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frinnstso, readline but with a worse license?00:01
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onoderafrinnst: and 10k less loc00:29
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piecesofquiethello lads, trying to install mu from alan's port, gmime is failing though saying it can't find glib-sharp. Any thoughts of where to get this? google isn't helping00:53
jaegernot available in alan's repo?01:08
jaegerlooks like gmime doesn't have any deps listed, you might want to email him to ask for a fix01:10
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piecesofquietno it's not there, will email him though, thanks.01:21
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xeirrrHello,guys. Anyone BSD fans here? why BSD is preferred over crux in your opinion?11:19
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abenzI think being here means to them, crux is preferred over BSD, not the other way around12:04
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pedjaI prefer FreeBSD over Ubuntu ;)12:08
pedjaIn my experience, learning curve for FBSD is much smoother coming from a distro like Crux.12:10
pedjanot much of a hand-holding in either of them, which I like.12:11
xeirrrabenz: see? there is at least one :)12:11
pedjaxeirrr: I don't prefer BSD over Crux, I use both :)12:11
abenzxeirrr: :)12:12
xeirrrpedja: ah ok12:12
abenzI think I use crux mainly because of simplicity, as it relates to BSD however, its the linux kernel12:12
pedjaI think there is a distro that uses linux kernel and bsd userspace.or the other way around.12:14
xeirrrpedja: that would be painful. I know BSDs use a different filesystem hierarchy12:16
pedjamy 'favorite' is PacBSD, bsd kernel/userspace, but with pacman from Arch on
pedjapkg and ports work just fine, so I don't see the point.12:25
pedjaluckily, systemd is not portable, so they can't bolt that on top too.12:27
pedjaAllan Jude would have a heart attack if they did :)12:28
pedjabut, it's their time that they waste, so12:29
pedjahopefully, touchscreen instead of top keyboard row on new MBP will suck so bad, that the developers will actually start using something else12:31
pedjamaybe then will Linux be supported a little better on laptops.12:32
pedjabut, I am not holding my breath on that one.12:34
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pedjamesa-13.0-rc2  is not enabling libglvnd by default.maybe in mesa-2017.1 ?13:38
pedjacaution.I like that in a develeoper :)13:39
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frinnst2_I like how Windows 10 is even worse with windows updates on a fresh install14:35
newbie--worse in what sense?14:45
frinnst2_than say the windows 7 update experience14:46
newbie--do you mean the time is takes for a fresh win 10 install to be updated with all the patches since release?14:47
pedjacan you even update win7 these days?14:48
pedjalast time I tried, it took ages for Windows Update to even get the list.14:49
newbie--when is win7 due?14:49
newbie--end of extended support:14:50
newbie--Microsoft won't end security updates for your Windows 7 PC until Jan. 14, 2020.14:51
newbie--Will next CRUX come with FDE?14:54
newbie--It is nice to have on laptops14:55
ryu0newbie--: does it ship with grub2 and cryptsetup?14:55
ryu0if so, there's nothing to stop you from performing a manual setup of it, but good luck doing it. you'll need an initrd.14:55
ryu0Full Disk Encryption.14:55
frinnst2_when someone can be bothered to do the work14:56
ryu0grub2 supports this out of the box, with some hassle.14:56
frinnst2_I dont use laptops so I dont require it for my rootfs14:56
ryu0as long as the tools are part of the ISO, the rest is easy.14:56
ryu0even if it's manual.14:56
newbie--and a tutorial in the handbook how to do it would be nice :)14:58
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pedjapatches welcome[tm]14:59
newbie--does anyone accepts donations for fixing this? :)15:00 does not accept donations. but if you want to pay someone to do the work - sure :)15:05
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pedjaZFS native encryption just might get into 0.7.0 release.Yet another toy to play with.16:53
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teK__you cannot create an initrd easily with the ISO only18:01
pedjais anyone else seeing segfaults with pinenetry or ffmpeg?18:03
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pedjasilence means 'no'.ok, then.19:02
jaegerI'm not so far19:09
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pedjathe error is always the same, according to the logs.20:01
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pedjafor pinentry-curses20:02
pedjaerror 4('user-mode read resulting in no page being found')20:03
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