IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2016-10-25

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irctc604is anyone awake here?01:44
irctc604Hey. I've  been trying  to  fix a  pkg problem... I'm stuck.01:48
irctc604My first time with crux01:49
irctc604Did the install, ran  prt-get sysup01:49
irctc604after first boot01:49
druid_droid:) I like crux, I get adicted01:49
irctc604opt/efivar  updated  to  a  version that has  a  bug  with  my  mobo01:49
irctc604cant  mount the efivar fs01:49
irctc604been  trying  to  workaround to  a  newer version, which  is available01:50
irctc604current  v=26, available v=3001:50
irctc604but whatever  i try i get bit by  the md5sum01:50
druid_droidthats easy :)01:50
druid_droidgo to port and do pkgmk -um01:51
druid_droid-um updates md5sum and -uf updates footprint01:51
irctc604lol...  sorry I couldn't find that on  my  own01:51
irctc604Thank you sooo much01:51
druid_droidno problem ;)01:51
druid_droidI was making a release from one port, I have that commands on tip of my fingers01:52
druid_droidand after install, my first update I do this;01:53
irctc604Thank you01:54
druid_droidno problem02:07
irctc604Alright. I had  to roll two packages  back a few  versions  because the newer versions wouldn't build. Can  I  mask  packages  to ensure  they  never - ever sync  or update?02:35
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abenz_so I went ahead and plugged in the older sticks of RAM04:09
abenz_would be almost worthless to sell online and I figured I'd try put them to use04:09
abenz_had to mess around the BIOS settings as it wouldn't boot if I set the speed to 1600, it would only boot at 1333 (if set at auto)04:10
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abenz_however playing with those latency/CAS stuff it booted04:10
abenz_now I want to do some stability tests .. doesn't exactly feel like a solid setup but hey.. old PC04:11
abenz_any recommendations? (ideally stress test in crux, not a bootable iso of some sorts..)04:11
abenzping jaeger04:11
jaegertry stress or stress-ng, I'd also recommend memtest86+04:15
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darfobeing put off by writing 100+ Pkgfiles to try a source build of pandoc04:25
darfoI used Cabal and stack to install the Haskell stuff to compile the app04:25
darfoUsed 945MB of disk space in my home directory04:25
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darfoBut I have a shiny executable pandoc to play with. Want to try converting LyX04:26
darfoto markdown and vice-versa04:26
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darfomarkdown makes a lot of sense for data portability but the lack of standards is a negative.04:30
darfoI like Lyx because it gives me latex and I'm Ok with WYSIWIM. Also going to see what I can accomplish with LibreOffice. pandoc is supposed to handle ODT files too.04:33
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marakuholy crap, pandoc supports docx too!04:36
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marakuseems like the haskell deps are gonna be worth it04:37
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druid_droid... giving ports -u nwe :)05:34
xeirrrfollwoing 3.2 handbook, after executing `setup-chroot`, there is the same PS1 as one before chroot. I think it's better to add `export PS1="(chroot) $PS1"` to identify we are in chroot.05:37
darfomaraku: not sure about that. It handles markdown to other formats better than other formats to markdown.05:46
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marakupandoc can convert docx but not doc :D06:32
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marakuit converts 'simple' files pretty well06:35
marakuit was able to convert a 10 page research paper (text heavy, no diagrams) properly into both .md and .pdf06:35
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] libarchive: update to 3.3.209:06
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-libxi: update to 1.7.809:07
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rmull_On all the systems I have access to, /proc/self/mem is unwriteable, making dirtyc0w not work12:55
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rmull_Debian and crux12:56
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rmullWhat's the point of that file anyway?12:57
rmullI don't recall interacting with it in all my years as a linux user12:57
frinnst2_fredrik@hypnotoad:/proc/self$ ls -lh mem13:04
frinnst2_-rw------- 1 fredrik fredrik 0 okt 25 15:04 mem13:04
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rmullYeah, likewise. Shrug13:19
rmullOh, no - mine is owned by root, so not writeable13:19
rmullI'm not sure how it came to be that way though. Kernel setting maybe?13:19
rmullOh wait13:20
rmullI checked again and it is now owned by my user13:21
rmullI guess this is not as straightforward as I thought.13:21
rmullThe PoC didn't work on my debian system, and it's got the same permissions on /proc/self/mem as my crux system13:22
frinnst2_what version of debian though?13:36
frinnst2_iirc wheezy is too old to be vulnerable (yay)13:36
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rmullIt's jessie14:37
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j0ker7guys..anybody success install steam on crux?14:59
j0ker7me got error: /usr/lib/ error adding symbols: File in wrong format14:59
ryu0if i wanted steam, i'd boil some water. =p14:59
j0ker7lol ryu015:00
j0ker7if me just boil myself15:00
j0ker7ryu0, why i got this error?15:00
onoderaj0ker7: yeah lots of times15:00
onoderado you have the 32bit libs installed?15:00
onodera / compat-32 repo enabled15:01
j0ker7onodera, compat-32 repo already enabled15:01
j0ker7this error got by dbus-3215:01
onoderaalso you need to install nvidia-32 if you use the nividia driver, I'm pretty sure it isn't litsted as a dependency15:01
j0ker7im using ati graphic card15:01
onoderado you use some propriotary driver?15:03
onoderaif so install the 32bit ver as well, if it's in the repos15:03
onoderaelse I don't really know what causes this15:03
j0ker7what is propriotary driver?15:03
j0ker7im just install linux-firmware15:03
j0ker7and xorg-video-ati15:03
j0ker7install steam 32bit u mean?15:04
j0ker7is it problem with mesa3d or glu?15:07
j0ker7bcoz i not install 32 version of glu and mesa15:08
onoderaj0ker7: well steam depends on mesa3d-3215:09
onoderaso yeah you should probably installed it15:09
j0ker7onodera, ok im gonna install mesa3d-3215:11
j0ker7thanks ya onodera15:12
onoderainstall the other packages in the depends-on line as well15:14
onoderaand if you use prt-get depinsts steam it should do so automatically15:14
j0ker7yeah im doing prt-get depinst steam15:16
j0ker7maybe mesa3d-32 not in depend list in steam Pkgfile15:17
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j0ker7now that error is gone after install mesa3d-32 ;)15:37
j0ker7guys..why sh linked to dash not bash?15:54
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wildefyrbecause dash is a millions times better17:08
wildefyrwell, for running startup scripts fast that is17:08
wildefyrbash is a frankenstien of a shell now17:08
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: file: updated to 5.2919:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: dhcp: 4.3.4 -> 4.3.523:41
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