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Romsterpseudonymous, "prt-get readme jre" as an example to cat the README file00:27
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domatg3: problem fetching invariant chip. how to fix it?01:56
Romsterthis is a good read01:57
Romsterdoma, what is saying that?01:58
Romsterand what have you tried01:58
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domai tried to install crux02:09
domaafter first boot, that message appea02:09
jaegers presumably from the tg3 network driver02:09
][_R_][Appears to be a kernel driver issue yeah02:10
domado i need to install broadcom proprietary driver?02:11
][_R_][There's a potential solution there02:11
domai thought when i install a newer kernel, that problem will be gone02:12
domait seems tg3 module doesn't loaded properly at boot time02:15
jaegerdoes it work if you unload it and load it again?02:24
domanope, after i unload, and load again, it said, tg3: problem fetching invariant chip (again)02:25
Romsterdoes it require linux-firmware ?02:37
Romsterthat's back in 2010 it's likely already fixed in a newer kernel ][_R_][02:39
domai don't know, but, i'll try to install it02:41
Romsterwont hurt too, some things have firmware02:42
Romsterusually only wifi sometimes nics too02:42
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domaprobably linux-firmware fix it.02:45
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jaegerdmesg would show missing firmware if that's the case02:45
Romsterlook in dmesg02:45
Romsterjaeger, bet me to it02:45
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domastill can't detect my ethernet, it because tg3 :(.03:17
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Romsteri guess at that point a new network card... unless it's built into a notebook04:13
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brian|lfshello all07:14
brian|lfseveryone ok this early morning in most places07:14
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Romsterare you in the UK brian|lfs ?09:54
Romsterunless your awake at 3am in the usa...09:54
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ryu0Romster: it's only 3 AM in PST.10:02
Romsteri know i got a world clock here10:04
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pseudonymousDo anyone use crux linux on a server hosted by a third party such as, or ? Neither offers Crux explicitly, so I'm wondering what the prospective crux'er usually does to shoehorn crux on a rented server / VPS :)13:04
frinnstyeah there are a few iirc. dont remember who though13:04
pseudonymousConsider this a standing question then :) I'll happily switch VPS/server provider if there's an easier/documented process of running Crux. I really don't want to bother with other Linux'es (?) anymore :)13:06
ryu0pseudonymous: it's possible to load other systems, but you really need to know your shit.13:16
ryu0pseudonymous: on OVH, it's possible to load FreeBSD even, or your own flavor of linux, but you have to use the rescue environment. you upload a compressed disk image and overwrite your old install. that's one way.13:17
ryu0as for the others, i don't know. it's service provider specific.13:17
pseudonymousI don't think I do know too much shit anymore. But I've done things in the past like Gentoo stage 1 (when they had it), and I'm fine with taking things slow.13:17
ryu0basically, if you can boot from a live CD or RAM, you can figure out a way to install it.13:18
pseudonymousCool, I'll look into that, then. I just can't bear dealing with my current systemd/Gnu/Debian install ;)13:18
ryu0the main issue is not being booted from the main storage device when you do this.13:19
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ryu0other options to consider are...13:19
ryu0repartitioning and resizing the disk drive.13:20
ryu0to make enough room for a bootable image to load to RAM.13:20
ryu0then you can overwrite to your hearts content.13:20
ryu0i found it easiest to setup a QEMU raw image and use that to overwrite the old.13:20
ryu0it's a few hundred MBs probably, even compressed, but it still was the easiest way...13:21
pseudonymousso you prep an image locally using quemu/kvm locally - raw image type, then what.. upload and dd it to a disk ?13:21
ryu0in my case, i had ssh access so i used that.13:21
ryu0yep, basically.13:21
ryu0just make sure you get your disk dimensions right13:21
ryu0when you go to create the qemu image.13:22
ryu0it should be exactly the same as the virtual one you're targetting.13:22
pseudonymousnot sure I follow, do you mean that I need to check the server's disk and figure out block alignment and offset sectors etc and match that ?13:22
ryu0no, just the disks full size.13:22
ryu0that is, its sector count times its sector size.13:23
ryu0you just need that to be the same.13:23
pseudonymousAh. Yea, otherwise I'll end up with a severely under-utilised harddrive :P13:23
ryu0so it will perfectly overlay your old data.13:23
ryu0i suggest using truncate to setup the fake image13:23
ryu0it won't actually allocate any space initially.13:23
ryu0just reserve it.13:23
pseudonymousI wonder if I can do that *and* cram in a XFS on LVM2 setup into it, but there's surely something to read up on and experiment with. Fun times :)13:25
ryu0up to you. i consider it overkill.13:26
