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vsteveany suggestions, by the way?00:00
abenzhold on let me have a look00:01
abenzI see loads of comparisons over at between the different drivers00:01
abenzwill see what the guy uses00:01
vsteveyeah is that whole site run by one guy?00:01
abenzI think so00:01
vsteveI see the same dude's name on every article00:02
vstevewhich is insane00:02
vstevebut impressive00:02
abenzits his living I guess, he has many premium members00:02
abenzits funny in the forum you see many mention this "my subscription"00:02
vsteve"my subscription"?00:03
abenzas in they somehow find a way to say they are paying members00:04
abenzeven when its not relevant at all00:04
abenzhe's using mostly games00:05
abenz^ this is mentioned is almost all his articles00:05
vsteveI keep forgetting unigine valley is an option00:07
vsteveI'll probably just do that00:07
vstevealright, back to work00:09
vstevewish me luck00:09
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vsteveand we're back, anyone familiar with the xorg error: (EE) module ABI major version (8) doesn't match the server's version (9)00:29
abenzI usually fix that by rebuilding00:32
abenzbut given you are using blobs maybe they were compiled against an older version of X00:32
abenzsince crux usually runs upstream00:32
vsteveI suspect that's it as well00:34
vstevehow would I roll xorg back a version?00:34
abenzI modify the Pkgfile, then prt-get update -fr -im -if00:35
vstevewhich pkgfile?  just xorg?00:36
abenzthe xorg error was thrown by what?00:36
vstevethe xorg server00:36
vsteveI tried "startx" and it gave me a slew of things, but first it gave me that version matching error00:37
vstevei'm guessing if I fix that error the other ones might go away too00:37
abenzgrep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:38
vsteve[  7620.158] Current Operating System: Linux black 4.4.22 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Oct 3 06:27:38 EDT 2016 x86_64 (WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown. [  7620.165] (EE) module ABI major version (8) doesn't match the server's version (9) [  7620.165] (EE) Failed to load module "glx" (module requirement mismatch, 0) [  7620.173] (EE) module ABI major version (15) doesn't match the server's version (20) [  7620.173] (E00:40
vstevepasting into firefox sucks00:40
vstevethat's only like half of it, but it gets the point across00:40
vsteveI think I just need an older x server00:41
abenzI don't think so00:41
abenzyou see gpu-pro is designed to be version independent00:41
vsteveI didn't know that was possible00:41
vstevebut go on00:41
abenzI don't have first hand experience00:42
abenzbut with gpu-pro AMD is trying to solve the catalyst problem of breaking with every release, so the binary blobs are not version dependant00:42
abenzsee this:
vsteveahh right00:44
vstevethat is more or less exactly what they say00:44
vstevemaybe I should hit up the arch people and see how they managed to do it00:44
abenzyup, should be very similar on crux00:45
vsteveI'll do that then00:45
vstevethanks for the pointer00:45
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frinnst2vsteve needs to rebuild all his drivers08:14
frinnst2video, input and whatnot08:15
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Romstervsteve prt-get readme xorg-server09:38
Romsteri made that README for a reason09:38
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pedjaAnsible Tower 10 min introduction video in 1080p grinds my system to a halt, and FF devours all the memory.that was fun.14:35
pedjafrinnst: did 4.8 fix your IO problems? heavy hd activity makes a system unusable, iirc?14:39
abenzfrinnst2: Romster sorry if I gave wrong info. But the script he sent me indicated replacing loads of files with those supplied by AMD14:42
abenzthat didn't seem like something solvable by "rebuilding xorg"14:54
fyrrebuilding xorg is always the solution14:56
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pseudonymousis it right that ports generally don't list build dependencies in depends ? if so, what's the rationale ? Doesn't that cripple tools like prt-get ?16:01
fyro boi no jq in repos16:03
fyrtime to update my long lost repo16:03
tilmanpseudonymous: builds deps _are_ generally listed16:06
pseudonymoustilman: ah, ok. My mistake then. Even though I do (from time to time) see packges where a build dep is missing or otherwise listed as optional. I'm guessing that might simply be due to the differences in the author's and my build environment then16:11
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fyronly stuff from core shouldn't be listed, because we presume you have it all installed16:20
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pseudonymousfyr: ah, I might've misread a statement to that effect at some point, then16:20
fyrperhaps so! :)16:21
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pseudonymousWhile I'm asking noobish questions. Anyone got a nice pdf-viewer application to recommend ? I'm used to evince but I simply gave up trying to compile that beast. Tried zathura and if I recall, mupdf is also one of those "minimal" viewers that can't even bother to have a file open dialog16:29
fyrsorry but its best :D16:31
fyryou can always just use web browser too16:32
fyrchrome is alright16:32
pseudonymousYea, thought about that, but firefox's pdf rendering seem a bit laggier than something like evince. And I'd rather not run chrome. Do you think chromium renders pdf ?16:33
fyryeah it does16:37
fyrhave fun compiling that though16:37
pseudonymousdon't I know it :(16:38
juethe only drawback of mupdf: it cannot print ;) I'm using qpdfview for that16:38
fyroh really?16:39
fyrget writin' code for it then jue !!16:39
fyryou big moaner16:39
pseudonymousnot having a file dialog is a pretty big drawback in my book :( I don't know what it is about pdf-viewers that seem to attract ultra-minimalist programmers16:40
juetry qpdfview16:40
fyrwell you're on crux16:40
pseudonymousI think I tried to compile that yesterday too. Had a compile failure. I guess I need to try again and sort out the errors.16:40
fyrwe normally like that kinda thing16:41
pseudonymousI just use crux because it's so simple both to operate and to interact with package and service management. That it's minimal is (to be) just a side-effect :)16:42
pseudonymous(to me**)16:43
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dlcusaIs contrib's version of OpenJPEG (1.5.2) subject to CVE-2016-8332?18:08
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tsaopit seems to be a duplicate package in xorg: xorg-libxscrnsaver and xorg-libxss18:35
tsaopqtwebengine dependency should be updated with xorg-libxscrnsaver, while xorg-libxss should be dropped18:36
tilmanseems xorg-libxss was only "recently" added18:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: thunderbird: fixed deps18:56
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-libxss: remove duplicate port20:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] qtwebengine: renamed dependency: xorg-libxss -> xorg-libxscrnsaver21:35
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teK_do you happen to know if there is any god way in to chck for a pipe's return statement without bashisms or zshisms?22:44
teK_ie. if cmd1 | cmd2 ; then ..22:45
teK_only thing I found is that zsh does the right thing checking for that or bash using PIPESTATUS(?) ; I dont want to do x=$(..) and check for that afterwards..22:45
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