IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2016-10-19

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joacimabenz: can i force rebuild my customers?01:33
abenzjoacim: do tell if that works!01:33
joacimdoubt itll work01:34
joacimthey'll still claim they didnt spill any liquids on it01:34
joacimand that giant crack on the screen01:34
joacimthat just showed up one day01:34
rmullHeads up, some extra-tangy curl update will happen on Nov 2:
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emmett1guys..anyone know how to setup wicd?05:14
emmett1still cant make wicd work for my crux05:15
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ryu0joacim: you can try but you'll get unresolved dependency errors. ;)07:12
Romster that uses wicd from contrib and works07:15
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emmett2what are u using to connect to wifi?07:20
emmett2other than script07:20
emmett2right now im using script from crux guide07:20
emmett2but i dont know how to make script to connect open wifi07:21
emmett2only can connect WPA wifi07:21
Romster  ssid=""07:28
Romster  key_mgmt=NONE07:28
Romsterjust set the SSID07:28
emmett2ok let me try07:57
Romsterryu0, Where is the proof that wicd has "unresolved dependency errors"?08:01
Romsterif it has any i'll fix them08:02
frinnst2_Romster: he didnt talk about wicd :)08:02
Romstergranted i do i need to bump that.08:03
ryu0Romster: it was a joke, it wasn't pointed to emmett2.08:03
ryu0joacim | abenz: can i force rebuild my customers?08:03
Romsterprt-get deptree wicd |wgetpaste08:04
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
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Romstera joke -_-08:04
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ryu0Romster: look closer at the context next time? O_o08:05
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Romsteroh wasn't even the same person -_- meh08:17
emmett2yeah its works08:18
emmett2any gui or ncurses app to connect wifi?08:18
emmett2that works?08:18
emmett2wicd still not work for me08:18
ryu0emmett2: network manager?08:18
ryu0ACTION ducks.08:18
emmett2is it works for u?08:19
ryu0on ubuntu. it's the defacto network management software on major distros.08:19
emmett2yeah it work perfectly on arch and gentoo but still cant make it work on crux08:20
ryu0emmett2: but, you can setup wpa_supplicant to run in the background, automatically even...08:20
ryu0i just don't remember how.08:20
Romsteri feel like an idot and i've had a tiring long busy intrupted most of the day work. on top of that still recovering from a cold...08:20
ryu0hm. does crux provide a service file for wpa_supplicant?08:22
emmett2what os ar u using now ryu0?08:22
emmett2its not crux?08:22
ryu0emmett2: it's still Linux, just not crux.08:22
emmett2what is it?08:23
ryu0... ubuntu08:23
Romsteradd wicd to SERVICES=08:23
Romsterin /etc/rc.conf08:23
ryu0could write a service file if you just want to configure this whole crud manually.08:23
Romsterand be sure to not list wlan08:24
emmett2Romster, are u using wicd to connect to wifi?08:24
Romster/etc/rc.d/wlan stop08:24
Romster/etc/rc.d/wicd start08:24
Romsternot currently08:24
emmett2last time i try wicd its not work08:25
emmett2let me try again08:25
emmett2Romster, what os are u on now?08:25
Romsterbut you don't need wicd unless you want a /easy way/ to change networks.08:25
emmett2if linux what DE/WM?08:25
Romsterpekwm with tint2 and conky08:25
emmett2yeah i want easy way to chage network08:25
emmett2wow pekwm nice08:26
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emmett2i want try pekwm but still dont know how to start08:26
emmett2just play with dwm and openbox08:26
Romsterthen be sure you only list lo and wicd and not wlan08:26
Romsterin SERVICES08:26
emmett2ok Romster i try 1st08:27
ryu0seems you could configure wlan directly...08:27
ryu0if wicd utterly fails.08:27
Romsteri was the one that got that /etc/rc.d/wlan in that wpa_suppclint08:28
Romsteryou can add priorities in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf08:30
Romsterfor each network={} block08:30
Romsterwhich one is seeable and has the highest priority it'll use.08:30
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emmett1ok guys08:42
emmett1wicd works08:42
emmett1but after i stop wlan service08:42
emmett1on every boot i must stop wlan service 1st to make wicd work08:43
emmett1i dont have wlan on rc.conf08:43
emmett1why is that08:43
