IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2016-10-22

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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: thin-provisioning-tools: 0.1.4 -> 0.6.303:30
abenz^ thats what you call a leap jump03:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: boost: 1.61.0 -> 1.62.004:00
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Romsteryeah i let it sit for awhile abenz07:42
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brian|lfshello all08:12
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emmett1anybody here using thunar+gvfs+ntfs-3g and have fully working mounting?08:13
emmett1cant have read/write access on usb drive ntfs formatted08:14
emmett1i cant have read/write access on usb drive ntfs formatted08:14
Romsteremmett1, did you update ntfs-3g recently?08:14
Romsterand also prt-get readme ntfs-3g08:15
emmett1i installed ntfs-3g about 2 days ago with updated ports08:16
emmett1it does not have readme08:16
Romsterit does now08:16
Romsterit is at -2 revision now08:17
emmett1if i run 'mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/data' it just work08:17
emmett1but not work when mount through thunar08:17
emmett1ok im updating ports now08:17
Romsterports -u contrib ; prt-get update ntfs-3g ; prt-get readme ntfs-3g08:18
emmett1ok im reading readme now08:18
Romsteronly ntfs-4g can write to ntfs08:19
Romsteralso i added ln -s ../bin/ntfs-3g $PKG/usr/sbin/mount.ntfs08:20
Romsterso now you can do mount ... instead of monnt -t ntfs-3g08:20
emmett1if i mount using gvfs on thunar i can have rw access?08:21
Romsteryou could even add a fstab entury for usb disks and set the flag to noauto08:21
Romsterif it mounts with ntfs-3g for nfts file systems yes.08:21
Romsterwhich it should /now/08:21
emmett1i dont know if it mount with ntfs-3g08:22
emmett1anyway i can check?08:22
Romsterby trying it?08:22
emmett1should i do 'chmod -v 4755 /sbin/mount.ntfs'?08:22
emmett1its on readme08:22
emmett1ok im trying08:23
Romsteri made that readme08:23
Romsterthat will allow you to mount without having to sudo... so gvfs should be about to mount as non-root08:23
emmett1why i dont have mount.ntfs in /sbin?08:25
Romsterbecause i just added that /recent.y08:25
Romsterwhy i said to update...08:25
emmett1i already update08:25
Romsterand even gave you the command to update ntfs-3g ^08:25
Romsterthen you'll have that file.08:25
emmett1i already update latest ntfs-3g08:26
emmett1i dont have that file in /sbin08:26
emmett1should i remove then reinstall?08:26
emmett1yeah its in /usr/sbin08:28
Romsteri need to move that08:28
emmett1chmod: cannot operate on dangling symlink 'mount.ntfs'08:28
emmett1i got this when try to chmod08:29
emmett1as root08:29
Romsterjust wait fixing this08:29
Romsteri hate all these bloody paths sbin bin usr/sbin usr/bin it's a god damn aweful mess08:29
emmett1haha yeah08:29
emmett1i dont even know whats the difference08:29
emmett1between those path08:30
Romstersbin is meant to be for static binaries08:30
Romsterbin for dynamically linked08:30
emmett1owh i see now08:31
Romsterand anything ins /usr is not essential to get a running root system08:31
emmett1i just know how to use follow instruction08:31
Romsteror perform basic root functionality08:31
Romsterit's lost that meaning a long time ago now.08:31
Romstersbin tends to be now used for stuff that needs to run as root to do it's job08:32
Romsteror system binaries08:32
emmett1how about this ntfs-3g?08:33
emmett1should i move to /sbin?08:33
Romsterno i'll commit a fix08:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ntfs-3g: fix symlinks08:35
Romstersomething is still odd08:37
emmett1what is that?08:38
Romsterthe whole ntfs vs ntfs-3g08:39
Romsteri hate this -3g crap on the end.08:39
emmett1i dont know to fix that08:40
emmett1im not a developer myself08:40
emmett1now that mounting with thunar is fixed08:40
emmett1that you for that08:40
emmett1been googling myself about 2 days08:41
emmett1*thank you for that08:41
Romsteryo probably would not have found it, it's a permissions issue08:41
Romsterwhich repository are you using gvfs and thunar from?08:41
