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druid_droidWOW onodera ;)14:32
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frinnstnice work onodera15:53
frinnsthow portable is it?15:53
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rmullonodera: I noticed that you identify the deps with their parent repo, for example, opt/pygtk18:02
onoderarmull: erm, what do you mean with parent repo?18:04
rmullIn your list of deps for each port - you say opt/pygtk instead of just pygtk18:08
rmull(as an example)18:08
rmullWhereas in a standard Pkgfile, there's nothing that specifically links a port name to a repo18:09
onoderayeah, to make them clickable.18:09
onoderaI'm working on make it dispay (repo/dep OR repo2/dep) if there are mutliple18:09
onoderabut liek you can see it's kinda messing up, getops depends on fish which is in both 6c37 and 6c37-git18:10
rmullYeah, I see that18:10
onoderastill need to fix that18:10
rmullI've recently been somewhat curious about the implications of requiring the repo name in addition to the port name to uniquely identify a port18:10
onoderameh that would kinda suck I think18:11
onoderathen you can no longer fork a port easily18:11
rmullI just feel a bit weird about the order of the port dirs in /etc/prt-get.conf dictating which port is selected by prtutils18:12
onoderathe thing I don't like about prt-get is how you need to have the port location listed as a prt-dir in order for prt-get to work18:15
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druid_droidHey crux'ers me and a friend wold like to have a crux server at digital ocean19:18
druid_droidbut my friend says that there is not "crux" option only bsd and other well known gnu/linux distributions,19:19
jaegerI can't speak for DO but I run crux on a linode VPS19:20
druid_droidhumm, and install a debian and then convert it to crux ?19:22
druid_droidby installing everything in core and a kernel and then remove all files not in pkg database ?19:23
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onoderadruid_droid: use vultr19:36
onoderayou can choose your own iso, I use it as well, running crux of course19:36
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druid_droidonodera: problem is that FranciscoRamon allready has account on Digital Ocean...19:53
druid_droidand we don't have so much $$$ to spend on another accounts/hosts :(19:54
onoderaRomster / Workster: wicd has a trailer space in the name20:10
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druid_droidonodera: it seems we are at vultr :) thanks for the tip20:12
onoderaI swear I'm not a vultr shill but eh20:13
onoderaI have some affiliate link that will save both of us money :)_20:13
druid_droidFranciscoRamon: are you there ?20:14
FranciscoRamoni have created the account, sorry20:15
onoderamy crux portdb thingy now has a main page :)20:16
retard this ad put me off digital ocean for life20:17
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druid_droidstrange ad indeed ...20:55
abenzstrange why?21:05
abenzI see that kind of ad appealing to people who might be overwhelmed by cpanel21:05
onoderafixed the multiple dep thingy21:07
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marakunice onodera, although for the prtverify part maybe use grep 'FATAL' (if you are using a shell script)21:45
marakubecause I think your program counts all lines of output atm, which includes INFO's and WARN's21:49
onoderayeah that's true21:51
onoderahmm I'll consider it21:52
druid_droidonodera: where I can find how you generate that ports pages ? :)21:57
druid_droidabenz: I was thinking devz wold use ssh for admin and git to deploy...21:58
onoderamaraku: k I now only display error and fatal21:59
jaegerfor reference the mate 1.10 stuff is quite out of date22:00
onoderaI should warn you, it's a horrible shell script22:00
onoderabut it works22:00
jaegerChris is inactive as far as I know22:02
marakujust curious, how many of y'all use a 'full' DE?22:03
druid_droidthanks onodera, also I'm looking to your .files at github, lots to learn :)22:03
druid_droidmaraku: vim only here :)22:03
jaegerI use MATE sometimes, i3 others22:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: wicd: move man pages, remove trailing space on name= and add wpa_supplicant dependency for wpa connections22:04
druid_droidmaraku: sorry, dwm22:04
Romsteronodera, for that you should probably make a python parser or perl and then call that to to parse the Pkgfiles22:05
onoderamy fully custom "de", or well, at least as consistent as one ;)22:06
marakuit seems like too much effort to run a DE in crux (I use wmutils myself)22:06
marakutoo much effort -> compile time22:06
onoderawmutils is nice22:06
onoderaused it for a while22:07
jaegerWhen you run crux you've kinda already signed up for a lot of compile time :)22:07
onodera maraku22:09
onoderaYour repo now has 0 prtverify errors ;)22:09
marakuneat! :)22:10
onoderaoh, now I messed up the multiple dependencies found thingy22:11
onoderaI really shouldn't write this in fish lol22:12
Romster looked great and was written in go then the guy disappeared along with his site code to never to light /22:14
Romstercode to never see light*22:14
onoderayeah I kinda tried to emulate zero-io22:14
Romsterwhy didi he jsut go an not even share his code...22:14
onoderathe zero-io showed like a smiley in relation to how many prtverify errors have been found22:16
onoderait had some more cool stuff I forgot about22:16
Romsteryes it did22:16
Romsterlike showing duplicates of same name in other repos22:16
Romsternot sure if it got to the stage of showing the diff -u of them side by side22:17
onoderaoh damn22:17
onoderaI'm gonna try implementing that22:17
Romsterwhats a person do look at them all see what the differences are22:18
Romsterthen either chose one or in mycase choose one then fork it and clean it up22:18
Romster(is why i have so many in romster repo)22:18
Romsterit also needs a cleanup and versions bumped :/22:19
onoderathat's why I think the contrib repo shouldn't have single maintainers22:19
onoderabut like how void does it, everyone can send PRs to clean up the port, bump the version, etc.22:19
Romsteri make up like 50% or something of contrib, and i've not bumped evreything to the latest and greatest, but i have been lately testing for breakage and fixing22:20
Romsterand removed a few things to.22:20
Romsterthe greatest issue is inactive contrib members22:21
Romsterhence i've picked up nearly all the slack with a few exceptions22:21
Romsterand now that i work full time and find it difficult to keep focused on crux, i haven't been quite as active.22:22
onoderaugh I hate the new github profiles22:54
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