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Romsterfrinnst> romster is heavy into lvm2 iirc, but its the middle of the night for him right now <- well very early morning it was just after 5am when you said this01:27
Romsternot far off non now01:27
Romsternot far off noon now01:27
onoderahas anyone here any experience with "unison"?01:29
FaymThe FS or the file syncer?01:36
FaymOr something else?01:36
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frinnstRomster: I KNOW MATHS!05:47
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elderKHey guys, anyone here having issues with Skype?06:10
elderKIt just seems to segv on launch :|06:10
elderKstrace doesn't give me much joy but gdb points out it's dying somewhere in QtWebKit.06:10
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frinnst2good luck debugging that06:23
frinnst2sooooo german06:52
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frinnst2 looks interesting07:40
Romster5am is not the middle of the night frinnst <_<07:49
Romsterbesides there is /ctcp Romster time07:49
Romsterbut you knew this07:49
RomsterelderK something up with qt4-32 and the compiler changing the ABI on what type compared to what skype was compiled with.07:52
Romstermicrosoft gives no shits about skype on linux07:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: harfbuzz-icu: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.209:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pidgin: disable gnutls to use nss, code cleanups09:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: farstream: dependency cleanup10:13
abenz_say one makes a tmpfs in RAM10:30
abenz_one does not have swap enabled10:30
abenz_one compiles one's program in said tmpfs10:30
abenz_PC tower shows HDD light activity, why?10:30
joacimlogging maybe10:31
abenz_its a cross compile, the toolchain and all tools are in tmpfs10:31
Romsterbecause tmpfs is still a mount point?10:35
Romstertime to cook some food10:36
abenz_work your apetite10:36
abenz_Romster: a mount point? Not sure I follow, how does that affect HDD activity? everything is represented as files in linux..10:37
Romstertmpfs is a virtual disk?10:52
Romsterjust a thought10:52
Romsteralso you build the cross compile from the system compiler for the first pass too.10:53
Romsterunless you got something in the tmpfs to kick the bootstrap off with already10:53
abenz_the main reason I do it in tmpfs is because a lot of small files are generated and moved around10:54
abenz_dont want to kill my HDDs10:54
pseudonymousromster: thanks :)10:56
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Romsterand tmpfs is faster11:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gnupg: 2.1.14 -> 2.1.1513:52
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pseudonymousFunny thing. Somewhere into installing connman my WIFI has stopped working, as in it won't ever connect to an AP. (I can see AP's just fine). In the kernel log I see many mentions of CRDA being called to update the regulatory domain (though crda isn't installed and trying to get it built from ports has proved impossible).. Anyone tried this ?13:59
teK_tried using a static IP instead of DHCP? have had this issue with numerous APs (+wicd)14:00
pseudonymousBut it worked fine before, and I can see something's not great as "iw reg get" spits out 00 (global). Trying to set it is ignored (whether through modprobe or "iw reg set")14:01
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pseudonymousWell, seems I'll be stuck without wifi for a while. crda depends on M2Crypto which is a Python affair and even when built on a python2-only system such as Crux, there's PYC files in the source package which uses Python3 (so importing M2Crypto causes a crash as these precompiled py files will be loaded for speed, failing on 'typings' which is a Py3-only library)... What a friggin' mess. crda is a bunch of regulatory nonsense and then14:16
pseudonymousthey see fit to pull in a poorly packaged python library ... >:(14:16
pseudonymous(Oh yea, removing the PYC files causes some other errors.. good times)14:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: wgetpaste: 2.26 -> 2.2814:36
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Romsterpseudonymous, you generate the pyc files from the py files using python -mcompileall $PKG14:46
Romsteri would suggest find $PKG -name '*.pyc' -delete \+14:47
Romsterto find and remove all pyc files before byte compiling a new set.14:48
Romsteri usually find some python builds don't generate the .pyc files and i add them myself to the Pkgfile so it'll run a little faster. without them python will still work but it has to byte compile it in memory every time you run it.14:50
Romsterwhich is a little slower.14:50