emmett1make my own Pkgfile08:41
Romsteri saw, that's why i updated ntfs-3g08:41
emmett1follow arch linux pkgbuild08:41
Romsterpretty sure crux has them Pkgfiles08:42
emmett1but gvfs on arch pkgbuild got error with doc08:42
emmett1i got it cover after a week almost08:42
Romster did you look at that one?08:43
emmett1crux does not have gvfs08:43
emmett1i already look for that08:43
emmett1gvfs is ok already on my crux08:43
Romsteryeah it does in
emmett1the time im installing crux a few months ago theres no gvfs08:44
Romsteryou do know how to add additional ports collections to crux?08:44
Romstermaybe then there wasn't08:44
emmett1dont know08:44
emmett1im just using for myself08:44
emmett1if can i want to add to port collection too08:44
Romsteryou grab either httpup git or rsync files and throw them in /etc/ports/08:44
emmett1but dont know how08:44
Romsteradd a corresponding line in /etc/prt-get.conf08:45
Romsterports -u08:45
Romsterand then you can prt-get info gvfs08:45
Romsterof course you can make your own too08:45
Romsterbust just so you know ^08:46
Romsterit is in the crux documentation08:46
emmett1should i must have server or something to store my Pkgfile?08:46
Romsterbut just so you know ^08:46
Romsteronly if you want to host it for others to use.08:46
emmett1yeah already read in documentation but too hard to understand08:46
Romsterwhich is nice to do.08:46
emmett1so i make more Pkgfile 1st for my own use08:46
Romstersome use github or there own server08:47
emmett1yeah i saw that08:47
emmett1i still cant understand to use github08:47
Romsteri host it myself and on github for a mirror.08:48
Romsterfor my romster collection08:48
emmett1i think i have to learn more about it08:48
emmett1im just got into linux not 1 year yet08:49
emmett1still learning08:49
Romsteryeah so i got sbin/mount.ntfs and sbin/mount.ntfs-3g it's good.08:49
Romsterit takes years to understand most of it. crux forces you to learn.08:49
emmett1hey, why dont u put chmod that mount.ntfs command in Pkgfile?08:50
Romsteri'm still learning08:50
emmett1not all user read readme08:50
emmett1like me :P08:50
Romsteri was thinking of that but a) docker didn't like changing that sticky bit b) possible security risk letting normal users mount read/write to ntfs filesystems.08:50
emmett1yeah..want try LFS but learn crux 1st08:51
Romsterwell really LFS is just building ports manually08:51
Romsteri see crux as LFS but with a simple build() function around it in Pkgfiles08:51
Romsterthat has extra data for prt-get to use.08:51
Romsterlike dependencies08:52
emmett1yeah i see crux as LFS too08:52
emmett1thats why i want get used with crux 1st08:52
Romstergoing to LFS you wont gain much more, other than learning how to build your own compiler tool chain08:52
emmett1then build my own linux os08:52
Romsteronce you get used to crux you probably wont wanna leave.08:53
Romsteri already been there making my own distro.08:53
Romsterlots of work and i didn't maintain it for more than a couple of years.08:53
emmett1actually i fall in love with crux after few weeks using arch08:53
emmett1but i dont know about source based distro yet that time08:54
Romstercrux does need some more tender loving care, and it takes time to get everything just right.08:54
emmett1its like ' why so fucking long time to install this and that not like arch'08:54
Romstersouces based hits more problems from time to time with compiling with different versions.08:54
Romsteryeah source based is slow on large builds. i do host some large builds.08:55
Romsterwget and pkgadd -u08:55
Romsterbut you still need the depenences installed and it's a good idea to check with revdep08:56
emmett1we can do that?08:56
emmett1mean just install compiled package?08:56
Romsteryou can if you trust the source08:56
emmett1is it safe?08:56
Romsterie the person that built it08:57
Romsterwell it's as safe as the person who compiled it.08:57
ryu0emmett1: this is really nothing new. you've been doing this all along with any distribution with binary packages.08:57
emmett1then how about post and pre-install file?08:57
