IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2016-10-12

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pedjajaeger: why doesn't nvidia port  install$version libs?do they break something?00:47
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pedjaI had to install them to get vulkan working.00:47
frinnstgo to bed!00:48
pedjaI am unemployed, so :)00:48
frinnstor did you also fall asleep on your sofa and just wake up?00:48
pedjanah.Cantrill is back to BSDnow tonight, so I can't sleep :)00:51
pedjait's been a while, so I expect some epic rants00:52
jaegerpedja: is that glvnd lib? if so, that's probably why00:54
pedjajaeger: they are not required for non-libglvnd, only recommended.check this out:
pedjaand glvnd libs are, so there should be any conflict00:58
pedjas/should/should not/00:58
jaegerI've been meaning to rewrite the nvidia port from scratch, will revisit00:59
pedjaI have a glvnd-enabled one, if you want to check it out.01:00
pedjait hasn't been updated in a while, though, I am waiting for xorg-1.19 and mesa to play with that again, to see what breaks :)01:01
jaegerI'll keep it in mind, won't be able to mess with it until the weekend, at least01:02
pedjatake your time01:02
pedjatesting Vulkan playing vkQuake should be fun (provided i can build that beast).I am curious how well would it work.01:05
pedjabut before that, food.01:06
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Guest0846Hello World!10:27
piecesofquietHello Guest0810:32
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pedjathe big scary warning from FF on a credit card processing site? 'we don't give a fuck about security.give us your cc number NOW.'yeah, right.12:06
pedjait's because that they still have clients that NEED to use it from WinXP...12:09
pedjaand IE, I guess *shudder*12:11
pedja'enable SSLv3'.nope.12:19
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frinnst2I dont think you can access our company website from older browsers at all12:29
frinnst2all requests are redirected to https and i've been pretty strict with the encryption12:29
pedjafrinnst2: it took a public shaming to get the most local banks to fix their shit.12:34
pedjabut there are still quite a few left with 'legacy clients'.12:35
pedjawhich is odd, considering that the price for pirated WinXP is the same for pirated Win7, or 10 :)12:37
pedjaand most of the e-government services is Windows-only, because the company that did it just don't give a fuck.12:38
pedjaone of the rare times when Linux/BSD and Apple users were united in rage ;)12:39
frinnst2did you read the TLS 1.3 thread recently (last week?)?12:40
frinnst2banks suck :)12:41 please.12:41
frinnst2the entire thread is pretty epic12:43
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pedjaOP should really buy a new keyboard, his ENTER key doesn't work, it seems.12:49
frinnst2haha yeah fucking annoying12:49
frinnst2"but it looks ok in Outlook"12:50
pedjathank you for reminding me that that POS still exists.oh, the nightmares.12:51
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pedjatop posting is one of mine (many) pet peeves.aargh.12:54
pedjawhen I said to someone 'don't do that', I got the reply 'I work at the MIT, you peasant, I'll do what I want.'12:56
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frinnst2ACTION top posts from work13:09
frinnst2i tried not to for about 2 years before I gave up13:09
rmullfrinnst2: Excellent link to that TLS discussion, thanks for sharing :D13:09
rmullFwiw I top post from work too. Cultural conformity does wonders for career advancement <_<13:10
frinnst2yeah its just the reality unfortunately13:11
rmulljaeger: New nginx out:
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frinnst2Change: the --with-ipv6 configure option was removed, now IPv613:43
frinnst2       support is configured automatically.13:43
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pedjasome LWN-worthy quotes in that tls-1.3 thread.14:15
frinnst2awesome, a magazine devoded to cables14:21
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jaegerrmull: yep, already updated locally14:32
frinnst2w t f14:34
frinnst2this cant be right14:35
frinnst2HPE cable-tie-thingy14:35
pedjahow much is that in real money?14:35
frinnst2fuck you :)14:36
frinnst2~100$ ?14:36
frinnst2more i think14:36
pedjayou'll have to buy me dinner first14:36
pedja110$?wtf indeed.14:39
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pedjabut, if you drop 5k$ for 'super hq audio' cable, these are the cable-ties that you'll use, I guess.14:44
dbrookeunless I pretend to be a business I just get "Sidan kunde inte hittas" so maybe it's a special corporate deal14:47
pedjaspeaking of cables, any thoughts on new 2.5/5G standard?14:47
frinnst2probably very useful14:48
frinnst2they calculated how many million km's of cable it would save14:48
frinnst2smells like something is on fire14:49
frinnst2or im having a stroke14:49
frinnst2both options are possible14:49
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pedjaif you smell sulfur, run.14:50
pedjaor is it 'sulphur'?14:51
pedjauk vs. us spelling.14:52
piecesofquietsulphur all the way14:53
pedjamy english teacher preferred UK a.k.a 'proper' spelling.14:55
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abenzphail teacher15:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.9115:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-bcmath: update to 5.6.2615:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-mcrypt: update to 5.6.2615:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-tidy: update to 5.6.2615:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-xsl: update to 5.6.2615:27
pedjavkquake.finally a game i can run with gaziilion FPS.15:31
abenzvulkan quake?15:36
abenzwhat gpu ?15:37
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joacimmy teacher didnt care which one you chose, you just had to be consistent18:46
joacimmixing us and uk spelling was not popular with her18:46
crash_I haven't played anything in ages :) is it possible to get steam running under crux at all?18:49
joacimthere is a port in contrib18:51
joacimnever tried it myself tho18:51
joacimrequires 32-bit libraries18:51
crash_nice haven't noticed that port there, maybe it's new :)18:52
joacimbeen there a while =)18:52
crash_might be fun to try out some evening now when it's so dark outside :)18:53
tilmanmost of the libraries that steam needs it provides itself18:53
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joacimthe port still pulls in a lot of extra stuff18:57
joacimit did when i tried it at least18:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: nginx: updated to version 1.11.519:01
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abenzI didn't know there was a steam port19:14
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abenzwas under the impression one needed to do lots of stuff to get it to work19:15
crash_yeah me too :)19:15
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jaegerless than you might expect, they try to bundle everything they can19:50
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pedjaI just love how Wikipedia calls trojans 'controversial implementations of remote administration software'21:29
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Worksterit relies on compat-32 for steam and wine use22:49
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wildefyrsteam never really worked well for me when I tried it months ago23:55
wildefyrperhaps somethings changed23:56

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