ryu0emmett1: grep for wlan in /etc/rc.d; perhaps something is starting it.08:45
emmett1i have net service in rc.conf08:46
emmett1should i remove it08:47
Romsterremoved wlan off SERVICES=()08:49
emmett1i dont have wlan on SERVICE=()08:50
Romsterthen it should be fine08:50
emmett1let me try remove net from SERVICE08:50
Romsteryou shouldn't use net wither08:50
Romsterlo wicd08:51
Romsterno net or wlan08:51
Romsterwicd takes care of all that08:51
emmett1ok i try 1st08:51
Romstermaybe i need to add a README to wicd08:51
emmett1maybe u should..hehe08:52
emmett1what must i put in startup script to make wicd run on background on boot08:53
emmett1is it 'wicd-gtk -t'?08:53
Romsterto start pekwm i do ~/.xinitrc08:54
Romsterdbus-launch --auto-syntax --exit-with-session pekwm08:54
emmett1yeah i do that to for openbox-session08:55
Romsteri also changed my theme08:55
emmett1but when i put wicd-gtk -t on .xinitrc wicd not run08:55
Romsterwhy is ther eno man pages ont aht i don't have wicd installed on this pc to check08:56
emmett1ok2 i try check08:56
Romsterthere no man pages on that08:56
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Romsterwicd-gtk --help08:56
Romsterwicd-client -t or --tray08:57
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RomsterRomster> wicd-gtk --help08:58
Romster<Romster> wicd-client -t or --tray08:58
Romsteri see man wicd-client08:58
emmett1i got problem about that08:58
Romsterif X isn't running it'll run the curses than the gtk one08:59
emmett1wicd is ok now after remove net from SERVICE08:59
emmett1but my startup script not work08:59
emmett1mean my startup program wont start after i startx09:00
Romsteroes your window manager have it's own start file?09:00
emmett1i even make separate script then put in .xinitrc: sh ~/mystartupscript &09:01
Romsterpekwm has ~/.pekwm/start09:01
Romsterand there i can do foo &09:01
Romsterto start stuff and background it09:01
emmett1owh i forgot openbox also got own startup file09:01
Romsterthat runs /after/ you are in X09:01
emmett1wait i try that..hehe09:01
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emmett1ok now my startup program run on startx except wicd on tray09:05
emmett1but it already auto connect09:05
emmett1maybe already run on background but no tray icon09:05
Romsterthe service is running from /etc/rc.d/wicd09:08
Romsteryou just starting the GUI and --tray it09:09
Romsterwicd-client --tray &09:09
Romstershould do the job09:09
Romsterin your openbox start file09:10
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emmett1yeah everythings works now09:11
emmett1thanks a lot09:11
emmett1one more thing09:12
emmett1where should i put vboxdrv?09:12
emmett1theres no /etc/rc.d/modules?09:12
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emmett1put sudo modprobe vboxdrv into openbox startup file did not work09:13
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emmett1what should i put in that?09:16
emmett1is it modules='vboxdrv'?09:17
Romsterinstall vboxdrv /sbin/modprobe09:17
emmett1or just vboxdrv?09:17
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Romsterman modprobe.d09:18
Romsterinstall modulename command...09:18
Romsteri'm not sure but it might work with just09:18
emmett1install module command?09:18
emmett1i dont unserstand09:18
Romstercat /etc/modprobe.d/vbox.conf09:19
Romsterinstall vboxdrv /sbin/modprobe09:19
Romstermake the new file vbox.conf09:19
Romsterecho "install vboxdrv /sbin/modprobe" > /etc/modprobe.d/vbox.conf09:20
emmett1u mean like this echo "install vboxdrv /sbin/modprobe" > /etc/modules.d/vbox.conf09:20
emmett1ok i try09:20
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emmett1its not work09:22
emmett1when i run virtualbox from terminal09:22
emmett1Error, vboxdrv kernel module isn't loaded.09:22
emmett1this the output09:22
Romstersudo /sbin/modprobe vboxdrv09:23
Romsterthen see if it works09:23
emmett1yeah that command works09:23
emmett1but i want its automatically load vboxdrv modules on startup09:24
emmett1put it in autostart script does not work09:24
emmett1i have manually run from terminal on every boot09:25
Romsterit wont that is not root you can in /etc/rc.local but that is a hack09:25
Romsteri thoguht there was a udev rule for this but i read man modprobe.d09:26
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emmett1i dont know about udev rules09:30
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Romsterdoes no one else use modprobe.d i'm searching for a solution but the man page states to use install...09:36
