IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2016-09-17

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abenzmy main connection is through wifi, but I occasionally configure some boxes using wired connection03:19
abenzthese boxes have dhcp, so when I connect them my system goes offline (as it pulls IP from wired connection and gives it priority)03:20
abenzI have my wifi script configured so the dhcpcd is called with my wifi interface only03:20
abenzand my /etc/rc.d/net is configured to "TYPE="static""03:21
abenzwhy does dhcpcd still pull an IP from wired?03:21
abenzthis is my wifi script:
jaegeris $HOSTNAME set when using dash as the shell?03:56
jaegeryou may be invoking dhcpcd with your interface where you expect hostname to be03:57
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abenzjaeger: will change it to my hostname directly and see how it goes04:58
abenzstill online?05:02
abenzyup :)05:02
abenzthat seems to have been the prob. cheers05:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: livestreamer: add README for using Oauth207:21
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onoderaI'm working on some port db23:15
onoderait now list dependencies you can click and some more cool stuff23:15
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