Romsterthat is my personal site i build all my packages in a clean docker container.08:57
Romsteryou can run those from the ports/... already08:57
Romsterif there is one.08:58
Romsterit's a little more manual to add a built package and run the post-install (if there is one)08:58
Romstercrux wasn't made to be binary08:58
Romsterand built packages will link to anything on the system at time of building.08:59
ryu0Romster: correction, *can*. they don't necessarily link to every library.08:59
Romsterwhich is why i use a clean docker container for each "prt-get depinst foo" build.08:59
emmett1then i have to save big compiled package like llvm qt4 firefox and etc08:59
emmett1other than that just compile it again08:59
Romsterwell only ones that the port in question can link too.08:59
Romsterif you install ccache you will save a ton of time at the expense of a few gigabytes of disk space09:00
Romsterbut only after the first slow build of that port.09:01
emmett1about gcc i dont understand09:03
Romsterwhat don't you understand about gcc?09:03
emmett1if gcc got updated should i recompile all my installed package?09:04
Romsteryou can check with "revdep"09:04
emmett1how to use revdep?09:04
Romsterand it depends if ABI gets broken on the change.09:04
Romsterjust run it09:04
emmett1revdep: command not found09:05
ryu0let me guess. they didn't install it.09:05
Romsterif it returns any output those need rebuilding, unless it's a binary package like libreoffice jre those tend to be false positives and can be ignored.09:05
Romsterprt-get depinst prt-utils09:05
Romster$ prt-get fsearch revdep09:06
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/opt/prt-utils:09:06
Romster  //usr/bin/revdep09:06
emmett1why prt-utils does not come with crux installation?09:06
emmett1it should got installed with crux os09:06
emmett1while install09:06
emmett1i got 3 package output of revdep09:07
emmett1dropbox, virtualbox and virtualbox-extpack09:08
emmett1should i recompiled it?09:08
ryu0emmett1: if they're binary packages, it won't make a difference.09:11
emmett1i think i have to recompile it09:12
emmett1ryu0, what file manager u use in crux?09:12
emmett1my thunar not behave well09:12
ryu0emmett1: i use ubuntu, remember? or was that someone else? anyway, i prefer using ls and such to navigate, but there's options like mc, uh...09:13
ryu0spacefm, or w/e.09:13
ryu0i haven't really cared about file managers tbh.09:13
emmett1owh i forgot09:16
emmett1its me09:16
emmett1u tell me before09:16
emmett1its ok then if u dont crux09:16
ryu0emmett1: i've written some supporting software but that's about it.09:17
ryu0namely the current version of revdep.09:17
emmett1my thunar not working very well been googling i few days09:17
Romsterit does its in opt/09:18
emmett1namely the current version of revdep?09:18
emmett1i dont understand09:18
ryu0emmett1: see previous statement.09:18
Romstervirtualbox is source unless you packaged the binary verison, i'd iamgine dropbox is binary?09:19
ryu0i wrote the version of revdep that people currently use.09:19
Romsternot sure on virtualbox-extpack09:19
Romsteryou can do revdep -vvvv virtualbox-extpack09:19
Romsterand see what libraries it is missing09:19
emmett1ryu0, err09:19
Romsteron them 3 ports09:19
ryu0i guess he doesn't understand what a programmer does. =p09:20
emmett1Romster, dropbox i build it on Pkgfile09:20
Romsterrevdep is the work of ryu0 and me.09:20
ryu0i wrote all the code and Romster was the primary tester of it.09:20
Romsterryu0, wrote it i gave some direction and initiated ryu0 to rewrite the old shell script one that was really slow.09:21
Romsteri also did most of the man page09:21
Romsterman revdep09:21
emmett1ryu0, yeah maybe im not a programmer or developer09:21
ryu0it actually started when i heard Romster complaining about how slow revdep was.09:21
Romsterand selected the man page generator09:21
emmett1i seee09:21
ryu0i had written something similar for another distribution.09:21
emmett1u both are awesome09:21
emmett1are u both are crux worker or something?09:22
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Romsteri've done a few things i'm not a programmer though09:22
