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vsteveabenz you out there?01:32
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Romsteryay for daylight savings -_- 3 weeks of messed up sleep ahead02:56
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vsteveamdgpu update -- glxgears runs but only on the local machine, it won't go to forwarded xwindows for some reason04:20
vsteveI get about 5,000 fps, which seems low for how fast a fiji should be handling that04:21
vstevethough now I wonder what the highest score anyone ever got in glxgears was04:28
vsteveoh yeah, my 5 year old laptop gets 7600~ fps04:31
vsteveso gl is working, gl just sucks at the moment I guess04:31
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Romsterglxgears is not a benchmarking tool05:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] qt5: major path changes, pkgrm qt5 before installing this one!09:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: qtwebkit: initial import09:54
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nss-32: 3.26 -> 3.2710:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.9.19 -> 1.9.2011:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: postgresql: 9.5.4 -> 9.6.018:51
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crash_hmm is it possible to add the firmware-linux to the crux 3.2 usb i have made? instead of grabbing a another usb just to put that file there.19:11
teK_there are plans to do that in 3.319:15
teK_(i have yet to split the files into smaller junks, bummer :P)19:16
crash_oh that is very good news :)19:16
teK_I had a look and this may be very interesting to figure out the first time as I don't have any efficient means to separate files based on the device type19:17
crash_how big is the file? instead of firmware-net firmware-graphics or what not that i think you are meaning?19:19
teK_~39M packed19:22
crash_not that big, we could just have the file there without splitting it up?19:25
teK_compare it to the total ISO size and it becomse not that small19:27
crash_but people does have pretty big usb sticks these days so size is not a issue?19:30
teK_where do you draw the line19:31
teK_is it the same line as mine?19:31
teK_most stuff is not 100% up to date as time passes by; on the other hand, the firmware stuff is required to be able to _install at all_. So we really should split things to keep in line with giving KISS to users19:32
crash_ok yeah you have a good point there :)19:33
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aixhi there19:33
teK_crash_: thanks, still it will cost me :P19:34
teK_hello aix19:34
teK_no other OS in here please ;)19:34
aixi see you have some nvidia packages, are they all generic or do i need a specific one for a specific card?19:34
aixah alright19:35
crash_teK_: I hope you will figure it out someway or another hehe19:35
teK_should work for all Geforce cards. Their CAD stuff, I am not quite sure19:35
teK_crash_: it's just grunt work ;)19:36
aixteK_: you have a gpu?19:36
teK_of course? :-)19:36
teK_I dont get the question19:36
aixi mean19:36
aixdo you have a gpu which required a nvidia driver19:37
aixif so, how does that work out?19:37
aixi'm considering getting a gpu, but i'm also considering changing os so19:37
aixgotta make sure my two big decisions don't argue with each other19:37
teK_I think that the nv drivers really do not feel like proprietary bullshit that only works with specific kernel versions19:38
teK_I have had very good results installation and performance wise. Really different from the vmware vmtools 'experience'19:38
teK_or (this was a long time ago) the experience I have hadwith the amd drivers19:39
teK_also, I gave away my desktop have a year ago (with a gtx 970) so this can have changed by then, although unlkiely19:43
jaegerThey will work for recent cards, if you have something really old you might need a legacy driver19:46
jaeger <-- this is the list for the current driver, for example19:46
aixis the gt 730 considered old?20:08
teK_no. isnt it on the list?20:09
jaegerthat's in the list, yeah. Should be fine.20:09
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pedjagt-640 fine with latest nvidia :)20:31
jaeger"really old" currently means older than 400-series so it covers a LOT of cards20:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: texlive: 20150523 -> 20160523b21:58
frinnstwhat about my tnt2?21:59
teK_I had the viper 770 ultra21:59
teK_superbike came with that22:00
jaegerfrinnst: sorry, I couldn't hear you over all the bones creaking :P22:00
frinnstme too tek22:00
teK_exactly!  good times22:01
teK_next was a Ti 4200 (ultra or something?) :]22:01
teK_well well22:01
frinnstgeforce 256 here22:13
teK_everybody had it22:13
teK_(except me, I guess)22:13
frinnststill had my celeron 300a back then. I was surprised about the huuuuge difference with the geforce22:15
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teK_< 43322:15
frinnsti ran that sucker at 450mhz for 3 years or so22:16
teK_poor thin22:16
teK_I overclocked an AMD TB (what did that stand for?) 800 to 880MHz and Linux would immediatley fail with random errors22:17
teK_ASUS A7V.. I hated that board :D22:17
frinnst300a was a notorious overclocker. it ran without issues with 4.5x100mhz22:17
teK_this was 16 years ago.. holy moly22:18
frinnsthaha yeah22:18
teK_not bad22:18
teK_my son has his/my 2600K at 4,x GHz22:18
frinnstafter that i got a athlon 1.4ghz22:18
frinnstpreeeetty big difference22:18
teK_what does TB mean?22:19
teK_I dont remember22:19
teK_thunderbolt? No?22:19
teK_I ruled that out because of that mozila thingy22:19
frinnstthen i got a thouroughbred that I also overclocked the shit out of. it ran stable most of the time22:21
teK_I did have almost no luck with that and refrained from doing it22:22
frinnsti think it ran around 1.6ghz and I clocked it to 222:22
teK_not bad22:24
teK_air or water cooled?22:24
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teK_ok. I always had the boxed cpus22:26
frinnstI ruined two motherborads trying to fit that cooler22:27
teK_Oh I managed also to kill some hw22:27
teK_hated that ;)22:27
frinnstsee the back of the motherboard on page 3? one of those hex nuts rotated and peeled of some surface soldered things.22:28
teK_I forgot a bottom screw for the MB on the case side once and short-cut the circuitry when swichting it on..22:28
frinnstsecond board the cooler punctured 2 capacitors when i tightened the screws22:29
teK_sure it did ;)22:29
frinnstit was sooo tight so when the cooler was lowered as I tightened it the sides ripped up the capacitors22:29
teK_ah yes.. that has gotten much better I think22:30
teK_they did a lot on that around the P4 release I think22:30
frinnstyou actually killed the board by shorting it out? i've done that too - but the board survived22:31
frinnstjust didnt start :>22:31
teK_no, was gone afterwards22:31
teK_was my favourite board. It also has a completely sealed, smooth surface22:32
teK_look at all the interfaces :D22:32
frinnstI miss a floppy interface"22:34
frinnst aaaw, out of stock22:35
frinnstdoh wrong modelk22:35
teK_awwww, shuffle <322:37
teK_np: The Cars - You might think22:37
abenzGaming... motherboards:
teK_omg the SD 11 cost 370 DM ( ~195 EUR) back then22:38
teK_nice toy, abenz22:38
abenzexactly my feelings22:38
abenzchildish silly design22:38
abenzalways wanted one of those humongous boards:
abenzE-ATX at least.. the HPTX reduces case choices greatly I imagine..22:40
teK_take care22:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: vala: 0.29.2 -> 0.34.023:07
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