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weabothello, any idea when crux 3.3 might come out?01:05
koriWhen it's ready01:07
abenzwhy? kernel is vanilla, apps are updated..01:07
abenzwhat is lacking?01:08
abenzthat wasn't a rhetorical question, I'm curious..01:08
weabotI can't boot the liveCD because of issues with my UEFI01:08
weabotI was hoping for a new one01:08
weabotor maybe a way to install it in chroot I'll be honest I haven't really done my research on that side01:08
weabotwell by liveCD I mean installer flash drive etc01:09
abenzdoesn't your motherboard have legacy support01:09
weabotI'd have more than one OS on this computer and I'd rather rely on my UEFI firmware as least as possible to select what I boot01:11
weabotI've had horrible experiences with it01:11
weabotI just want it to be a quick transition between the power button to refind01:11
weabotso in short yes, it would be possible but it overcomplicates things and opens a window for my firmware to mess up because that's how much I trust it01:12
abenzI'm using legacy on my MB, but I think a few guys here use uefi01:13
abenzstick around for a while someone might chip in01:14
weabotalright if I'm gonna get help I might as well redownload the installation image01:14
weabotjust out of curiosity what is it that attract you to crux?01:15
weabotFrom what I know the most interesting feature is its similarity to BSD projects and that's what attracts me to it as well01:15
marakuweabot, EFI works fine for me and I dual boot with windows01:15
weabotmaraku: it's grub that does something weird, from what I remember when I get into it and try to load crux it just reboots01:16
weabotI can't remember the error message if there was any01:16
marakuyeah, grub's kind of evil01:16
weabotI kinda wish elilo was still around01:17
weabotslackware still uses it01:17
marakuI myself use systemd-boot (gummiboot). It's the a really simple bootloader for EFI01:17
ryu0maraku: good luck finding another boot loader to handle complex situations.01:17
marakuunfortunately I did have to boot the arch iso to install it01:17
weabotmaraku: I absolutely despise systemd, you should try refind it's really nice01:18
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marakuweabot, literally systemd renamed gummiboot to systemd-boot and absorbed it01:18
marakuit has no fuckin dependency or relation to systemd and they still had to take it over01:19
marakugrrr (directed to systemd devs)01:19
weabotthat sums up my feelings about every systemd story I've ever read pretty well yeah01:19
weabotstill I use refind and it's amazing01:19
marakuyeah, definetly would use it01:20
marakuunfortunately my HP laptop's EFI firmware autoloads the windows bootloader01:20
weabotreally simple, autodetects and does it right, gives you the option to modify the boot line01:20
weabotoh yeah that might be a pain01:20
marakueven if I try to choose refind/gummiboot01:20
weabotmine does that shit too sometimes I hate it01:20
weabotthat's the main reason why I don't use windows anymore01:20
ryu0"We are the systemd. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."01:21
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weabotI think of the software I could use on windows and then I think about how it'll fuck up my network card by not shutting it down properly because it just hibernates and how it'll change my boot order and fuck up everything01:21
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weabotand I just boot linux or freebsd instead01:21
marakulucky weabot! unfortunately I have to keep it around for solidworks (CAD)01:21
weabotif I were you I might try to setup a qemu or virtualbox machine01:22
marakutried already :( not enough graphics performance01:22
marakuI don't have a dGPU to passthrough because laptop01:22
weabotoh yeah that sucks01:23
marakuoh, actually weabot, elilo is available in the crux repo opt01:24
weabotoh I'm set for that refind works fine I was just talking about the install media's bootloader01:24
weabotsince grub is a dick01:24
marakuoh, yeah, that would be nice01:25
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Skeliathweabot: hi01:27
weabothi Skeliath01:27
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Worksterweabot, has a updated crux 3.2 iso01:42
weabotnice! I'll be trying it out! thanks01:43