ryu0me? not really.09:22
Romsterryu0, was using crux in the past.09:22
Romsterbut no just a user09:22
ryu0i have a diverse set of technology talents, but primarily programming is my focus.09:22
Romsteri maintain packages09:23
emmett1then u are friend with Per Liden?09:23
Romstermine is more electronics and photocopiers sound computer building/removing viruses.09:23
emmett1does not Per Liden make crux?09:23
emmett1or my mistake?09:23
ryu0i don't know who "makes" crux.09:23
Romstersome hard disk recoveries (anything not requiring a clean room)09:24
Romsterper liden made crux09:24
ryu0i never bothered to learn that much about it.09:24
Romsterhe passed it onto the community many years ago09:24
Romsterso a group of core devs look after it09:24
Romsteri'm a packager that's in opt compat-32 xorg and contrib09:25
emmett1mean per liden does not take part anymore with crux?09:25
Romsteri have about 50% of contrib packages that i maintain09:25
Romsterno he gave it away a long time ago09:25
Romsterwe have had many people come and go from crux09:26
Romsterto where we are now.09:26
emmett1u one of 'many people'?09:26
Romsterbut i'm not a core developer of crux09:26
emmett1its still nice09:27
Romsteri am part of a group that looks after a few collections of ports.09:27
emmett1i wonder why per liden give crux away09:28
emmett1crux is awesome linux os09:28
emmett1he give away something big09:28
Romsteri guess to do other hobbies09:30
emmett1i wish i could know what he do now09:31
emmett1fishing or cycling or jogging maybe09:32
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RomsterACTION shrugs09:48
Romsteronce your done on crux setting up you can do anything you like09:48
emmett1to many package need to make Pkgfile09:49
emmett1so i can use it as daily use09:49
emmett1i want make it stable enough09:49
emmett1i still cant make smplayer and viewnior work09:50
emmett1can u help me09:50
emmett1smplayer on crux port database cant play video09:50
emmett1make my own still got same error09:50
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Romsteri would suggest using mpv for a player09:51
Romsteror vlc09:52
emmett1mpv lag on my crux i dont know why09:52
emmett1right now im using vlc09:52
Romsteryou probably don't have hardware acceleration09:52
emmett1i dont know09:53
Romsteryou got libva and what video card?09:53
emmett1before crux im using smplayer on arch and gentoo09:53
emmett1i got intel 30009:53
emmett1i got intel 300009:54
Romsterprt-get depinst libva-intel09:54
Romsterfor accelerated video09:54
Romsterthen try the player again09:54
ryu0emmett1: you will need libva and the intel driver, plus enabling mpv to use it.09:54
emmett1owh ok guys09:54
emmett1i will try it later09:54
Romsteractually mpv will just use it.09:55
emmett1about viewnior can u help me?09:55
emmett1i really like this image viewer09:55
emmett1got error: which: no in (/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin)09:56
emmett1You need to install gnome-common from the GNOME CVS09:56
emmett1it says..09:56
Romsteryou might find that i the mate collection09:56
Romsterin the*09:56
Romsteri am using geeqle you might want to give that a try09:57
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Romstergeeqie sorry.09:57
Romsteruses nothing more than gtk09:58
emmett1ok installing that right now09:58
emmett1will try it09:58
emmett1i think i like viewnior more09:59
emmett1its more simple10:00
emmett1can you help me make viewnior Pkgfile10:00
emmett1geeqie nice too10:00
emmett1but been using viewnior since i start using linux10:01
crash_i have problems with wifi on crux, i have the module in the kernel, and firmware is installed. But when i run wpa_supplicant it says Connected and disconnected over and over. And if i'm trying to use ethernet i only get 169 ip when i run dhcpcd, so i have messed something up?10:01
Romstercopy that probably update it and install it.10:06
Romsteri might have a look at viewnior10:06
emmett1Romster, yeah thanks ya :)10:08
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Romsteri have almost everything...10:10