emmett1yeah im searching on google too right now09:37
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RomsterWhen using a file in /etc/modules.d directory you have to use install directive.09:39
RomsterSince "install" is expecting [module_name] [command]09:39
Romsterinstall your_module /bin/true09:39
Romsterwill do the trick ;)09:39
emmett1i think in gentoo just put vboxdrv in /etc/modprobe.d/ dir09:41
emmett1even in arch put modules='vboxdrv'09:41
Romsteremmett1, try this echo "vboxdrv" > /etc/modprobe.d/vbox.conf09:41
emmett1yeah already try that at 1st09:42
emmett1did not work09:42
Romsterbut i see nothing mentioning just the module name in man modprob.d09:42
Romstereven states it...09:42
emmett1thats why im asking you09:42
Romsteri don't know :/09:42
emmett1its ok09:42
emmett1i will run through cmd09:42
Romsterall this sysvinit upstart and now systemd is bringing up crap in my searches09:42
emmett1while im try searching solution later09:43
emmett1yeah that systemd09:43
emmett1i hate that now09:43
Romsteri would of thought "install vboxdrv /sbin/modprobe" would do it09:43
Romster You have to create a /etc/sysconfig/modules/xxxxx.modules file with 755 permission and root.root ownership. Then populate it with something like:09:44
Romsterexec /sbin/modprobe xxxxx >/dev/null 2>&109:44
Romsterthat's old....09:44
Romsterthis is why we have a /etc/modprobe.d directory now09:44
dbrooketo force loading I have "modprobe <module>" lines in /etc/rc.modules09:44
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Romsterdid you try "modprobe vboxdrv" in /etc/modprobe.d/vbox.conf by any chance?09:45
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dbrookeI think the install in modprobe.d/*.conf is really intended as an override to run a command as opposed to just installing directly09:45
Romstereven though it's not one of the commands listed in man modprob.d09:45
Romsterdo we still use that file...09:46
Romstermodprobe vboxdrv09:46
Romster/sbin/depmod -a09:47
Romster/sbin/modprobe vboxdrv09:47
Romsterwhat is the point of "install foo command" then dbrooke ?09:47
Romsterman modprobe.d09:47
Romsteremmett1, that should work throwing it in /etc/rc.modules09:48
Romsterthrough that is a crux rc script way09:48
Romsterthought that got obsoleted09:49
dbrookeI don't use install myself but I think it's for where you need to do other stuff as well in a custom command09:49
frinnst2_whats with the confusing solutions? want a module to load on startup; add it to /etc/rc.modules09:49
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Romsterpersonally i've just been manually loading it when i wanted virtualbox09:49
Romsterman modprobe.d09:50
Romsterinstall module command09:50
Romsterdoes not effing work isn't this the /new/ way of doing it.09:50
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Romsterso each package can throw it's own file in there as needed. or even in /lib/modprobe.d/ for a package.09:50
dbrookemy understanding is that runs "command" instead of installing the module09:50
emmett1Romster, put 'modprobe vboxdrv' into /etc/rc.modules works09:51
emmett1im glad dbrooke here to solve this problem i got09:52
Romsterok so instlalruns a command and not laods then how does one load with modprobe.d09:52
Romsterto me it looks like /you don't/09:52
frinnst2_check out the cups port. it installs modprobe.d/cups.conf09:53
RomsterA future version of kmod will come with a strong warning to avoid use of the install as explained above.09:53
Romsterprobably a good ting not to use that.09:53
dbrookeI think modprobe.d is just modifiers/options for how a module is loaded, not what actually triggers loading09:54
Romster$ cat /etc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf09:54
Romsteroptions snd slots=snd_hda_intel,snd_pcsp09:54
Romsteroptions snd_hda_intel index=009:54
Romsteroptions snd_pcsp index=109:54
Romsteri do that as i have more than 1 sound device09:54
Romsterand i don't want my pc speaker being default.09:54
Romsterthat only blacklists in cups.conf09:55
Romsterit seems modprobe.d is only good for options to modules and it's expected that systemd or other init systems have there own method...09:55
Romsterlike our /etc/rc.modules09:56
dbrookecups.conf is the only one I have, but I do have to load lp from /etc/rc.modules as I have an old parallel port printer09:56
Romstermodprobe.d - Configuration directory for modprobe09:56
dbrookeI guess udev sorts it for USB printers09:56
