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Worksteronce you bot the cd and mount /mnt and after setup and chrooting into your crux install... then you can configure stuff and build the kernel you can get the network up there if you really need too.00:00
weabotI'm doing the setup right now00:01
Worksterthough i try to delay that until after installing the boot loader kernel configuration and reboot to the installed system00:01
weabotoh wow firefox is at 4800:02
weabotyou're literally ahead of ubuntu00:03
weabotis the updated installer automatically made?00:06
marakufuntoo was fun, but dep resolution took at least a quarter of the time00:07
Worksterfirefox is updated though prt-get sysup/update firefox00:08
weabotoh yeah dep resolution is a pain00:08
Worksterprt-get diff will list differences after a ports -u00:08
weabotI don't mind it though I only update like once a week00:08
Worksterprt-get deptree firefox00:08
Worksterprt-get handles most cases00:08
weabotexcept for lately where I've been spamming emerge --sync && emerge -avuDNU @world in anticipation for plasma 5.800:08
Worksterand i am forever checking dependences to make sure everything is listed00:09
weabotWorkster I'll get into that in due time00:09
weabotfor now it's chroot time :)00:09
Worksterwell we have a kf5 repo for kde if youwant to try that. but i don't know how well it is00:09
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Worksteralso have mate that's not listed there too.00:10
Workster a bit old now00:11
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weabotI really like the fstab that comes with it00:13
weabotit's so convenient00:13
weabotlocale-gen doesn't work, how would I generate the locales?00:18
weabotis localedef enough?00:18
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weabotdoes crux not need an initramfs?00:57
onoderanah not really01:02
weabotgreat one less worry then01:02
onoderasince initramfs is really only something you need if you use some pre build kernel01:02
onoderaand yeah localedef is enough, there is a part about it in the handbook01:03
weabotyeah but it's really small and only about the swedish locale01:03
weabotwhich I can't relate to lol01:04
weabotbut I think it's fine the way I did it01:04
onoderayeah replece se_SE or whatever the handbook using with en_US or whatever you use01:05
weabotI downloaded the mainline kernel from in attempt to use that because I already have a kernel 4.7 config that's not compatible with a 4.4 one01:06
weabotbut it doesn't seem to want to build01:06
weabotit seems to be compiling fine but after it's compiled there's just nothing01:07
weabotnone of the files I'm expecting to be there01:07
onoderahow do you mean01:08
weabotI do clean, distclean, make, all that right01:09
weabotand everything goes fine01:09
onoderarunning make modules_install && make install01:09
onoderashould just work01:09
weabotbut after that there's just nothing in there01:09
weabotit doesn't01:09
weabotit says that there's no makefile in arch/x86/01:09
weabotand I looked to see if there's something i could copy01:09
onoderaseems like a problem with the kernel source you downloaded01:09
weabotno bzimage no system.map01:09
weabotI got it straight from though01:09
onoderahave you tried running make install01:10
weabotof course01:10
weabotit's the first thing I did01:10
onoderatry make all again?01:10
onoderamaybe you ran make clean or something my accident01:10
weabotI ran make at least 4 times01:10
weabotI don't do make all though01:10
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jaegerdruid_droid: try prtwash if you didn't already find that02:55
jaegerWorkster: for reference02:57
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Worksteroh yours was older than the other one last i looked jaeger i'll update that url on my site too.03:46
jaegerI think mine's always been ahead of the main repo03:49
jaegerI don't have the updated link on my landing page, though03:51
jaegerI should fix that03:51
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Worksterthat would be helpful being on the landing page04:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: spm: update to 1.4.705:29
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frinnstahhh, developers12:42
nwetake your laptop with you on conference or not..12:44
onoderaz3bra: how come your httpup ports are newer than the ones in your git?12:55
retarddevelopers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers12:55
teK_ACTION jumps on the stage like a monkey12:56
z3braonodera, cause they are generated from git.13:02
retardi don't get it13:03
frinnstthe original is always older?13:46
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deus_exFF-49.0 didn't break any of my addons.nice job, Mozilla.15:21
pedja4 million $/month contract?ouch.15:26
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onoderaSo i have crux on my vps17:43
onoderaand wanna switch from a hdd to ssd vps (both on vultr), can I just rsync my current vps to my local computer17:44
onoderabuy the ssd vps, and rsync all the files back?17:44
newbie--isnt there a uid for the hdd somewhere in the boot process?18:09
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newbie--and what about MBR or similar18:13
newbie--that wont get copied with rsync18:13
newbie--my suggestion is that you try this in a test environment and maybe try using dd instead of rsync18:16
newbie--dd will copy from your source drive on a block level instead of logical level18:17
newbie--with dd you are cloning the disk18:17
newbie--another option is to take a backup for example using rsync, then reinstall crux on your new VPS with SSD, and finally read back some files from your backup.18:19
retarddepends on your bootloader18:28
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onoderahmm I'll just reinstall18:35
jaegerDoes vultr have some way to migrate from one type to another? some providers can do that for you18:36
onoderanah probably not18:37
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onoderasince I'm using a custom iso (crux), and xfs and all18:38
onoderaill google tho18:38
onoderathey have snapshots but snapshots only work with SSD vps's18:38
onoderaand I have a hdd one atm18:38
][_R_][Once you have a fresh install you can always just copy everything except /boot/ over (though you will need to copy the kernel, and initramfs if any)18:43
][_R_][fstab might need to be adjusted as well.18:43
ssfhello. I've tried installing tcpdump with 'prt-get install tcpdump'. It's getting an error on configure: configure: error: see the INSTALL doc for more info18:45
ssfis this a known problem?18:45
pedjassf: try 'prt-get depinst tcpdump'18:51
ssfpedja: thank you. that did the trick (to install libpcap before)18:53
ssfshouldn't prt-get install resolve dependencies and install them as needed?18:54
nwessf: nope, thatÅ› what depinst does..18:56
nweprt-get install package only install the package itself..18:56
nweprt-get depinst = installing dependencies + package.18:56
ssfgreat. I actually like to have those two separated18:57
ssfgives finer control :)18:57
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][_R_][ACTION has yet to see a situation where you'd ever want install over depinst19:09
][_R_][Maybe if you had a non-package version of the dependency... but why not just make a custom package?19:10
ssfyeah, that would be a case. It would however be much cleaner as you suggest, by creating a custom package19:15
][_R_][What other cases are there?19:16
ssfcan't think of any right now, but then why doesn't install install dependencies?19:29
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][_R_][My best guess is install was implimented long before depinst was.19:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: freetype: update to 2.719:33
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.2]: garcon: fixed deps19:39
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.2]: xfce4-settings: update to 4.12.119:39
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rmullJust out of curiosity - why might firefox show up in the revdep of one crux system but not the other?20:25
rmullEven after rebuilding20:25
rmullThe system on which firefox appears also has the system python changed to be python3 - does that matter though?20:26
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frinnstno, it always has22:13
frinnstcheck it with -vvv22:14
frinnstiirc I commited a cosmetic fix for that long ago but reverted it22:15
frinnstadd /usr/lib/firefox to /etc/ (or create a file in /etc/
jaegerone system probably has a /etc/revdep.d/firefox file with /usr/lib/firefox in it, the other not22:18
pedjaso, frinnst, have you fixed your fonts yet :) ?22:24
frinnstusing your config. good enough :)22:24
frinnstbut too fuzzy for my liking but most fonts look fine22:24
frinnstthanks again btw :)22:26
pedjanp :)22:27
pedjasome fonts look better than others, so you might want to experiment a bit22:27
pedjamaybe something like this ?22:29
pedja168 styles :)22:30

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