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Romsterwhat is up with the mpv menu...10:38
Romsterand why is it defaulting to stereo when i have a 5.1 sound system10:38
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retardthey embiggened it10:38
Romsterit looks terrible i like it how it was10:39
Romsterphew thank you retard10:41
Romsterbut this does not solve my other problem10:42
Romster[ao/alsa] Disabling multichannel output.10:42
Romsterwhen playing a dvd10:42
retardhave you got an alsa configuration for surround?10:45
Romster$ cat /etc/asound.conf10:46
Romsterpcm.dsp {10:46
Romster    type plug10:46
Romster    slave.pcm "dmix"10:46
Romsteryeah and that's all i list10:46
retardmaybe this
Romsterand it picked up 5.1 before just find.10:46
retard0.8 is old though10:47
retardso i don't know10:47
Romsteror i never notice it...10:47
retardi'm deaf in one ear10:47
Romsterso i have top use upmix and not dmix10:50
Romsterthat sucks.10:50
retardi thought maybe it would be enough just to set the number of channels10:51
Romsteripc-key no idea what that does10:51
retardoh, ipc-key is just an arbitrary identifier10:51
retardit's used to separate the devices10:52
retardalsa a mess10:52
Romsterwell that default config just broke my audio10:53
Romsteralsa why you so messy10:53
retardyou can do weird stuff with it, but the syntax is very annoying10:55
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retardi used this to downmix sound for my headphones
retardsince i'm deaf in my right ear10:55
Romsteri used to use jack for everything but support for that is not always there.10:55
retardmaybe your card is exposed as several stereo subdevices instead of one multichannel card?10:56
retardalsa is always a lot of messing around, then not touching it when it finally does what you want10:56
retardmaybe you could just set the device to surround51 in mpv10:57
retardyeah that might work10:57
retard--ao=alsa:no-block:device=surround51 or similar10:59
Romsterit's just a on board11:00
RomsterAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)11:00
Romsteri cut that config down without the hw: part and it works but not multichannel11:00
Romsteryou would this this would be enough
Romsterwhere do i feed that --ao to mpv doesn't like it11:03
retardcould you give me your aplay -L too?11:04
retardi think maybe the hw:0,0 is specifying using the two first channels as stereo outputs11:05
retardmaybe try hw:011:06
Romsterdidn't help11:06
*** ubuuu has quit IRC11:06
retardor pcm surround5111:06
Romsterdamn still disabled.11:07
retarddamn it11:08
Romsternow i am reading
retardchannel statement might have to be in the upmix block11:10
retardslave { pcm "surround51" } is equivalent to slave.pcm "surround51" btw11:11
retardmeaning the channel definition there is outside the slave block11:11
retardassuming somehting is making pcm.dsp your default alsa device here btw11:14
retardotherwise replace that with pcm.!default11:14
Romsterhmm still no go11:16
ryu0Go won't install!? No go!11:17
*** ubuuu has joined #crux11:17
Romster!topic/alt.os.linux.debian/niQR7nYoCPs looking at this11:19
Romsterit's been ages since i messed with alsa11:29
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Romsterspeaker-test -c 6 -t wav12:19
Romsteronly works in stereo hmm the rest are muted12:19
Romsterunused like they are not mapped12:20
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retardmaybe some parameter for the driver is needed12:53
Romsterpcm.!default {12:54
Romstertype plug12:54
Romsterslave.pcm “surround51″12:54
Romsterslave.channels 612:54
Romsterroute_policy duplicate12:54
Romsterthat should be all i need12:54
Romsterspeaker-test -c 6 -t wav12:55
RomsterALSA lib pcm.c:2450:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM “surround51″12:55
Romsterand yet you've seen my aplay -L12:55
Romsterit lists that profile12:55
Romster    HDA ATI SB, ALC889A Analog12:55
Romster    5.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Rear and Subwoofer speakers12:55
Romsterwtf now i've lost interest in watching a movie in stereo because i wanted the full 5.112:56
Romsterspent hours messing with this12:57
