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druid_droidhey I let wireshark becouse I can resize the upper stuff,00:45
druid_droidI run tcpdump to know how much dependent I was from and so on from amazon or what ever is that00:46
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brian|lfsanyone there I'm scratching my head03:11
brian|lfsglad I'm usuing virtualbox I just install 4mlinux and it does everything as room03:12
brian|lfsits so bad it only runs X as admin03:12
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emmett1anybody here success mount android device in crux?07:53
emmett1i got this error when mounting using jmtpfs:07:53
emmett1libusb_open() failed!: Permission denied07:53
emmett1LIBMTP PANIC: Unable to initialize device07:54
emmett1terminate called after throwing an instance of 'MtpErrorCantOpenDevice'07:54
emmett1what():  Can't open device07:54
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frinnsti use simple-mtpfs07:58
emmett1ok i will try that07:59
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] curl: updated to 7.51.008:02
emmett1simple-ntfs not work too08:04
frinnst libusb_open() failed!: Permission denied08:04
emmett1yeah that error08:05
frinnstyou could try running as root just to test08:05
emmett1already do 'sudo !!'08:05
emmett1the error not appeared08:06
emmett1but my android not mounted08:06
frinnstsorry need to leave08:06
emmett1ok frinnst08:06
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: flex: update to 2.6.1, project is now hosted on github08:57
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: ca-certificates: update to 2016110208:57
emmett1guys, conky is outdated08:58
emmett1its not gonna get any update?08:59
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Romsterjue, will bump it shortly emmett109:01
emmett1Romster, ok thanks09:02
juewell, I looked at it quite some time ago and it adds some deps I don't like, IIRC09:03
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emmett1old version doest not show my wifi information and cpu_bar not showing09:03
emmett1i already port the new version of conky but got some error09:04
jueI'll probably drop the port, maybe someone else picks it up09:04
emmett1error about docbook-xls i think09:04
jueemmett1: ok, I'll look into it later today09:06
emmett1ok thanks jue09:07
Romsterjue, your not into conky now?09:07
Romsteri've moved form gkrellm to conky.09:07
Romsterdocbook-xls does happen alot emmett1 you probably removed docbook-* stuff and didn't rm /etc/xml/09:09
Romsterfor the catalog09:09
jueI am, but don't see it cause of my tiling wm :)09:09
Romsterwell if you don't want it anymore i'll take off your hands jue09:10
Romsteri'm actively using it09:10
Romsterok as in i can take it over?09:11
jueyeah, but don't put the configuration into /etc ;)09:12
Romsteri wont i don't like that idea either.09:12
Romsterwhat i should do is add a README about pkgadd.conf for /usr/etc/conky09:13
Romsteri'll do that.09:13
frinnst2_I have my own conky port09:18
emmett1is it latest frinnst2_ ?09:18
frinnst2_1.9 with this patch: 0001-use-change-time-instead-of-modification-time-when-po.patch09:19
emmett1whats the different it makes?09:19
frinnst2_i had problems with conky not displaying the number of mails properly09:19
Romsteri'm working on it now09:19
frinnst2_since it reads my inbox from nfs09:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: whois: update to 5.2.1309:21
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emmett1i have made a few my own port, how to track if its have update?09:23
emmett1i've read about ck4up but dont know how to use it09:23
abenzyou check the web and see if a new version is released?09:23
emmett1abenz, yeah thats what i do for now09:24
emmett1just wondering if it have app for dev for easily track update09:24
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frinnst2_I love when a developer thought it was a good idea to chown /var/log/mysql to root11:10
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joacimare you saying the people i've helped over the years that insisted on doing everything as root because it was convenient now gets to make decisions on a server?11:16
frinnst2_he's just supposed to do the web stuff11:18
frinnst2_but seems like he likes to mess about with other stuff too11:18
frinnst2_also likes to chown 777 *11:18
frinnst2_asdf chmod11:18
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ryu0frinnst2_: for what reason would one need to run a DBMS as root?13:26
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frinnst2_long story..13:43
frinnst2_well obviously the db doesnt run as root13:46
frinnst2_thats why it didnt start up after he changed the perms13:46
frinnst2_lots of other stuff does (or did, rather)13:46
frinnst2_thats the long story13:47
joacimis the one-legged frog involved somehow?13:51
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pedjathe good news is that I found Ubiquiti ERL.The bad news is that it's 160 euros.21:23
pedjaso it's cheaper to buy it online from, say,, pay the import tax and VAT, than from local 'IT' shop.21:27
pedjaI fucking hate this country sometimes...21:28
tilmanpretty sure it's the same shit everywhere ;p21:33
pitilloor worse...21:34
pedjaLiving in the EU may have its faults and challenges, but *there* are worse place to be stuck in :)21:36
pedjabut this is a technical channel, so I'll just STFU now, and make some more coffee.21:40
tilmanat this hour!?21:40
tilmanACTION falls asleep21:40
pedjanight is my time21:40
pedjaalways has been21:40
pedja'early bird catches a worm' never really worked for me, which was challenging when I had a job, as you might imagine.21:46
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