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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ghc: 7.6.3 -> 8.0.114:11
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FaymThere's a bugtracker?14:26
Romsterof course there is.14:26
RomsterHome :: Documentation :: Download :: Development :: Community :: Wiki :: Ports :: Bugs :: Links :: About14:26
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Romster for those that don't want to spend hours/days building it.14:51
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xproto: updated to 7.0.3115:20
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pseudonymousBefore I start just copying a ports Pkgfile and modifying it to create a new package, is there any thing I should know ? Like for example, the footprint files, are there any way of generating them ?18:49
jaegerpseudonymous: pkgmk generates them after a build19:06
jaegerpseudonymous: there's a section in the wiki called "Creating Packages" that may be helpful. Trying it is the best way to learn, probably.19:07
pseudonymousAh - I also sort of launched into it just now. Seems like prt-utils had a tool for making a nice template and pkgmk was kind enough to generate a .footprint file. :) I must say, Crux is the most exciting thing I've seen/tried in 5 years or so.19:10
jaegerGlad you're enjoying it. :)19:10
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ryu0pseudonymous: excitement? we can't have that.20:21
ryu0ACTION send pseudonymous to treatment.20:21
brian|lfswow pseudonymous must be feeling ill20:22
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pseudonymousOnly major complain i have is that emacs wasn't part of the core set of packages ;) (Got it installed, of course)20:23
ryu0ACTION rallies the troops.20:23
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brian|lfsemacs lol20:54
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joacimwhy use emacs, just use joe instead21:57
joacimmy opinion on text editors is more important than yours =)21:58
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vsteveanyone using the amdgpu driver?22:14
abenznot yet but soon plan to.22:14
abenzwhen they include GCN 1.0 support that is22:15
jaegerI believe frinnst is22:15
abenzwith kernel 4.9 I believe they said they would22:15
vsteveshoot...well ..maybe I just have to wait then22:15
abenzwhat card? I hear its maturing nicely22:16
vsteveI have a fiji that displays text at pre-boot and lilo, but once the kernel is loaded the screen goes black22:16
vsteveR9 nano22:16
vsteveI got it for opencl pretty much, so I'm not too heartbroken if I can't get a display out of it, but that'd be ...nice22:17
abenzdid you see logs?22:17
abenzssh from a laptop or so22:17
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vsteveI would, and I need to fix my sshd22:17
vstevesshd won't come up on its own...for some reason22:18
vstevetotally unrelated22:18
vsteveI have an older amd card, god knows what chip is in it, it's like 5 years old22:18
vsteve*that* one works fine22:18
vsteveand obviously predates the crap out of the amdgpu driver22:19
vsteveah, an HD 6570, so I can pop this one back in later and take a stab at fixing sshd22:20
abenzre sshd, its listen in SERVICES section of your /etc/rc.conf ?22:20
vstevebut the consensus on fiji support is that I should really just wait for kernel 4.9?22:20
abenzkernel 4.9 adds support for GCN 1.0 cards22:20
abenzFiji is already supported by amdgpu22:21
vsteveoh ok22:21
abenzoriginally they hadn't planned to include support for the older GCN 1.0 cards (ie HD7k and above cards), but recently they said they'd include support for them in kernel 4.922:21
vsteveso...ideally it should be as simple as installing xorg-video-xf86-amdgpu and physically installing the fiji card, right?22:22
abenzso your card should work fine with current stable22:22
abenzand adding amdgpu in your kernel22:22
vsteveoh...crap..that I did not do22:22
vsteveI'm probably due for a kernel update anyway22:23
abenzmake menuconfig > press '/' > type amggpu , note where its at, find it and press m22:23
abenzremove radeon while you're at it22:23
vsteveI didn't know / did anything at menuconfig22:24
vstevegood to know22:24
vstevewell thanks, that's almost certainly my issue22:25
vsteveI'll give that a shot..tonight I hope22:25
vstevethanks again, i'm out for now22:25
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frinnstusing amdgpu when radeon supports the hardware is probably a bad idea22:35
frinnstrunning amdgpu on a rx470 here22:36
druid_droidhello crux'rs :)22:48
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