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retardknow that feeling13:01
retardfeeling happy about my mono condition13:02
*** crash_ has quit IRC13:02
retardi just get to obsess about hardware accelerated video decoding instead13:02
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Romstermaybe it's time i tried a newer kernel...13:22
retardwhat are you on now?13:24
Romsteri'm using snd_hda_codec_realtek13:25
retard3.15.6 on this laptop still, and it's quite old13:25
Romsteraplay -L lists i have 5.113:25
Romsterfunny enough i did try a newer 3.18.x and i got OOM faults.13:26
retardi noticed, it's very strange - i assume it's not muted in alsamixer/amixer or anything13:26
Romsterit was unstable as hell13:26
Romsterso i went back to 3.18.3413:26
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Romster00:26:41 up 35 days, 23:51,  1 user,  load average: 0.98, 0.93, 0.8113:26
Romsternope i can get 2 channels to work with dmix13:27
retardwhoa, local clock here is way off13:27
Romster$ cat /proc/asound/card*/codec* | grep Codec13:28
RomsterCodec: Realtek ALC889A13:28
RomsterCodec: Nvidia GPU 60 HDMI/DP13:28
retardthe "htpc" i've got an extigy on lists Master Front, Master Rear, Master Center and Master Woofer as separate controls13:28
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Romsterare you kidding me i got speaker-test to work13:30
Romstermessed with asound.conf again13:30
Romstertype plug13:31
Romsterslave.pcm "dmix"13:31
Romsterroute_policy duplicate <- that did it13:32
Romsterbut i can not set slave.pcm “surround51″13:33
Romsterhow weird13:33
Romsterbut mpv still does [ao/alsa] Disabling multichannel output.13:33
retard.. huh, so there must be something wonky with the routing13:34
Romsteri guess13:36
Romsterweird issue13:36
Romsterdmix can't do surround?13:39
retardquite sure it can13:40
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Romstermeh now people have gone to bed so i can't crank i to THX levels13:44
Romsterit to*13:44
*** onodera has joined #crux13:45
retardthe audience is listening13:46
*** ubuuu has joined #crux13:46
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pseudonymousis it possible to treat my ports dir as an overlay of sorts15:00
retardjust put it ahead of the other ones in prt-get.conf15:00
pseudonymoushmm cool :)15:01
pseudonymousSo making a directory and making packages is easy enough. But I'm wondering, what is your (read: any user) workflow when you encounter an outdated, broken or otherwise unsuitable package (think compile flags) and you end up maintaining a local port. Do you keep patch files? Use git?15:15
retardme and a couple of friends run a repo that gets fed by some git hooks15:16
retardso i just check it in there15:16
pseudonymousbut that means you effectively maintain the port from there, right ? Your port and upstream may end up diverging15:17
retardthey already have15:17
retardor i wouldn't have to make a port15:18
retardyou can always just not bother15:18
retardfix it manually15:18
retardthen let it get overwritten with the next ports -u15:18
pseudonymouswell aside from the versionbump :P I'm more thinking of it from a sourcecode standpoint. While you might disagree on compileflags, the upstream port might enhance its build process for quicker compiles, catch edge-cases etc.. Stuff you'd like15:18
onoderapseudonymous: for really simple changes I use a tool I'm making. for example fish-git only compiles if libpcre2 has been compiled with some flag, so I created a patch for it and the tool applies it15:19
retarda Pkgfile isn't generally that complicated15:19
Romsterlet the maintainer of the port know15:19
Romstereither though a bug report email or in irc15:19
onoderathe readme is outdated by now, but it still works kinda the same15:20
Romsteri wouldn't fork unless you have drastic changes15:20
Romsterunless you want to end up with as many ports as i have now.15:20
pseudonymousonodera: interesting :)15:20
onoderait's kinda borken, but it works well enough for now15:21
pseudonymousromster: that's the thing. I've made some legitimate ports (like Pypy) which are justified, but some others are trivial compile flag changes or a versionbump15:21