Romsterconfiguration wish i paid that more attention09:57
Romsterlots of examples on the net are invalid09:57
Romsterudev does load modules but not reliably... apparently09:59
Romsteri haven't got anything with systemd to see how they solved it.09:59
Romsterprobably some .services file09:59
dbrookeI'm not sure I'd want to know how systemd solved it 8-)10:01
Romsterwell i see this KERNEL=="vboxdrv", NAME="vboxdrv", OWNER="root", GROUP="root", MODE="0600"10:01
Romsterfor udev10:02
Romsterjust permissions through10:02
Romsterlooks like systemd has [service] to use modprobe directly.10:04
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dbrookeI'm updating one of my ports and it now requires qt5. I have both qt4 and qt5 installed. The default qmake is a symlink to the qt4 version. Should I just give a full path to /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmake in the Pkgfile or is there a better way to select the version?10:14
Romsterthere is qmake-qt510:29
Romstercat /usr/ports/contrib/cutemaze/Pkgfile10:29
dbrookeah yeah, that's a bit neater, I'll go for that10:30
Romstera lot neater10:31
Romsteri spent a bunch of time on qt510:31
dbrookeactually, only reason I have qt4 seems to be for your port of stellarium 8-)10:31
Romsteri should bump that too... and the maze10:32
Romsteri like star gazing10:33
dbrookeI need to update my docker setup for testing clean port builds, do you have a recent docker file I can base it on?10:34
Romsteri sure do10:35
dbrookethanks, probably better if I make a new baselins rather than keeping updating my old one10:35
Romsterit's got a few changes but nothing drastic10:36
Romsteri'm going to see if i can pick up
dbrookeI have a few ports to test before moving from my private repository to my public one so that should help10:37
Romsterfor official docker crux image10:37
Romsterthen i'll rebase my build testing images off that.10:38
Romsteri'm going to push a update to my docker image shortly.10:38
dbrookesounds good, I currently only use docker for testing ports (based on your image)10:40
Romsterif you see any improvement's that could be made let me know.10:41
dbrookesure, though I doubt I know enough about it to spot something10:44
deus_exdbrooke: stellarium can use qt5, too :)10:45
Romstermy veison is old deus_ex10:45
deus_ex0.15.0 is the latest10:45
Romsterand i had a big enough of a fight with qt5 and i didn't feel like updating that yet10:45
dbrookewhen I finish sorting these ports of mine I might take a look but Romster'll probably get there first10:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: cutemaze: 1.1.1 -> 1.2.010:52
dbrookeit'd be nice to move on from qt4 though as it's stopping openal-32 (and thus the latest wine) building on my system at the moment10:52
pedja22 ports dependent on qt4, 9 on qt5.10:53
dbrookeIt's just that I don't have qt4-32 installed, so openal-32 is trying to link with the 64 bit qt410:54
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Romsterah yes that will try to happen10:55
Romsteras includes/pkg-config,libtool are on the 64bit ports10:56
dbrookeyeah, not complaining, just haven't decided what I want to do to resolve it for my case10:56
Romsterstellarium downloading10:56
Romstertempted to nuke skype and qt4-3210:56
Romsteropenal only uses qt4 for alsoft-config GUI Configurator10:58
Romsterthat could be disabled perhaps10:58
Romsteri can't even nuke the gstreamer compat stuff yet11:00
dbrooketo be honest I hadn't even looked at what openal is yet, I think it became a new dependency for wine from a couple of releases back11:00
Romster3D audio library11:01
][_R_][Open Audio Library IIRC11:01
Romsteryou can build wine without it but you'll lack that.11:01
dbrookeI currently only use wine for one app (Mikrotik's winbox) which has no audio requirement anyway11:03
Romsterthen you can safely remove and rebuild wine11:04
Romstermost use it for gaming11:04
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Romsterit's hard to please everyone.11:08
Romsterand you know how many things i look after11:08
Romsteri try to think of everyones impact on a change.11:08
dbrookeyeah, like I said, not complaining, and I appreciate what you do11:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ipset: 6.16.1 -> 6.3011:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libmnl: 1.0.3 -> 1.0.411:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libnfnetlink: sync with kernel headers patch11:10
Romsteri know you are not complaining :)11:11
