40
onoderaill try out vanilla 2.7 once it has landed on crux18:40
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frinnstpedja: give me your configuration NOW20:43
frinnstmy fonts still look like shit since i started to mess with them a few months back20:44
pedjafrinnst: I am still using freetype with infinality patch from 6c37 repo.20:52
pedjaand I didn't do anything special.combo preset and Source Sans/Code Pro fonts.20:53
pedjaI'll try vanilla freetype sooinsh.20:54
pedjathat picture I posted isn't mine, it's from the thread on Phoronix forum :)20:55
pedjasorry if I caused the confusion20:55
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pedjafrinnst: fonts.conf, if that helps :)
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pedjastock freetype, cairo, fontconfig21:36
pedjawith subpixel rendering enabled21:37
pedjame likey new freetype21:40
frinnstyes, thank you21:53
frinnst <!-- fuck helvetica -->21:54
pedjaheh. I found it on the net somewhere, tweaked it a little, but I kept the comments, I like them.22:01
pedjasince when the kernel on Crux iso has virtio drivers?Nice.22:11
pedjaI really should send the patch to add Crux support to libosinfo.22:14
onoderapedja: can you please make a screenshot of the tokyo Wikipedia page22:21
onoderafor me to compare :)22:21
pedjaok.just a moment.22:22
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