pseudonymousMostly considering it because with that I can actually create and maintain FS snapshots13:27
ryu0what about BTRFS then?13:27
ryu0if you had boatloads of RAM, i'd even suggest ZFS.13:28
pseudonymousI'm not exactly over-qualified to speak on the quality of BTRFS, but when I looked at the code a while back, it was a bit interesting. And there's still interesting resource starvation scenearios that just... well. I don't think btrfs will ever make it13:28
pseudonymousI have at least 32gb (honestly can't remember) on the server I have atm. I guess I could run ZFS.. But ZFS outside *BSD seems risky to me. Personally I'm holding out for bcachefs13:30
jaegerpseudonymous: I run crux on a linode. It was pretty easy to set up using the finnix rescue boot13:32
pseudonymousjaeger: did you also utilize some premade qemu image or...?13:33
jaegerIt's been a long time since I did that but I probably built it in virtualbox and then uploaded it13:34
jaegersomething like
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ryu0pseudonymous: i'm using ZFS on my proliant server. it kicks ass.13:36
pseudonymousZFS is definitely nice, no question about it. I'm just a little cautious about using it with Linux.13:37
pseudonymousjaeger: nice :) I'll look at that, too13:37
jaegerI build package updates for it in a local virtualbox VM and upload them now and then13:39
jaegercould build on the VPS but I have fast machines so I do it here13:40
Romsterpseudonymous, i'd recommend asking prologic this question you can find him in #circuits he has used crux on a number of hosts. but he is rather busy.13:45
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abenzseems many use exotic FSes here14:39
abenzI use plain ext414:39
abenznothing fancy :)14:39
abenzbut the snapshot feature in btrfs is most interesting14:40
pseudonymousWell - when people choose an exotic distro of an (reasonably) exotic OS, they're probably likely to be eccentric in other ways ;)14:40
abenzheh. fair enough14:40
pseudonymousYup, it is. But that's  feature of COW file systems in general. Someone on here said XFS might be getting COW-support soon, too. ZFS is a COW-FS (providing snapshots), so is btrfs and bcachefs will be a COW-fs also (started out as a HDD/SSD caching layer).14:41
pseudonymousOh, and also learned that if you combine LVM2 and XFS you can actually have snapshots too. Though not as nice as with e.g. ZFS where you can actually boot from an older snapshot (at least on FreeBSD)14:44
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pedjaiirc, you can install any OS you like on Vultr VPS.15:23
pedjaso uploading Crux iso and installing from it should be pretty straightforward.15:25
pedjaand no, you don't *need* a lot of RAM for zfs, it works just fine with 2Gb on my Atom netbook (FreeBSD 10)15:27
abenzwhy are some comfortable with zfs on freebsd but not on linux? Is it based on any specific issues or anecdotal ?15:31
jaegerI suspect it's mostly anecdotal but maybe some have run into issues when it was new15:32
jaegerpersonally I've used opensolaris, openindiana, freebsd, and linux, and my ZFS pool has transferred between ALL of those over its lifetime15:32
jaegerwithout issues15:32
abenzI think I might give it a go then15:33
pedjazfs is more integrated into the surprise there :)15:33
jaegeryeah. It takes a little more work on linux but not a lot15:33
pedjajaeger: so possibility to have root on zfs is in Crux's future? :)15:35
jaegerheh. probably not officially15:36
pedjaor is licence the problem to have zfs on the iso?15:36
pedjaI just wish they find some loophole in the GPL, and merge zfs upstream :)15:39
pedjaaltough openzfs folks don't care that much15:40
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jaegerpedja: canonical's law team judged that the CDDL and GPL were compatible and ZFS is going into or has gone into ubuntu, I believe... but the software freedom conservancy people were mad about it16:20
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pseudonymousAnd that obviously has nothing to do with the attractiveness of having said FS in their distro ^^17:20
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pseudonymouspedja: thanks for the suggestion, btw :)17:32
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frinnsthow the fuck do people live with sub 10mbit connections for more than a week?19:26
frinnstthis is agony19:26
dbrookeheh, I would sympathise, but ...
dbrookeI guess it's what you're used to19:33
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frinnstanybody using gnu rush?19:43
frinnstGNU Rush - a restricted user shell19:43
frinnstif so, how do you like it?19:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: thunderbird: updated to 45.4.020:47
crash_never heard about rush shell :P20:47
frinnstme neither. but it looks very usable for some accounts on my boxen20:47
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joacimrush doesn't sound like freedom =)21:01
frinnstsounds canadian21:01
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joacimit does sound useful tho21:06
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pedjaI like the idea of opensuse permissions package.chkstat to check/fix perms can be handy23:33
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