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pedjaACTION goes  back to the Illustrated guide to IPsec.00:14
teK_btw.. anybody been using wireguard?00:16
teK_I have yet to give it a try00:16
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staxxteK_ - some wireguard info -
pedjais this the same guy that wrote password-store a.k.a pass?00:42
pedjayes it
staxxsame guy - https://www.zx2c4.com00:49
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druid_droidhello, if on git tags follow software-name.x.y.z.tar.xz then pkgmk wold create correct name in distfiles ?10:52
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frinnstgod.. i cant even send mail when downloading something13:37
frinnst[Lag: 20.09]13:37
frinnstdruid_droid: depends on what the actual tarball is called13:40
frinnsteta 11m 48s13:44
frinnstfucking thunderbird tarball..13:44
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frinnstFirefox can't find the server at
abenzprt-get update -fr firefox14:17
abenzjk :)14:18
abenzACTION refers to "rebuilding xorg" the other day14:18
frinnst$ host
frinnst;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached14:18
frinnsthehe well the abi errors he got suggest he upgraded the xorg server to another abi version. that happens when you install crux 3.2 and upgrade xorg-server only14:19
frinnstdont remember what version of xorg-server 3.2 shipped with14:20
frinnstmajor versions of xorg do usually break abi compatability14:20
abenzheh. yes had that happen to me14:21
frinnsti'd looove to see a graph of datausage from the celltower i'm connected to. comparing the data from 3 weeks ago to today14:24
frinnstmy isp handed out 4g modems to all residents before they started to rebuild the network14:25
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abenzoh yea. thats still ongoing?14:38
frinnstyeah expected to take up to 4 weeks14:40
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teK_frinnst: be grateful here they would have just taken customers offline18:56
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frinnstI've not had a connection this shitty in over 15 years19:45
frinnstbut yeah19:45
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frinnstI'll have a plethora of ISPs to choose from when the new network is in place. so thats a good thing. Hope some of them will office ipv619:52
frinnst1gbit/1gbit that they offer in other towns looks very tempting :>19:54
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teK_I pay 15 for 16MBit/s19:55
teK_seems a bit off ;)19:55
dbrookeI'm envious of the speed but at least I've had native IPv6 for almost 10 years now19:59
frinnsthow big is the prefix you get?19:59
dbrookea /4820:00
frinnstooh thats lovely20:01
frinnstwhere is this? uk?20:01
dbrookehave several /64 routed to home, some on an L2TP so I can tunnel from anywhere and some routed to the car. Yes UK, it's this ISP , not the cheapest but good for reliable and techy stuff.20:04
dbrookejust suffer from the last mile being down to BT with almost no competition in rural areas20:05
dbrookeI also have IPv4 /26 included so no NAT20:06
teK_that's where all IPv4 addresses went ;)20:09
dbrookewell somebody has to use them 8-)20:10
teK_thanks, bra :p20:11
joacimah fuck there it is again20:25
joacimuk has no rural areas20:25
joacimtoo many people in that tiny country for anything to be rural =)20:25
joacimit is the complete oppositet in norway. rural areas got fibre 10-15 years ago20:26
joacimcities got it only recently20:26
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dbrookeI suppose definitions of rural may differ but this is my exchange whic is too small to attract any competition from providers and I'm too far from the cabinet for FTTC/VDSL to be better than ADSL20:37
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joacimoh thats urban20:47
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john_cephalopodaRomster: Just wanted to mention that lv2 in the romster repo is outdated. The current version is 1.14.021:49
john_cephalopodaRomster: Also lilv is 0.24.0 now.21:50
john_cephalopodaRomster: And sord is 0.16.021:51
john_cephalopodaAnd serd is 0.24.021:53
john_cephalopodaAnd sratom is at 0.6.021:57
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