pseudonymousAnd so the difficulty sometimes becomes one of recording/remembering what instigated the "fork"15:22
Romsterwell you can contact the maintainers of them ports and ask them see if they will.15:22
Romsterand if not then fork it15:22
Romsterthat's why you make your own Pkgfile and edit it then diff it to the original and send the patch to the maintainer.15:23
pseudonymoussmall followup: sometimes my port will fail on something trivial (probably bash syntax-related). Is there a way to "resume" a build and/or retain the sourcedir so that compilation isn't an issue the second time around?15:37
Romsterpkgmk -kw but really no start over15:53
Romstergoing afk15:53
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pedjanew veracrypt really doesn't like that my CPU lacks aes-ni.20:43
*** abenz has quit IRC20:46
marakuhmm, the new mesa3d builds usr/lib/dri/{,,} even though i only have intel integrated graphics (and no nvidia or amd packages installed)20:48
ryu0maraku: from what i recall it'll do that if your libdrm provides the necessary backend.20:49
marakuso if I pass --disable-nouveau in the configure for libdrm, mesa3d fails with "No package 'libdrm_nouveau' found" in its configure stage20:57
marakuwhich seems odd, because, ./configure -h in libdrm says it handles what to build automatically.20:57
ryu0maraku: it'll enable nouveau/ati/intel automatically if it can build them.20:58
*** abenz has joined #crux20:58
ryu0sounds like you may want to limit the mesa drivers you are building?20:58
ryu0assuming you care all that much.20:59
marakuit seems pointless to have nouveau and amd drivers on a intel only laptop20:59
marakubut it seems like a little too much work (maintaining a local fork of mesa3d and libdrm) to make it worthwhile21:00
marakubut thanks anyways for the info21:00
pedjaI like when the fix is easy (it was using 'uname -p' to guess the arch)21:04
pedjanow to ENCRYPT ALL THE THINGS!21:05
marakudo you use LUKS as well pedja?21:06
marakuor are you not that paranoid (yet)21:06
pedjano, but it's on my TODO list :)21:07
pedjazfs should get encryption soon-ish.21:09
pedjaper dataset, so you can encrypt just parts of the system.21:10
pedjaand the neat thing is that scrubing/resilvering works on encrypted data, too21:12
marakudo you use zfs as your main fs?21:17
marakuI'm sure btrfs will get encryption soon^tm21:18
marakualso, ext4 has file/folder based encryption since 4.121:21
pedjano, I play with it on FreeBSD, but I do intend to use it on my system, once I upgrade.21:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.8.121:24
frinnstspeaking of btrfs21:24
frinnstmy connection is so unreliable my ck4up script fails more often than not :(21:25
frinnsti'll probably order adsl on monday :(21:26
pedjathey are still working on the infrastructure?21:28
frinnstyeah and im fed up with this fucking 4G joke21:29
frinnstentering the 5th week and they expect it to be completed this week21:29
frinnstbut I doubt it will21:30
pedjapatience, my friend, think of that sweet, sweet, 100/100 connection21:30
pedja(I presume that's the one you'll take)21:30
pedjaI would21:31
pedjamine 20/2 coughs when it's raining/snowing/the wind is too strong/the moon is not full.21:32
frinnstno. I'll fork out for 1gb/1gb. they ran an offer for like 6 months and you can cancel it whenever21:33
frinnstbefore it was just fibre to the basement :-)21:37
tilmanfucking sweden man21:38
pedjaI am afaraid to ask what's the price...21:38
abenzpedja: are you on ADSL2+ ?21:39
abenzI'm FTTN (fiber to the neighbourhood)21:40
abenzlast mile VDSL21:40
abenzwhich is extremely flaky21:40
frinnstgbit/gbit would cost me $46/month for 6 months21:41
frinnststupid not to take it21:41
abenzand after the 6 months?21:41
frinnstif you can read bork!bork!21:47
crash_i can read bork! bork!21:50
pedjaACTION googles 'how to emigrate to Sweden whilst having no  skils'21:50
*** heroux has quit IRC21:51
frinnstim pretty sure you could score an IT job in sweden pedja :)21:51
frinnstskill wise atleast. language might be a little more difficult :D21:52
pedjababy steps.