Worksterand i keep a few packages you can pkgadd the big ones and not spend hours compiling them
weabotoh don't worry the main linux distro I use is funtoo, I don't mind compiling ;)01:45
Worksterccache helps a lot01:46
Worksterryu0, where the heck have you been01:46
ryu0Workster: still on IRC. i just needed a break from certain spaces.01:47
Worksterdrijen is a nice guy despite you flipping out on him01:48
Workstersometimes just need to chill and other peoples opinions are there no one agrees with everything.01:48
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weabotWorkster: I'm copying the image to my flash drive right now, I'll try to install it tomorrow because it's getting late01:49
weabotthanks for the help though, I'll come back tomorrow01:49
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Worksterno probs01:54
Worksterlunch time02:03
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crash_Morning :)07:12
abenzmorning :)07:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dar: update to 2.5.610:18
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onoderaHi, what's /usr/share/info for, and why does prtverify report it as an error?13:09
retardit's for gnu's awkward man replacement13:13
onoderaso I can just remove them or what>13:13
retardFull documentation at: <>13:14
retardor available locally via: info '(coreutils) pwd invocation'13:14
onoderathanks, another one, prtverify also lists  /usr/libexec as error13:16
onoderais it safe to remove this from packages as well?13:16
onoderaoh the documentation holds the answer to that one :)_13:16
frinnstlibexec usually contains binaries that are not meant to be run by the user13:17
frinnstso you probably need to install those elsewhere (bin or sbin maybe)13:18
onodera/usr/libexec/ is not used in CRUX, thus packages should never install anything there. Use /usr/lib/<prog>/ instead.13:20
onoderais what the handbooks says13:20
frinnstor there you go13:20
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druid_droidif distfiles are in one directory like /usr/ports/distfiles there is a way to "clean" obsulete ?16:22
druid_droidI'm mirroring opt/contrib lots of "not found" I was about to ports -u to see if is solved... but will duplicate alot ...16:23
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thlst_jaeger: ping16:46
druid_droidthlst_: syn syn ;)16:57
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druid_droidsorry me, was just joking with ping/syn syn17:00
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onoderamy portdb thingy now displays last commit date19:08
onoderaSTILL using a horrible fish script19:08
onoderaI'm honestly suprised stuff like this possible19:09
wildefyrwait what19:13
wildefyryou did it using a fish script?!?!19:13
onoderatech gore19:14
chris2where is tom christiansen when you need him19:17
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wildefyroh my god19:36
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tilmanonodera: great, now i need a shower :/19:53
joacimshower? why?19:57
joacimmet a few people that never shower. Nobody needs to shower tbh.19:58
frinnst.. norway folks!19:58
tilmannorge ftw19:58
tilmanlow density of population \o/19:58
tilmannobody ever minds people smelling KMs away19:58
jaeger <--- I had no idea this was a thing. hilarious20:06
joacimand then one sd card fails =)20:09
jaegeryeah. it's a terrible idea :P20:09
joacimprobably more expensive than a more reliable ssd from samsung or intel too20:10
wildefyronodera, add mine?20:20
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onodera wildefyr :)20:40
wildefyroh btw onodera put the script in cross before we forget20:49
onoderayeah, I'll clean it up first20:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: git: 2.9.3 -> 2.10.020:57
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weabotis there a way to install crux from chroot?23:24
marakudo you have lvm or maybe btrfs (subvolumes)?23:25
marakuI mean it doesn't really matter(lvm/btrfs), but it *should* be possible to install from chroot23:26
weabotis there an officially supported way I mean?23:27
weabotI've been trying to install it from the install media but it's not working, one just seems to unload all of my UEFI drivers and stops the grub countdown so I'm stuck on the grub screen and the updated install media from just can't seem to mount itself23:29
marakunot that I know of...23:30
