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Romsteri tend to use vmlinuz-$(uname -r) so ic an go back to a older kernel if need be00:00
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emmett1anybody can help me with 'sed' command?04:39
emmett1i dont know to use sed command04:39
emmett1i want change #/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash in configure file using sed04:40
jaegersed -i -e 's,\#/bin/sh,\#/bin/bash,g' configure04:44
jaegeryou might not need to escape the hashes, I don't remember04:44
emmett1thanks jaeger04:46
emmett1i will try that04:46
jaegerIf you only need to change the first line you can leave out the 'g' at the end04:46
emmett1btw why /bin/sh linked to dash not bash?04:46
jaegerif you want to change it everywhere in the file, use the g04:46
jaegerIt used to be bash but dash is faster for some tasks. Speeds up pkgmk at least04:47
jaegermesa3d was the biggest one, I believe04:47
emmett1it failed some package to compile thats why i need change #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash in some package's configure04:47
jaegeryou could also try CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash ./configure blah blah04:47
jaegersee opt/sqlite3's Pkgfile for example04:48
emmett1ok thanks for new info for me :) :)04:48
emmett1using CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash not work jaeger04:52
emmett1still got same error04:52
emmett1./configure: 6345: ./configure: let: not found04:52
jaegerperhaps that configure script doesn't honor it04:52
jaegerwas worth a try04:52
emmett1yeah, worth a try04:53
emmett1seem i need use that sed command04:53
emmett1jaeger, sed command does not change anything in configure file04:59
emmett1i just want change on 1st line04:59
emmett1#! /bin/sh04:59
emmett1this what on 1st line04:59
emmett1sorry if this bothering you but read sed guide still i cant undestand how to use it05:01
emmett1its so complicated05:01
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jaegerwell, then you need the space, too05:02
jaegeryou said #/bin/bash earier, not # /bin/bash05:02
emmett1yeah i know i already add the space still not work05:02
emmett1and remove g at the end05:03
emmett1and forgot '!' after #05:03
emmett1i already add it but still not work05:03
jaegerwell, if it's only the first line leave the # out05:04
jaeger$ head -1 configure05:04
jaeger#! /bin/sh05:04
jaeger$ sed -i -e 's,/bin/sh,/bin/bash,' configure05:04
jaeger$ head -1 configure05:04
jaeger#! /bin/bash05:04
emmett1sed -i -e 's,/bin/sh,/bin/bash,' configure  <-- this work05:05
jaegerbed time for me, good night05:06
emmett1now its succesfully compiled05:06
emmett1good night sir05:06
emmett1its 1pm here :)05:06
jaegermidnight here05:07
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Romsteremmett1, or even install -d shell ;  ln -s /bin/bash $SRC/shell/sh ; export PATH="$SRC/shell:$PATH" ; ./configure07:03
Romsterlooks in shell directory first and if it finds it configure will use that first, but sed is easier for a simple fix. but for more complex build setup, masquerading a directory is easier.07:04
abenzreally curious to find out why windows update takes hours and laptop fan spins at max speed (huge load)07:17
abenzwhat exactly does it do, I wonder..07:18
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Romsteri would love to know it's slow as.07:24
Romsteri keep thinking, does it really take this long.. when a ports -u prt-get sysup works so fast in crux.07:24
Romsterinstall and update crux before windows is ever done07:24
Romsterabenz, use this
Romsteri keep that on my flash drive07:25
Romsterand update it ever week or so07:26
Romsteroffline updates for windows07:26
abenzRomster: exactly, install and update crux (ie download sources and compile), while windows update still figuring out what updates are available07:32
Romsterit is beyond a joke07:35
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Romsterif i ever get this far i'll be making changes to pkg-utils and prt-get for myself. so i can daemonize the downloading part, and have prt-get fetch a list of distfiles from prt-get deptree and prt-get diff to07:36
Romstergrab all the sources while it's got the first one and compiling.07:37
Romstercould also have a option to make sure it's got them all before starting a sysup or depinst07:39
Romsterincase any 40407:39
Romsternothing worse than starting a depinst and walking away and it stopped after the first package07:40
frinnstgod the weather is shite08:01
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emmett1Romster, thanks for new info08:44
emmett1noted and bookmarked ;)08:45
emmett1and i like the prt-utils and prt-get update idea08:45
emmett1download sources in background is good08:46
wildefyrya it's much needed tbh08:47
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Romsteryeah i've been thinking of that for a long time.09:23
Romsteri doubt crux will accept it but it'll be available for any crux user to use. when it's done09:23
emmett1nice, cant wait :)09:30
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Roomsterthat was me messing with my DHCP reservations :D09:51
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Romstertoo lazy when reconnecting also auths to freenode09:52
Romsteralthough i might not of need to do that for SASL, old habits.09:53
Romsterfrinnst, our weather has been from wind that can blow down trees and rip off roofs to small hail stones, which are rare in my area. to sunny and a light breeze.10:02
Romsterthe weather is nuts this year10:02
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: update to 2.02.16712:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: ocaml: update to 4.04.012:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sqlite3: update to 3.15.112:04
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.13612:06
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dlcusa contains a list of missing packages, sorted by collection, package, version, and missing Depends On.20:14
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onoderateK__: Hi, mpc 0.28 has been released :)22:17
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