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druid_droidnever tyred of sayng <3 crux ;)00:35
joacimthere's the elitebook00:59
joacimtheir 720 i think00:59
joacimbut from the looks of it, the battery in the i3-i7 ones lasts longer01:00
joacimnot cheap, but they can be bought with 1920x1080 displays01:01
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frinnstholy hell what a shitshow05:19
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jaegerman, there's a lot of butthurt in that article, heh06:01
jaegerI'm no docker evangelist but that dude is seriously angry06:02
Romsterif rocket becomes all that i need i'd gladly move to rocket06:10
Romsterthat is one long read06:39
Romsteri am glad i stuck with lvm and not even tried the unionfs06:39
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abenzit seems if they adhered to "dont break userspace" golden OSS rule all issues would've been avoided07:19
abenzI haven't been keeping up though, is the hype train still marching?07:20
abenzI hear less and less about it online these days07:20
tilmanabenz: i think that's just a linux kernel rule07:37
abenzcorrect, I meant it in the same way, in the article the guy rants mostly about being forced to upgrade only to find something else breaking..07:38
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abenzanyone running an ath10k based card by any chance?07:49
Romsterit was new at the time what do people expect07:49
Romsternot me but do you have linux-firmware installed? might be that07:49
Romstercheck dmesg07:49
abenzI have it working, its firmware issues with official fw (there's an unofficial firmware but that has loads of debug output)07:50
abenzit seems for it to work correctly one needs kernel 4.5+ unless you apply patches etc07:50
abenzthe whole concept of "firmware" was to be version independent.. heh07:50
abenz /rant07:51
abenz4.9 LTS should be out in Dec07:52
Romsteri thought firmware had a common ABI for interfacing to the kernel and hardware07:58
Romsterwhy don't they have source for the API glue to the firmware07:59
Romsterlike nvidia does it's glue in sauce to the binary blob driver07:59
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abenzRomster: exactly!08:30
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frinnstradeon/amdgpu often needs updated firmware because more features gets supported09:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: harfbuzz: updated to 1.3.309:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: radeon-ucode: dropped, use opt/linux-firmware09:28
frinnst.. that reminded me09:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sysstat: updated to 11.4.211:10
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darfo(pink floyd in the background) "Hey, Teacher, leave those commas alone"14:53
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DaViruz"We suggest for you to use the PowerPoint application under the Microsoft Office installed on your computer instead of the PowerPoint online."15:01
DaViruzwhat a reply15:02
retard"Just to set your expectation, it only has a limited sources once you use the application online."15:03
retardvery good15:03
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aixalright so19:40
aixI'm kinda fed up with void and would like to get crux19:40
aixhowever i'm in a tight spot regarding internet data19:40
aixwould it be possible to install the base system offline if i have the iso?19:41
jaegerThat's the intended path, in fact19:43
aixincluding the stuffs needed to get uefi playing nice with grub?19:43
jaegeryou might have a glance at in advance19:43
jaegerunless you're already quite familiar with grub2 and uefi19:44
aixand it has wifi drivers in the iso too, right?19:46
jaegerthere are some kernel drives but not firmware currently19:47
jaegerwe're looking at adding that for the next release19:47
ubuuuwhen is next release?19:50
jaegersoon (tm)19:52
jaegerhopefully (tm)19:52
jaegerdon't know exactly19:52
aixalright, burning the disk now19:52
aixwish me luck19:52
ubuuugood luck19:53
jaegergood luck19:53
jaegerIf you have the time I'd recommend trying crux in a virtual machine on your current installation to see if you like it before reinstalling19:54
