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brian|lfswow only 52 people in here right now05:23
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brian|lfscurious how close are we to CRUX 3.305:28
ryu0brian|lfs: closer than we were before you asked. =p05:30
brian|lfsanyway I can upgrade to it05:38
brian|lfsor will it bork me05:38
ryu0no idea. if they're going to gcc6, a lot of shit will break, namely C++ programs.05:42
ryu0"Value range propagation now assumes that the this pointer of C++ member functions is non-null. This eliminates common null pointer checks but also breaks some non-conforming code-bases (such as Qt-5, Chromium, KDevelop). As a temporary work-around -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks can be used. Wrong code can be identified by using -fsanitize=undefined."05:43
SitriOr use clang05:56
brian|lfsinteresting why would they do that to my love GCC06:10
brian|lfsso would I need to use the first or the second code06:11
brian|lfs-fno or the -fsanitize=undefined06:12
ryu0brian|lfs: gcc has historically always broken *some* programs by changing something.06:17
ryu0brian|lfs: -fno. sanitize is a debug feature.06:18
brian|lfsoh ok06:18
ryu0usually it was just compile headers.06:18
brian|lfsso I would need to do the second  -fsanitize=undefined06:18
ryu0or, outright bugs.06:18
ryu0brian|lfs: why? it's only useful if you're writing C++ or debugging it.06:19
ryu0brian|lfs: -fno is what you use if you're a packager.06:19
brian|lfsoh ok06:19
brian|lfsI just want to install ok I'm lost06:19
ryu0i've only seen it used in Qt or chromium related software.06:19
brian|lfsso am I just SOL for now broken QT5 and other things06:20
ryu0you can see it in ARCH.06:20
ryu0brian|lfs: i'm just guessing. there's no guarantee they will move to gcc6.06:20
ryu0it'll bring a lot of breakage if they do.06:20
brian|lfswell KDE community would have to fix ther shit or lose everyone lol06:21
ryu0gcc 4.9 and 5 both broke some software.06:21
brian|lfsThat's very ture06:21
ryu0brian|lfs: or distros just employ workarounds. port maintainers have no time to fix upstream's turds.06:21
brian|lfsthat's also true06:21
ryu0brian|lfs: anyway, it's namely needed by Qt and KDE.06:22
ryu0it'll be addressed, but i doubt you'd want to upgrade right away if you rely heavily on complex C++ software.06:22
brian|lfsI'm on plsma right now so probably not06:23
ryu0i don't entirely see the appeal of crux tbh. i have more important things to do than fix upgrade bugs.06:23
brian|lfsTsaop does a tremendous job06:23
brian|lfsunderstood what do you use ryu006:24
ryu0ubuntu LTS for now.06:24
ryu0do you know of anything else that's up to date somewhat and yet has a long support window?06:24
brian|lfsArch linux06:24
ryu0... pass06:25
ryu0i'm not a fan of building from source anymore.06:25
ryu0and arch is... too bleeding edge. lol06:25
brian|lfsok why you in a CRUX irc room lol06:25
ryu0brian|lfs: to answer questions?06:25
brian|lfsnot trying too start a war just curious lol06:25
ryu0i've written software for crux before.06:26
brian|lfsI use to love Ubuntu until they came out with their shitty gui06:26
ryu0lmao. there's more to ubuntu than the GUI.06:26
brian|lfsyes there is06:26
ryu0how can you stand KDE5 though? it's unstable as shit on LTS.06:26
ryu0glitchy graphics, segfaults, ...06:27
brian|lfsreally its running stable here06:27
brian|lfsno issues with it06:27
ryu0i was using plasma 5.606:27
ryu0but i was like, forget this. too glitchy.06:27
brian|lfsI believe just curious06:27
ryu0you're probably using something newer.06:27
brian|lfsI"m using what just went to LTS for KDE I think06:28
ryu0did they ever fix the kactivitymanagered crash on logout?06:28
brian|lfsmost of it don't crash on me06:28
ryu0brian|lfs: to me there's something seriously wrong with the DE if any of its major components crash regularly.06:28
brian|lfsI would dump it if I had that issue trust me06:29
ryu0cinnamon doesn't have any issues that i can tell like that.06:29
brian|lfsso your using cinnamon?06:29
ryu0yea... not incredibly fancy but it doesn't crash.06:29
brian|lfslet me back up I'm legally blind need something I can enlarge the entire screen06:30
brian|lfsdoes cinnamon do that or what does besides KDE06:30
ryu0you mean zoom in?06:30
brian|lfsI know gnome does but gnome I don't car for06:30
brian|lfsyes I mean zoom in06:30
ryu0afaik, i discovered that and it can be triggered with like alt + scroll wheel.06:30
ryu0it's an X11 feature, not tied to a specific DE.06:30
ryu0as to how to activate it, i don't know.06:31
brian|lfsinteresting does CRUX have cinnamon06:31
ryu0brian|lfs: try the linux mint cinnamon live cd before you make any decisions. no idea.06:32
brian|lfsmint is good06:32
brian|lfsI've used it in the past06:32
brian|lfsunfortuantely debian and its derivatives got rid of ia32-libs and you have to install them seperatley06:33
brian|lfsso for me at least I use second life all the tiem its a pain in the ass installing each package individually06:34
brian|lfsunfortuantely debian and its derivatives got rid of ia32-libs and you have to install them separately06:38
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brian|lfsyou still there ryu006:41
ryu0brian|lfs: yes.06:46
ryu0brian|lfs: i can't figure out how alt-scroll wheel works, but it does zoom in, and you have to use the cursor to see other parts.06:46
brian|lfssorry need to say more then interesting I'm a bit drunk06:49
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