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rmullIs it possible to lock a package that isn't installed? I installed something manually outside of prt-get/pkgbuild and I don't want to accidentally build/install from prt-get (due to dependency resolution) in the future02:01
Romsterrmull, add it too /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases02:12
Romsternote that may gt over written after a prt-get reinstall02:13
jaegerrmull: if your custom port has proper deps (not including whatever you're avoiding, I mean) and it's listed first in prt-get.conf you won't run into that problem02:35
Sitrijaeger: he didn't make a package of it02:36
jaegerAh, right. I'm blind, ignore me.02:41
jaegeralso, make it a package :P02:42
rmullWell... imho prt-get lock should be able to work on uninstalled ports, no?02:56
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frinnst2_lysator \o/09:51
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retardis it safe/okay to upgrade directly from crux 3.0 to crux 3.2?17:07
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jaegerretard: It's doable, though you should check what setup-helper does between 3.0 and 3.1 and then 3.1 and 3.2 so you can duplicate it yourself17:21
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jaegerretard:;a=blob;f=iso/bin/setup-helper;h=a84b4d138f15be81ee553f4f0215b737173e3d85;hb=refs/heads/3.1 for example, check the bottom17:24
retardahh, just packages, good17:25
jaegeryeah, usually pretty simple17:25
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marakudo you guys think it'd be worth upgrading a t4500 core2 to a i5-540M (on a laptop), or just get a whole new laptop?18:01
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ryu0maraku: this is from 2008?18:14
jaegerI'd probably just replace it18:20
ryu0if it's really that old, the overall hardware upgrade would probably be a better investment.18:23
ryu0energy efficiency has improved for mobile a great deal.18:23
ryu0not to mention heat, if you don't mind placing limiters on peak cpu usage.18:23
ryu0ACTION has turbo turned off and perf_bias set towards energy saving.18:24
ryu0maraku: not to mention the newer GPUs has some great features, like video decoding acceleration.18:25
ryu0too bad most linux browsers don't support it.18:25
ryu0you usually have to play with a dedicated multimedia application to get it, like mpv.18:26
ryu0maraku: if you live in the US, here's one option:
ryu0linux hardware vendor18:29
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marakugotcha, thanks, i guess I'll just get a new lappy then21:00
ryu0maraku: i would suggest looking if your region has a linux hardware vendor. i prefer them, provided their hardware isn't too dated. =p21:16
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marakuryu0: the system76 stuff looked pretty nice, albeit a little expensive21:33
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ryu0maraku: that's about as cheap as it gets if you're buying from one of them. they're not subsidized like windows is.22:05
ryu0ACTION coughs.22:05
brian|lfsactually I think Windows is like $35 per machine22:28
brian|lfsUnless you really want a Ubuntu keyboard I would just buy a machien with Windows and wipe it22:29
marakumaybe I'll wait till the new thinkpads release22:33
ryu0maraku: whatever you get, may as well get 7th generation.22:40
ryu0unless you happen to like AMD for some reason.22:41
marakuAMD should be releasing their new zen stuff soon22:47
marakuso maybe newer laptops will have the AMD chips and they'll perform well22:49
jaegerIf you do like AMD, definitely wait for zen23:08
jaegerThere's nothing else from them that's competitive currently23:08
marakumostly I want to see if AMD's integrated graphics will be better than intel's current offerings23:21
marakubecause thinner/lightweight laptops are nice (and they don't have dedicated graphic cards)23:23
abenzdon't think we'll be seeing zen based laptops till 2Q 201723:26
abenzone thing about amd stuff is that vendors always put them in very cheaply made laptops23:26
abenzwith 720p screens or such23:27
marakuthat's true23:27
abenzor if its full HD its a huge bulk23:27
abenzwhen ideally, their top laptop APUs should be put in a nice 13" fullHD laptop23:27
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abenzhope they break free from that, perhaps by putting restrictions on vendors23:28
marakuhopefully lenovo will use it in their thinkpads23:28
abenzsadly they are not in a position to dictate to vendors, hopefully zen will change that.. competition is good23:28

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