dbrookejust a wingeing pom 8-)11:12
Romsterdamn pommies hehe11:12
Romsteri'm part pom apparently. some small part11:12
Romsterfinddeps $(basename $PWD) | cut -d' ' -f1 | egrep -v '(glibc|gcc|binutils)' | xargs11:15
Romsterhandy thing i knocked up11:15
Romsterand then i run11:17
Romsterfindredundantdeps -s stellarium11:17
Romsterand i do that in the docker container11:18
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Romsterthat wont lit compile time dependencies11:20
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dbrookethat's mainly why I like to test in a container but that's a useful way to get the runtime ones11:26
Romsterit helps11:26
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Romster new stellarium11:30
Romsteri really need to get on top of my outdated ports11:35
dbrookejust downloading, gonna take a while so I'm off for lunch11:35
Romsteri'll be in bed in less than 2 hours but i always read the chat so if any issues let me know (i don't forsee any)11:36
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john_cephalopodaDo you also experience a severe slowdown of the desktop if a program with high CPU usage is running?15:00
john_cephalopodaI'd guess that in standard Kernel config, the scheduling isn't set up perfectly.15:01
emmett1what program with CPU example?15:02
emmett1bcoz i havent experienced15:02
emmett1its just fine15:02
][_R_][john_cephalopoda: I do yeah.  If I've got FF going my system's pretty slow all around (on a hexcore)15:06
john_cephalopoda][_R_][: Same here, quite a new quadcore/8 threads.15:06
*** lounge has joined #crux15:07
john_cephalopodaEspecially when the CPU usage goes to 100% on one core.15:07
john_cephalopodaKerbal Space Program is a good example there.15:07
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pedjaKSP runs fine here (dual core, 4gb RAM), with just a few addons.15:15
pedjaXfce ftw15:15
*** emmett1 has joined #crux15:15
pedjaKSP-1.1.3, iirc15:16
*** ryu0 has quit IRC15:16 do u mount usb drive in crux?15:17
pedjaI did have some issues when I ran 4.7.x kernel, though.but 4.8.2 works fine, afaict15:17
john_cephalopodapedja: KSP runs well here, too. But when I tab out of it and start a terminal, it takes a long time to start up.15:19
john_cephalopodapedja: Might also be an Xorg problem though.15:19
][_R_][emmett1: mount15:20
frinnstemmett1: usb drives shows up as regular scsi/sata drives15:20
john_cephalopodaemmett1: sudo mount /dev/<device-name> /mnt15:20
frinnst[  568.985937] usb-storage 1-1.5:1.0: USB Mass Storage device detected15:20
frinnst[  568.986034] scsi host17: usb-storage 1-1.5:1.015:20
frinnst[  570.025107] scsi 17:0:0:0: Direct-Access     Verbatim STORE N GO       3.00 PQ: 0 ANSI: 215:20
frinnst[  570.025885] sd 17:0:0:0: [sdl] 7829504 512-byte logical blocks: (4.01 GB/3.73 GiB)15:20
frinnstfor examle15:20
john_cephalopodafrinnst: I'd guess that emmett1 is probably used to that fuser auto-mount stuff in file managers..15:21
][_R_][L?  You've got way too many drives man.15:21
emmett1ok..but usually i mount using gvfs in thunar when im using arch and gentoo15:21
emmett1i mean no need run any command15:21
][_R_][Install that then?15:22
emmett1if i run that command only root can read/write15:22
emmett1right now i already successfully install thunar and gvfs15:22
emmett1i can mount my drives15:23
emmett1but permission is wrong15:23
pedjajohn_cephalopoda: oh, that.KSP is not very well optimised :) altough it works better and better with each release.15:23
emmett1when i do 'ls -la' the output for permission is -rw-------15:23
john_cephalopodapedja: I just wonder if it is due to high CPU usage, due to Xorg doing crap or due to nouvau driver not being very optimized.15:24
emmett1so i cant make folder or make file in that drives15:24
john_cephalopodaLiSt -Los Angeles15:24
pedjajohn_cephalopoda: I would bet it's the nouveau driver.15:25
loungeemmett1: what is ur external drive formate? if its ntfs u need to install ntfs-3g and mount it sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb15:25
john_cephalopodapedja: But KSP is running in background in those cases. So theoretically it should not be influenced by nouveau15:25
][_R_][emmett1: are you mounting through gvfs through root?15:27
][_R_][You're better off asking Gnome people what to do, or to look at configurations from other distros.  I don't think anyone where would bother with gvfs.15:29
pedjaI use it with Xfce.15:29
pedjait just works15:30
emmett1][_R_][, no, im not mount it through gvfs root'15:30