aixinstalling virtualbox means using more precious data19:55
jaegerfair enough19:55
aixprobably going to split it into /home and / to avoid copying a terabyte of data whenever i want to reinstall19:56
aixwhich is pretty much weekly at this point19:56
aixwhat's a good size for / ?19:56
aixi'm guessing giving it half of what i have isn't a good call19:57
jaegerthese days I only use / and swap, personally19:57
jaegerbut 10-20 for home would probably be plenty if you want to keep it tiny19:58
jaegerer, for /19:58
aixi might see how much i've used on this install19:58
aixheh. nowwhere near 10G20:01
jaegeryeah, that would likely be a pretty conservative amount20:01
aixso the base system installation doesn't need any form of networking at all?20:02
aixi wonder how many reboots this'll take20:03
aixi'll probably mess up uefi first time20:08
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joacimsomething i like to forget is filesystem drivers20:40
joacimbeen better at it lately tho =)20:40
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nnllssi ran into a few issues with uefi22:52
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nnllssso i tried using a separate partition for the esp22:53
nnllssbut it still gives me either a black screen or a grub consolr22:54
nnllssi can do linux /vmlinuz and boot on it but then it complains about video modes22:54
nnllsswhats the proper way of doing this assuming first partition is a vfat esp and the kernel is on an ext4 second partition?22:57
ryu0nnllss: did you give it the proper partition type?22:58
nnllssesp is ef00 i think22:59
nnllsssays efi system in cfdisk23:00
nnllssis the second partitions type important?23:00
nnllssjust set it to linux fs23:00
ryu0nnllss: did you regenerate grub config?23:02
nnllsswell i nuked the boot partitions since no combination of things i did worked23:03
nnllssso what do i do from here?23:03
nnllssis grub-install $esp okay?23:03
ryu0no idea, i haven't used grub-install on EFI really.23:04
nnllssthen grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg23:04
ryu0but it's usually mounted at /boot/efi23:04
ryu0and efibootmgr is often used to add the bootloader.23:05
nnllssit is23:05
nnllssbut the wiki says o should do that23:05
ryu0so do it. i've just largely stuck to legacy booting.23:05
nnllssi did23:06
ryu0ACTION shrugs.23:06
nnllssi'm just confused as to why it isnt workin23:06
ryu0what does grub-mkconfig say?23:06
nnllssjust says 'done'23:08
ryu0nothing else?23:08
nnllssmaybe i should use # grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=void_grub --boot-directory=/boot --recheck --debug23:08
nnllssthats from the void wiki23:08
ryu0ACTION mumbles.23:08
nnllsswell it says generating config23:08
nnllssbut no23:09
nnllssthats all23:09
ryu0nnllss: grub-mkconfig is very particular about where kernels and initrds are placed and how they are named.23:09
ryu0if you don't follow conventions it expects, it won't locate your kernels.23:09
nnllssshould i have an initrd?23:09
ryu0not a requirement, unless your kernel needs it.23:10
ryu0how do you have it named?23:10
ryu0your kernel anyway.23:10
ryu0just that?23:11
nnllssthats the bzImage i compiled23:11
ryu0what's the absolute path to it?23:11
nnllss /boot/vmlinuz23:11
ryu0okay, this is going to sound stupid, but try renaming it to:23:12
ryu0and see if grub-mkconfig gives anything else.23:12
nnllsssame old output23:13
ryu0i was poking around in /etc/grub.d/10_linux23:16
ryu0is what it looks for.23:17
nnllssill try it23:17
nnllssoh lol23:17
nnllsssays found image23:17
ryu0i misspelled it.23:17
ryu0my bad.23:17
ryu0anyway, now you know... rofl.23:18
nnllssokay well23:18
nnllsshere goes nothing23:18
ryu0it has to say it found an image.23:18
ryu0or else you know it didn't find your stuff.23:18
nnllssokay so it says no os found23:19
ryu0ACTION shrugs.23:19
ryu0i don't know what you're trying to boot with, and i need to go. at least one part is solved.23:20
nnllsslemme try renaming the efi filedls23:20
nnllssworked on void23:20
nnllssthanks for the help23:20
nnllssryu0: !23:21
nnllssit works!23:21
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