*** abenz has quit IRC22:05
frinnstexcept its not in swedish22:05
frinnstnorwegian :D22:06
*** heroux has joined #crux22:06
pedjaso, the link lies.excelent start ;)22:07
pedjalink from
tilmandanish/norwegian have the ae and o/ characters, swedish doesn't22:10
pedjanorwegian is, with german in close second place, one of the most popular languages that people learn, hoping to get the hell out of here.22:11
crash_haha hipp hipp is so funny :)22:19
crash_have you seen tiffany perssons new show?22:20
frinnstdont have tv :(22:21
crash_i see :)22:21
frinnstand fucing svt requires flash or something22:22
crash_i don't watch much tv either just svtplay and Netflix on chromecast that is connected to the tv and a bluray player22:22
crash_svtplay works with html5 for me in FF22:22
*** abenz has joined #crux22:22
frinnst too ?22:22
crash_i have pepperflash installed as well so i can see oppetarkiv not sure if that is html5 or only flash now :P22:25
crash_but regular svtplay worked fine before i installed pepperflash22:26
pedjais pepperflash less crashy these days?I've given up on Flash in FF a while ago.22:46
crash_i'm not using that much actually just for some news sites, so far so good:)22:47
pedja"all you can really do with is recompile things really fast and play nethack and watch movies with mplayer over sshfs."22:55
retardsounds good23:05
retardto me23:05
*** abenz has quit IRC23:06
*** abenz has joined #crux23:20
*** blueness has quit IRC23:31
pedjalatest Chrome(54.x) ships without the flash player.interesting.23:31
*** blueness has joined #crux23:32
retardbut then how can i zombo.com23:32
pedjauMatrix extension does not like that site.23:36
retardit is the most amazing site23:36
retardumatrix must be very foolish23:36
pedja'hyperconvergence' looks like technobable from Star Trek, I had no idea that's actually a thing.23:43
retardHCI woop wooooop23:43
retardbeen helping a customer with planning a virtual san solution23:43
retardhyperconvergence is only really relevant with "enterprise" bullshit23:43
pedjawhat is it?in a nutshell.23:46
*** Naeil has quit IRC23:46
retardmainly combining SAN and IP traffic23:50
retardand storage and compute23:50
retardso instead of having separate boxes and separate networks, you integrate it all with commodity servers23:51
pedjait's that kind of questions that make me unpopular at dinner parties.23:51
retardi don't get invited to dinner parties23:52
pedjaso it's 'just' a huge appliance-like data center?23:52
retardwell, it means a lot of things, but a lot of it is about scaling out23:53
pedjainteresting.thanks, retard (you should really change that nick, btw :) )23:54
retardhigh-speed networking supporting both storage and network traffic in the same units and cables, and combining storage and computing and doing redundancy with several servers23:54
retardwhy is that?23:54
retardso when you need more storage and your servers are filled, you buy another server23:55
*** j0ker7 has joined #crux23:55
retardyou need more compute, you buy another server23:55
retardno special interfaces for fiberchannel etc23:55
pedjawell, you are clearly not one, for starters :)23:55
retardit's a buzzword though23:57
retardlike other buzzwords there are legitimate concepts and ideas behind it, but23:58
pedjaeasier to market this way, I guess23:58
retardit's for the ties rather than the beards, yep23:59

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