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vstevere: amdgpu driver use, do i need to configure x11 any particular way?00:05
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vsteve_abenz, you still around?00:15
abenzif you disabled radeon, just start X00:16
vsteve_so I've updated to kernel 4.7.5, set the amdgpu item in menuconfig to always-include, recompiled the xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu driver, and I'm still getting the same behavior00:16
abenzalways include requires the binary blobs built-in00:17
abenzjust set it to module (press m)00:17
vsteve_oh, damn00:17
abenzyea why do they complicate things right? heh00:17
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vsteve_so where would I disable radeon?00:17
abenzI'm not sure thats necessary but thats what I would do00:18
abenzsearch for it with '/'00:18
vsteve_oh, that's also in the kernel then00:18
vsteve_so it sounds like all I need to do is make amdgpu modular instead of built-in00:19
vsteve_it's the only graphics driver I have in there00:19
abenzwhen done, after running make modules_install00:19
abenzalso do a make firmware_install00:19
vsteve_huh, never done a firmware_install before00:20
abenzI don't think you need to, the firmware should be in one of crux's packages00:20
abenzbut hey why not ;)00:20
vsteve_i'd rather be safe than sorry00:20
vsteve_or safe than...confused00:20
vsteve_so i've made a list, so I don't go off track and do anything dumb00:22
vsteve_1.amdgpu set to modular, 2.recompile/install kernel 3. make modules_install make firmware_install 4.prt-get -fr update xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu00:23
vsteve_I do the last step because I assume if I need to recompile the kernel, I should also recompile the xf86 video driver00:23
abenz4 isn't necessary00:23
vsteve_oh no?  alright then00:23
vsteve_alright man, thanks for your help again, I'm going to give all this a shot00:25
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abenzsure :)00:25
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vstevestill no luck, I'm not sure what's going on00:46
vsteveI made amdgpu modular, rebuilt the kernel cleanly, installed modules and firmware00:47
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vstevelilo kicks off the kernel, it gets  a good bit into the dmesg output then it looks like it tries to load the driver, the screen flashes brightly a few times, but then I get nothing00:48
brian|lfsyou trying to go to X on boot or just vconsole00:53
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vsteveI manually get into x with startx00:54
vsteveI wondered if maybe it's rendering in some weird display geometry that my tv doesn't understand, but after a lot of messing around, i feel like that's not it00:54
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abenzits connected to a TV?01:08
abenzlogs should shed some light on whats going on01:09
abenzdo you by any chance have any custom setups in xorg.conf.d ?01:09
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abenzalso, in lilo you dont have any kernel parameters related to video, like "vga=xxx" or nomodeset01:11
vsteveI don't think I have anything in xorg.conf.d01:14
vstevewould that be in /etc/X11?01:14
vsteveand as for lilo, mine is practically identical to the default config from the crux install01:15
vsteveI'm considering reinstalling from scratch....I must have done something dumb somewhere I'll never be able to reverse engineer01:17
abenzwait around for frinnst01:18
abenzhe's actually using amdgpu01:18
abenzunlike myself01:18
vsteve ah ok01:18
abenzI'm still on radeon on a fanless cheap card01:18
vsteveI also don't 100% know if the card is good...I don't know if this is one of those things where invoking the driver breaks output because the card is actually damaged01:19
abenzdid admire the nano for a while though, but only as an art piece etc. I have no need for that kind of graphical/opencl compute01:19
abenzyou could.. you know.. windowz01:19
vsteveyeah, I've got a gaming machine I could try it in01:19
abenzjust to test if hardware is all ok01:19
vsteveyeah, gounna stress test it tomorrow01:19
vstevealso I bet Talos principle will look positively bonkers01:20
vstevebut yeah, I'm positive I'm getting video output prior to kernel load01:21 least that much has to be ok01:21
abenzI'd fix ssh.. it'd remove the mystery away at least01:22
abenzyou could see logs01:22
vstevecorrect, so I thought I had that set up like...anything else crux loads on start up, but for some reason ssh tries and fails, and just says "ERROR" when the services are coming up01:23
vstevebut if I do ...whatever it is, /bin/sshd it works fine01:23
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abenzhold on I'll see if any linux live CDs are available with amdgpu01:25
vsteveoh that'd be pretty sweet01:26
abenzparted magic seems to have it01:35
abenzbut it appears this is no longer available, they want your donation to give links..01:35