emmett1just run thunar as normal user15:30
emmett1pedja, can i have ur Pkgfile for gvfs15:31
pedjaemmett1: did you add gvfsd to startup applications?15:33
pedjaSettings/Session and Startup/Application Autostart15:34
pedjayou can check with 'ps aux | grep gvfs'15:35
pedjagvfsd should run as your user15:36
emmett1u mean i must put 'gvfsd &' into xinitrc as example?15:37
emmett1'ps aux | grep gvfs' output: emmett     545  0.0  0.0 271232  5432 ?        Sl   23:15   0:00 /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd15:38
pedjaif you are using xfce, put it in the Application Autostart, so it starts when xfce need to put it in .xinitrc.15:45
emmett1im using openbox right now15:46
emmett1so i will put 'gvfsd &' to autostart file, right?15:46
*** emmett1 has quit IRC15:47
pedjano idea about openbox, sorry15:48
*** emmett1 has joined #crux15:48
pedjatry adding "exec dbus-launch openbox-session" to your .xinitrc15:52
*** emmett1 has quit IRC15:53
*** emmett1 has joined #crux15:54
emmett1already do that15:54
emmett1still cant write on my usbdisk15:54
pedjawhat's the error mesaage?15:54
emmett1still operation not permitted15:54
emmett1fail to create directory15:55
emmett1error creating directory: operation not permitted15:55
emmett1when i try make new folder on my usbdisk15:55
jaegerI'm not sure about other DEs or WMs but in MATE caja uses gvfs/dbus/udisks2 under the hood to mount usb drives - might need to use something like thunar or pcmanfm or whatever rather than just openbox... though that's a guess15:57
jaegerI should try to get automount working in i3 sometime,  would be interesting16:00
emmett1do u have any bash script for mounting usb16:02
emmett1rather than always fire up terminal and mount command to mount usb16:03
pedjasomething like ?16:07
john_cephalopodaI just do "sudo mount /dev/<drive> /mnt". Then it is displayed in my file managers as mounted and I can access it there.16:07
pedjait's not bash, but it only depends on glib and eudev16:07
john_cephalopodapejman_: I think archlinux uses udevil16:07
emmett1pedja, ok, how do we use udevil?16:08
emmett1by mount command?16:08
emmett1john_cephalopoda, if u using that command without gid=user and something should it only root user can access?16:09
emmett1pedja, with what file manager u use udevil?16:10
john_cephalopodaemmett1: Yep, it would only allow root to write to it.16:10
john_cephalopodaemmett1: You can use it with any file manager.16:10
emmett1ok i will try udevil16:10
emmett1guys.. im using mount cmd to mount usb16:13
emmett1still cant access my usb16:14
emmett1even root user16:14
emmett1whats wrong with my crux?16:14
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*** emmett1 has quit IRC16:25
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john_cephalopodaProlly windows FS.16:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: speech-dispatcher: update to 0.8.5 and fix URLs17:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gnutls: update to 3.4.1617:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: xterm: update to 32717:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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pedjanote to self: don't build a massive Java app on a system with just 4gb of ram20:44
pedjathe build reliably locks my machine, with a few java processes stuck in D state.Fun.20:46
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*** paradigm has joined #crux20:58
jaegerI've got some machines with 128+GB of which ~30.5GB is dedicated to java heap and they still run out of it sometimes :)21:19
jaeger(elasticsearch with too much data in it)21:19
pedjawhat's 'too much data'?couple of terabytes?21:23
pedjadoes it just give up, or recovers after a while?21:24
jaegerI haven't looked at the exact amount recently but probably >20TB21:25
jaegerOnce Elasticsearch hits an OOM state it can't recover on its own, you have to restart it21:26
jaegerNot the entire cluster, just the node that went OOM21:26
pedjadamn.yup, that's 'too much data' :)21:26
pedjaELK stack is the new hotness.21:27
Romstershould the node have a watchdog to restart it on OOM21:30
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jaegerI've been considering setting up something like that. Most of the time we do it quickly because I set up hipchat notifications21:30
pedjawell, this is interesting 'vGPU-Physical GPU shared among multiple virtual machines'21:32
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