marakubut in the iso there's rootfs.tar.xz23:30
weabotso I guess I untar it, find the setup script and how it should work, run it and hope for the best?23:31
marakuI think you can use it to bootstrap the system (probably need to unpack pkgutils.pkg.tar.xz over that in the tools dir for package managements)23:31
weabotit's going to be much more headache-inducing than that I can feel it23:31
marakubut in the end you'll have an awesome system (un-biased viewpoint) :)23:32
weabotI'll try to do it from a CD-rom before getting into hacky shit :)23:32
weabotalso I'm sure it's very unbiased23:32
Worksteri would talk to jaeger and find out what drivers your missisng on the iso23:38
weabotI don't think they're drivers, the updated iso just can't find the install image23:39
weabotthat's why I'm hoping for a CD to fix it23:39
weabotit's easy as hell to find a CD23:39
Worksterboot off another disc/usb then into your /mnt rest should be easy to follow23:39
Worksterlinux rescue cd or something you can unmount that and then pop in the crux disc23:40
weabotthat was my initial question lol23:40
weabotif I could install it from chroot23:40
Worksteryou can23:40
Worksterwith a little work23:40
weabotgreat I'll follow this if the install CD doesn't owrk23:41
Worksteryou have to touch /var/lib/pkg/db iirc for then pkgadd to work23:41
Worksterwell you could try booting i tried this a few days ago it's got some flaws so don't install that one but it's fine for booting up.23:42
Worksteri need to contact that guy and list all the issues i've found with that. while the live desktop does work23:42
Workstercrux can be a pain to initially setup on some hardware, but after that it is smooth sailing23:43
weabotI understand, i'm hoping the CD will work23:44
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marakusorry weabot, I wasn't aware of the chroot page...23:44
weabotit's all good23:45
marakualthough after messing around a bit, I got the setup script working in a chroot23:45
marakufrom the rootfs23:45
Worksterif that cruxex or something boots be sure todo a lspci -k and make a list and see if the crux iso has that module enabled;a=summary23:45
Worksteri had a chroot testing text file here some where before i moved to docker.23:47
Worksterbut the gist of that is in that wiki page23:47
weabotit works from the CD rom23:47
weabotnow what23:47
Worksterwell make a list of lspci -k23:48
Worksterkeep that for checking later23:48
weabotoh I know exactly what drivers I need23:48
Worksterinsert the crux cd23:48
Worksterok then make a bug report for the iso and jaeger will get to that23:48
weabotI already have a kernel config23:48
Worksterattach that also to the bug report :)23:49
weabotI'm opening the handbook and I'll start installing23:49
Worksterok now you should be able to remove that cd and insert the crux one and fdisk mkfs mkswp23:49
Worksterfollow from there on23:49
weabotOh I'm not doing anything fancy I just used jaeger's image on a  CD-rom instead of a flash drive23:50
weabotit's working really well23:50
Worksteroh ok thought you said that didn't work before.23:52
weabotno the flash drive didn't work and the regular image either23:52
weabotthis works very well23:52
Worksterfor future reference though i used to do this a lot
weabotdoes the liveCD have git?23:52
weabotI have to use git to get my kernel config23:53
Worksterif it doesn't you can install it23:53
weaboton the CD itself?23:53
Worksteryeah jsut bring up the network on your chrooted crux setup-helper iirc... then /etc/rc.d/net start23:53
Worksteronce it's been configured23:54
Worksterports -u ; prt-get depinst git23:54
marakuI think he meant on the cd, not inside the chroot23:54
marakuit should be in /media/crux or something like that23:55
weabotit's good I mounted my other distro and I got the config from there :)23:55
marakuit should be in the opt folder23:55
marakuto install you can pkgadd the pkg.tar.gz23:55
marakubut i suppose that works too23:56
marakujust how many things do you boot on there?23:56
weabotwhat's in the xorg packages23:58
weabotactually can I have a list on what's each option23:58
weabotis that anywhere23:58
weabotmaraku to answer your question I have a hard drive with windows on it, an SSD with funtoo on it that I use as my main OS and another hdd that I'm installing crux on right now23:59

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