abenzwhy do they call it "donation" I wonder ;)01:35
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frinnstthe linux kernel doesnt ship with the required firmware for amdgpu06:54
ryu0frinnst: it doesn't for ati/radeon either.06:55
Worksterisn't that in linux-firmware?06:56
ryu0check the linux-firmware repo on it should be there.06:56
frinnstno but abenz suggested it did06:56
ryu0though, imho, i'd be shocked if crux didn't have it as a opt package or so.06:56
frinnstwe do06:56
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frinnstthe firmware on linux-firmware might not be new enough for the hardware. i had to download the binaries from agd5f's site07:51
abenzfrinnst: it doesn't? I thought it did08:11
frinnstfirmware_install? no08:12
frinnstwell, it installs *some* firwamre like for e100 and ancient hardware that still shipped with the kernel. but no new firmware has been added to the kernel tarball since 2.4 or something08:13
abenzgood to know08:13
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rmullWhat do people like for lightweight X login managers? I use dwm as my window manager13:38
dbrookeNot quite what you asked, but I just use a console login and at the end of .bash_profile run xinit if the tty is the first virtual console13:44
rmullHmm, that's quick and easy - any way to make that support multiple concurrent X users?14:00
ryu0rmull: use a different ttys with multiple X servers?14:01
ryu0no idea. i never cared before.14:02
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dbrookefor me it's just one at a time and I've never thought about that14:03
ryu0yea, i figured KMS would be helpful here.14:04
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abenzhave you considered switching to libressl ? Out of the 6 critical vulnerabilities in Openssl since the fork, none affected libressl..15:43
abenzI understand it might be a little more work, since devs who use crypto almost always test against openssl.. but, worth it perhaps given its merits? might as well ride the hype train?15:44
onoderaabenz: the 6c37 repo has libressl15:45
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onoderait just werks since it's a drop in replacement.15:45
onoderathe only pkgs I haven't got it to compile with is nodejs (but there is an --enable-openssl or something flag that statically links it with openssl)15:46
abenzonodera: thanks. I didn't mean I wanted it personally, I meant that given the fact that libressl basically strips stuff that are weak by design (ie no one in their right mind would use, useless obsolete code), and actively cleans code (evident already), I was hoping our resident dev team would perhaps consider completely replacing it (ie libressl primary)15:47
abenzcompletely replacing openssl that is15:48
abenzjust wanted to voice that.. your work is appreciated.15:50
onoderaoh yeah that might be nice.15:51
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rmullI've been using 6c37/libressl for a while - in the beginning there were a few incompatibilities, but there are very few now.15:56
koriabenz: we discussed this with the CRUX devs previously16:04
abenzI see16:04
koriI don't remember the conclusion16:04
koriBut yeah16:04
koriOur repo maintains libressl16:04
kori@ 6c3716:06
abenzwhen first forked, it had an issue with RNG, and articles poured dismissing the fork. (although the RNG wasnt even assigned a CVE and was quickly patched).16:09
abenzBut after 6 vulnerabilities affecting openssl but not libressl, I think perception is changing16:09
abenzonly a handful of OSes use it as default though16:10
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onoderaI only know about void, openbsd, dragonflybsd and alpine.17:24
onoderathey also all happen to be OSs/distros I respect ;)17:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: xsel: remove the Packager field17:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: fossil: remove the Packager field17:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: mksh: remove the Packager field17:45
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] openssl: updated to 1.0.2j. Fix for CVE-2016-7052.17:47
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frinnstkori: libressl is still vulnerable to the critical issue openssl patched on the 22nd.20:19
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frinnstsorry - the "high" issue20:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: scons: 2.3.0 -> 2.5.022:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: [notify] openssl-32: 1.0.2i -> 1.0.2j fix for CVE-2016-705222:38
Romsterwont be half a day before they find yet another CVE at this rate22:38
frinnstjust a fuckup in the initial fix22:39
Romsterat least it's a denial and not a exploit of gaining access22:40
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: xorg-xproto-32: 7.0.29 -> 7.0.3122:44
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