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pedjaI am getting tired of my router provided by ISP crapping itself every once in a while00:00
joacimthe only issue is that im an idiot00:01
joacimother than that, it works fine00:02
joacimi'm stupid00:02
joacimi dont know much about networking, so a lot about it is new to me00:03
joacimlike making firewall rules that actually works00:03
joacimit works well and it is stable00:04
joacimbut my needs are simple00:04
pedjait doesn't get hot?00:04
joacimabout 60C00:04
joacimit gets hot by design00:04
joacimit's fine really00:04
pedjaI am thinking of getting one.It's not that expensive, even imported from Holland.00:05
pedjawith VAT+customs, it's ~280euro, iirc00:07
pedjafor a full package00:07
pedjaand with my 20/2 adsl, it shouldn't break a sweat :)00:08
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pedjasomething like Ubiquity EdgeRouterX would be ideal, but they are hard to find here.00:11
pedjaand doesn't like my CC00:11
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joacimthat outage doesnt count00:20
joacimcaused by my isp =)00:20
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pedjamine is pretty reliable, unless their dns servers die :)00:23
pedjathey run some Java-based DNS on a Solaris machines, iirc00:26
pedjalast time I talked to someone working there, at least00:29
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frinnstpedja: edgerouter x is pretty awesome. its tiiiiiiny and quite powerful07:14
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frinnsttheir distribution chain sucks. you are very right about that07:15
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loungei see there was an update to kernel 4.4.2707:34
loungei never update kernel before ,do i follow this guide
abenzits the simplest thing to do07:35
abenzfirst do you have a working .config file?07:35
abenzif you never updated I assume you are using the crux-supplied one07:35
loungeim on 4.4.16 now07:35
abenzok follow me:07:35
abenzcd /usr/src07:36
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abenztar xf linux-4.4.30.tar.xz07:36
abenzchown -R <your user name> linux-4.4.3007:37
abenzexit (leave root and return to your normal user)07:37
abenzcd linux-4.4.3007:37
abenzcp your .config file to the folder07:38
abenzmake -j807:38
abenzmake modules_install07:38
abenzmake install07:38
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loungeabenz: after make install do i need to copy bzImage and and added it lilo ?07:51
abenzI actually always copy them over manually and run lilo.07:52
abenzBut according to frinnst no you don't need to do it manually07:52
abenzmake install will copy them and run lilo as well07:52
abenzobviously you need to do that as root07:52
loungeok ,07:53
frinnst2_and your lilo.conf must already be edited to point to /boo/vmlinuz08:06
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loungei succesfully update it to 4.4.30 :>08:15
crash_nice :)08:17
crash_i compiled 4.4.29 yesterday and yeah today .30 is out and reverts patches :P08:18
frinnst2_The following fatal alert was generated: 10. The internal error state is 1203.08:31
frinnst2_I love windows08:31
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abenzlol frinnst2_10:17
abenzhow about: "Something went wrong, checking solutions online.." <--- network is down10:18
abenzis that..10:20
abenzthe galaxy something actor ?10:20
frinnst2_yeah from parks and recreation10:20
abenzohh right10:20
abenzI thought that was real lol10:20
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pedjastable kernel is not very...stable.13:01
pedjaevery couple of days a new update13:01
emmett1whats the different between stable and longterm kernel?13:03
emmett1which kernel better for crux?13:03
pedjawhatever suits your needs.13:07
emmett1but i dont know whats the diffrent13:07
emmett1so cant tell what i need13:07
Sitriemmett1: long-term means that you can stay on that line and recieve updates, but new features won't be added.  Stable is the normal release cycle, you get new features and bug fixes.13:11
emmett1thanks Sitri and pedja, im not understand much but i think i get a bit13:16
emmett1i need more research about kernel13:16
SitriThe kernel isn't the only project that releases like that, Ubuntu also has LTS vs normal releases.  Same deal13:17
emmett1even ubuntu i dont know why it has LTS version ;p13:18
SitriGenerally enterprises where they do mass roll-outs13:18
SitriThey don't want to have to deal with a bunch of minor changes over a thousand machines that could break things they depend on.13:19
