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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: hexchat: 2.12.2 -> 2.12.302:00
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brian|lfshello all05:48
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druid_droidgood morning crux'ers ;)11:09
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druid_droidmy firefox is strange, loading icon flicks...11:46
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retardpick and flick11:47
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frinnst2_any https/tls/ssl3 gurus here?12:52
frinnst2_and can you tell me what's causing issues here?
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ryu0too bad it no longer says...13:03
ryu0"Was that so hard?"13:03
ryu0frinnst2_: anyway, something to do with personal SSL certificates.13:04
frinnst2_yeah I dont think thats accurate13:04
ryu0frinnst2_: how bizarre. i read about it, but have yet to see a website that requires client certificates.13:04
ryu0until now i  guess.13:04
ryu0huh. interesting.13:06
ryu0must be a way of enabling ssh-like 2FA.13:07
frinnst2_its not supposed to be client auth13:09
ryu0frinnst2_: no idea then. that's just one thing the error implies.13:11
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druid_droidwow, I change my home page in firefox to local file so it don't "load" external stuff when I open it, then I run tcpdump,14:52
druid_droidI'm amaze to see how much "sites" he contact, not only that related to certificates14:52
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druid_droidstrange I tell dnsmasq to block but it logs that it gets ip, if I use dig I get the correct result...15:22
druid_droidso, I try blocking by ip in iptables,15:23
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druid_droidI'm such a noob, I was tryng to have a ip whitelist ...18:55
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pedjaisn't whitelist a proper/more elegant way to do it?20:46
pedjadepends on the users, I guess.20:51
pedjapf block plugin on pfSense uses as a blacklist, iirc20:52
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pedjafbsd-11 VM is misbehaving, and I am slightly drunk after the dinner with some friends.Fun times ahead.21:06
pedja'don't drink and root'21:07
pedjawell, if I could say 'no' to red wine, I would.But I can't :)21:10
joacimthe whole point of having a long password is to prevent yourself from being able to use the computer when drunk21:12
joacimthere are times where i couldn't do anything to my computer21:12
joacimexcept for that one time21:13
teK__'good friends won't let a friend root while drunk'21:13
pedjajoacim: story time :)21:14
joacimi just found my messages in the topic in a few IRC channels21:15
pedjainterestingly enough, when I wiped out almost all of /etc and /usr/bin with 'find', I was sober.So.21:16
pedjathat was fun...21:18
pedjabut I learned an important lesson.I hope.21:20
pedjano fuckups since then (famous last words)21:21
pedjaq: when someone is fed up with Win10, which linux distro to recommend them to try?Ubuntu?Elementary?21:25
pedjano games, just the web browsing/Netflix/LibreOffice from time to time21:27
jaegerfedora or mint would be my first suggestions21:28
pedjafedora has a stable branch, right?21:29
joacimthat would be rhel/centos21:30
jaegerfedora non-rawhide is usually stable21:31
jaegerjust don't use rawhide21:31
pedjahe currently has XP on a machine , and he tried Win 10 and ran away screaming21:34
pedjaFedora or openSuse 42.x with KDE, to ease the cultural shock :)21:37
pedjahe could cope, but I am not so sure about his wife...21:39
pedjaaltough Facebook (a.k.a 'The Internet') works just fine on Linux, too21:39
jaegerMight be better to just get used to windows 1021:39
pedjaor just get a Mac.He can certainly afford it ;)21:41
pedja(manager for one of the biggest companies here)21:41
joacimi recommend the new macbook pro. 1mm key travel feels great22:04
joacimcarrying extra dongles around is great too =)22:05
onodera1mmkey travel doesn't sound that great22:27
joacimtheyve been going downhill since about 2011 or so i think22:30
joacimbut so have microsoft =)22:31
pedjalocal caching unbound server on fbsd-11 expects that upstream DNS servers support DNSSEC.I like their optimism.22:36
pedjajoacim: SurfacePro, desktop machine from MS, has generated a lot more 'WANT' then new MBP's, it seems :)22:40
joacimyeah it is strange22:41
joacimthat surface looks pretty sweet22:41
pedjaI am waiting for AnandTech review of it, it should be interesting22:42
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brian|lfsyou all getting data caps on your ISPs like we are in the USA22:53
joacimi have no data caps at all22:54
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brian|lfsI don't yet but I"m sure it will come now that Comcast is implementing one22:54
joacimthe biggest isp in my country had one for a while22:55
joacimthat was on adsl. but no other adsl-based isp had one, so they removed it after a while22:55
joacimthe cap was at 1GB =)22:55
joacimback then an episode was 300MB, or a movie was 700-1400 MB22:56
joacimbut most people interesting in procuring stuff used the other isps22:56
frinnsttomorrow they should be connecting my FTTH22:58
frinnstACTION enjoys the hate22:58 results after they do, please.22:59
pedjawhat was it, 90$ after 6 months for 1/1 Gbit?23:01
frinnstyeah sounds familiar23:01
frinnstDownload Speed: 70.24 Mbps23:02
frinnstUpload Speed: 6.81 Mbps23:02
frinnstseems nobody else is using the 4G right now23:02
pedja4G?my phone doesn't support it, but I don't live in a big city where it's available, so I don't care :)23:12
joacimi just use it so google can track me23:14
joacimjust got a very basic data plan for my phone due to the noise android phones generate23:14
frinnstmy ISP gave out dongles before starting construction23:15
joacimlooking at the random background noise. i'd pay 10 times more every month if i didn't have that 200 MB plan23:16
joacimdue to my service provider charging 10 kr per MB for users without plans23:16
joacimthats about 1.2 USD per MB23:17
pedjaI wish Telenor has a sane data plan.why the fuck would I want 3000 min of talk time every month?23:17
pedjaand 1000 sms messages, and all that crap.23:18
pedjabut they do suck less than the other mobile providers, so23:23
pedjawhen I am bored, I email their support asking for OTA upgrade for my phone :)23:27
pedjaI got 'LOL' as a response once.23:27
pedjaOverTheAir update23:29
pedjathere is none for my cheap ass Chinese phone.23:31
pedjait is fucking insane that, if you want security updates for Android phone, you have to drop 700$ for Pixl.23:33
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onoderait's fucking ridiculous that people accept a phone lifespan of 2 years23:34
onoderaI used my old phone for about 5 years, just got a nexus 5x and intend on using this one for 5 years or so as well23:34
onoderaI'll probably install copperheados once google drops support23:35
pedjaNexus line is dead.Long live the Pixl!23:36
pedjathat is why i am treating my phone as a throwaway.nothing important on it, no e-banking from it etc.23:37
pedjahell, they owned 6P, with all the latest updates, in 15min.23:38
joacimpedja: they had this 30 kr one, 20 minutes included, optional data and sms plans23:39
joacimthen they killed that and moved everyone to a 130 kr plan23:40
joacimmoved to talkmore after that that has a similar 30 kr plan23:40
joacimbut theirs is dead too :(23:40
pedjalast month I got a new contract, 50% off for a year, but I can't buy a new phone from them.23:42
pedjafor 6 months.23:42
pedjasince I don't intend to buy a phone, it worked out nicely :)23:43
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pedjaIf I wanted a new phone, it's much cheaper to go to Italy, spend a week at my cousins there, buy a phone, and come back.23:46
pedjaeating lots of pizza and drinking dangerous amounts of espresso while there is a nice bonus23:48
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pedjajoacim, you are using apu2c4 with opnSense/pfSense?any issues so far?23:58

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