Romsterbut shouldn't prevent it from working without any .pyc files.14:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: psycopg2: updated to version 2.6.215:43
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pseudonymousRomster: huh, the precompiling all part is a nice touch, will do that :)16:58
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pedjaoff-topic: is miltary service in Sweden mandatory or volunteer-based?or some combination of that?20:24
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vsteveabenz you around?21:38
vsteveor any amdgpu user?21:39
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pseudonymousHey, I've run into a few ports where the source array is something like "pkg: <filename>" which will fail when attempting to build the port. I always get "unsupported scheme, file:" from prt-get21:51
pseudonymousSo I guess my question is whether this is an intentional nudge (the ports I've seen this in so far are license-encumbered), but if so, is there any way to easily fetch the port via prt-get or must I find the port via the ports page and download it manually21:55
jaegerusually they should be accompanied by a readme with a link, like jre21:56
jaegerIt's intentional, yes, because of licensing21:56
pseudonymousso I have to delete the file: entry in the port once I've thrown the file into that dir (or whereever else as defined in pkgmk.conf)21:58
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jaegerno, you don't need to change anything in the Pkgfile22:01
jaegerjust download the source file, put it in your source dir, and build22:01
pseudonymousAh, I see. The error was just leading me to believe that it really didn't understand what file:// meant22:02
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vsteveany amdgpu folks around?23:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nss: updated to 3.2723:22
frinnstfor a little while23:23
vsteveI'm not having any luck with my r9 nano23:26
vsteveI've overcome a few hurdles, but now my current brick wall is getting GL to work23:26
frinnstnot at all? not even glxgears?23:27
vsteveI've enabled amdgpu in the kernel, installed linux-firmware, added an xorg conf for amdgpu and I still get a really elaborate error on glxgears23:27
frinnstopt/linux-firmware is probably too old. it was for my polaris card23:27
vsteveoh, so what do you suggest?23:28
frinnstyou should probably clone and manually copy the amdgpu/* contents to /lib/firmware/amdgpu23:28
frinnstim also using a newer unstable mesa3d: 1223:29
vsteveoh boy, alrighty then23:30
vstevedoes this provide opencl capability?23:30
frinnstyou can just edit the version in xorg/mesa3d23:31
frinnstno, dont think so23:31
vsteveoh...well crap23:31
vstevethat's the one thing I want23:31
frinnstbut I dont know. im not very interested in stuff like that :-)23:31
frinnstthe only 3d i've tested is glxgears23:31
abenzfiji has been out for a long time23:32
abenzI don't think you need cutting edge to run it23:32
abenzbut hey, why not23:33
vsteveI'll try what i've got first and shift things around until it works23:33
frinnstand you are running a new'ish kernel, right?23:33
vsteveI hear (from amd) and the amdgpu pro driver is supposed to provide opencl 1.223:33
vsteveI'm running per advice from an AMD dev23:33
frinnstnot some ~1 year old23:33
frinnstwe dont even build mesa3d with --enable-opencl23:36
vsteve"we dont"?23:36
vsteveI mean, couldn't I?23:36
vsteveI already recompiled it once today23:37
frinnstsure you can23:37
vsteveis there a snowball's chance in hell that it'll work?23:37
frinnstarch builds with --enable-opencl --enable-opencl-icd23:37
frinnstopencl-mesa: execute on AMD GPU's using the mesa drivers (currently under development, your mileage may vary)23:37
vstevewow, I thought opencl support would be more...together23:38
vstevehuh, well....I've got some interesting times ahead23:40
vstevethanks for the tips, I need all the help I can get23:42
abenzlet us know how it goes!23:47
vsteveI'm gounna hit every single branch of every single thing that could possibly go wrong, plus some things that are impossible - i'm sure23:48
abenzI'd try current stable kernel though, LTS 4.4 is great but I recall seeing many changes related to amdgpu over the releases that followed23:49
vsteveAMD told me to use 4.4 LTS23:49
abenzAMD who? some guy on amd forum or an actual employee ?23:49
vsteveor...someone, was an amd dev though23:50
abenzah, alright then23:50
vsteveso who knows, we'll see, I'll have a lot of communication with amd thoughout23:51
vsteveand I work with a bunch of comp-sci phds, so burried there somewhere....something will get me through23:52
abenzGL !23:52
vstevethanks, I'll be back sooner rather than later23:53
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