SitriBut they still want bugfixes :p13:19
emmett1i see13:21
emmett1i think i understand now13:21
emmett1so if i want a stable kernel for daily use but dont want always update kernel and i dont want recompile kernel every weeks so i should choose LTS version kernel?13:24
SitriYou still have to recompile long-term kernels to get the bugfixes.13:26
SitriJust the featureset won't change13:26
emmett1thnks Sitri13:28
pedjaxorg-1.19 is at rc2?nice.13:30
pedjaso they'll probably meet their 'early November release' goal.13:31
pedjainteresting.Fedora 25 will ship with Wayland as default.13:40
pedjagood.let them shake the bugs :)13:41
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druid_droidemmett1: not sure if this is related but I just found this yesterday
frinnst2_backporting fixes is a hard job and stuff often gets overlooked14:17
emmett1thanks druid_droid14:18
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druid_droidno problem,14:39
druid_droidI use long term version 4.1, when a new release is made I go check the diff, just for curiosity ... I don't think I have know how to care to much about security...14:40
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pedjafrinnst2_, you mention post-install in net-snmp/README, but there isn't one in the port :)21:25
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frinnstyeah net-snmp is like an abused child. never recieved any love22:06
frinnstoh wow that's old. I didnt write that :)22:08
frinnst(the readme)22:08
frinnsti replaced this:;a=blob;f=net-snmp/post-install;h=34a31498b591733932d85ca5dfdaa4d97e5df047;hb=9819400e33d2a7f960a5b344634a7b2df985eff822:10
frinnstwith the pre-install when I took it over22:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: net-snmp: removed old information22:11
pedjaany particular reason snmp gid is hardcoded to 72?22:15
frinnstlegacy reasons22:16
frinnstthis port has always used it22:16
frinnstnot ideal but atleast no other port in the "official" repos uses that group22:16
pedjathe group in the old port was 'snmpd', which I didn't bother to remove, so the install failed :)22:18
pedjapre-install failed22:18
frinnstfeel free to remind me later or open a bug22:18
frinnstneed to do some work stuff22:18
pedjathis late at night?they don't pay you nearly enough, my friend22:20
frinnstIssue date:        2016-11-0122:21
frinnstCVE Names:         CVE-2016-519522:21
frinnstfucking redhat22:21
abenzwhat'd they do?22:22
frinnstwaited 1-2 weeks to patch CVE-2016-519522:22
abenzwith their bazillions..22:22
frinnstpedja: I dont work that hard :)22:26
frinnstjust doing some patching & rebooting22:26
crash_and a tuesday beer?22:30
frinnst+ kebab pizza22:30
crash_nice :)22:31
crash_then work should be good hehe22:31
frinnstindeed :D22:31
crash_i'm having problems with försäkringkassan :(22:32
frinnstoh god22:33
frinnstim so sorry. nothing worse22:33
crash_yeah they are saying that i'm to sick to take a lighter work, but my doctor is saying that i should not work at all until i have done my operation.22:34
crash_*not to sick to take a lighter work22:34
frinnstlogic does not apply22:35
crash_indeed so i will not get any money from them until they say i'm to sick.. so that is on my head all the time.22:35
frinnstthats fucked up22:36
crash_yeah it is22:36
frinnstI wonder what makes them think they know better than the doctor22:37
crash_exactly if the doctor have said that i should't work until i have done my operation, then i should not work it is that easy in my mind :)22:39
frinnstgood luck (it always works out in the end)22:46
crash_thanks sleep well :)22:48
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druid_droidpedja: my computer is not safe against portuguese red wine, :D23:20
druid_droid:D drunk as fuck, ;) was just a test to see diff against login or not login23:21
druid_droidjust to be on record, I prefer weed than wine,,,23:22
pedjawine FTW.23:22
druid_droidI can even play youtube music, so no securit so ever
druid_droidsorry, I will regret tomorrow :D23:26
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pedjaI never had a hangover/headache from good bottle of wine :)23:40
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pedjabeer/vodka combo, otoh, is a bitch23:41
pedjait took me 2 seconds to recognize Wireshark in a NCIS:LA episode.How many nerd cred points is that?23:43
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pedjaRed Hat has some pretty good documentation on virtualization.Yay capitalism.23:50
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