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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: llvm: 3.8.1 -> 3.9.001:01
dlcusaonodera, it's a report of missing packages as listed in the Depends On: records for all the Pkgfiles I have unearthed.01:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wireshark: 2.0.4 -> 2.2.101:14
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brian|lfs=======> ERROR: Source file 'config.h' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).03:30
brian|lfs-- Packages where update failed03:30
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marakualso, just revisiting the git driver issue, was there a specific reason that the 'git clean' was added03:44
marakubecause git is a helluva lot faster than rsync03:44
marakuoh nice, the llvm pkgfile now uses cmake to build03:48
marakuremoving config.h from sources and updating md5sums seems to work so far brian|lfs03:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: llvm: removed config.h references04:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: html-xml-utils: initial commit08:29
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dlcusaI added to document the set of collections encompssed by the report.16:11
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pedjaI always build llvm at least twice, because I always forget to update/rebuild ocaml-ctypes before that.Argh.16:20
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onoderaI always use the package :^)16:22
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pedjaand teK__ will bump clang version just when my llvm build finishes, so I'll build it yet again :)16:27
pedjaoh, well.such is life with source based distro.16:29
pedjaThe second season of 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' is insane.I like it ;)16:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.8.217:04
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pedjahm.llvm builds ocaml bindings, but they are not in the .footprint, and yet ocamlfind lists them as installed.wth is going on?17:44
pedjaand llvm is scattered all over /usr/lib/ocaml, instead in one directory.17:52
pedjaso ocamlfind -remove doesn't work.manual nuking it is.17:54
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tilmaneverything sucks18:28
pedjaeverything sucks more than my vacuum cleaner, which is supposed to suck, but doesn't.little bastard.18:40
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dlcusa shows a new missing package.20:04
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teK__brian|lfs and maraku thanks for noticing, will fix my mess now22:41
teK__*as appropriate22:41
teK__pedja: thats actually a feature you can turn on or off, so if there are lua/ocaml whatev bindings for any software but only due to a soft dependency, we leave them out so you guess can have non-fata footprint mismatches22:43
teK__prime example: cmus and it's ton of supported but optional codecs22:43
pedjateK__, ok.I had a problem updating from llvm-3.8 to 3.9 because of ocaml bindings.22:46
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teK__because of additional files only?22:47
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pedjallvm-3.9 saw that the bindings are built against the old version, and exited with the error.22:48
teK__did you find a fix other than uninstalling the old llvm?22:49
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pedjawiping the bindings from /usr/lib/ocaml manually22:49
teK__btw.. I pushed things around 2am and the first bug report popped up around 7am.. I love this community :-)22:50
pedjasince they are all over the place, ocamlfind remove doesn't work22:50
Worksterpedja, pkg-not /usr/lib/ocaml22:51
Worksterget pkg-not from my repo22:51
teK__I am not quite sure if the llvm port can fix this22:51
Worksterit'll list anything not tracked in the pkgadd/pkgrm database22:51
pedjathanks, Workster , I'll check it out22:52
Worksteri think the only solution is to remove the bindings update llvm then build the bindings and install again.22:52
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Worksterbut there might be untracked files from using -f on pkgadd or from nasty Pkgfiles or manually compiling, which can be avoided using fakeroot22:53
pedjaproper solution would be not to build them at all, but that's not an option with cmake :)22:53
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Worksteror a container to build in22:53
Worksterthat is stupid youc an't jsut do -D do not bloody build bindings22:54
pedjathere was a --bindings=none configure switch, but that's gone now22:54
Worksterin compat-32/openal-32 i did a hack to look for a fake binary22:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: bind: 9.9.9-P3 -> 9.9.9-P4, fixes CVE-2016-886422:57
pedjateK__, as I said, I patched llvm to do the right thing wrt ocaml bindings (install them to proper place), but there is an issue with ocamlfind22:58
pedjai emailed the maintainer of it, perhaps he has some ideas22:58
pedja'ocamlfind remove llvm' before llvm build is the hacky solution, but the only one I can think of atm23:02
Workstersed and delete the detection of ocaml in llvm23:03
Worksteror something or usee my llvm package that'll be uploaded later today23:03
teK__well disabling ocaml in llvm by default is not an option either23:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wireshark: use https for source23:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: clang: 3.8.1 -> 3.9.023:22
teK__just for you, pedja :P23:22
pedjaoh, goody23:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: llvm: cmake is now a dependency23:23
teK__I built it, want to have it?23:23
pedjayes, please23:23
teK__ if you date23:25
teK__I should get a letsencrypt certificate for this subdomain23:25
teK__ ..23:26
pedjathank you :)23:27
pedjait wants to overwrite some files from the llvm package.23:29
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teK__I suspected this23:30
teK__I should stop commiting that late.23:30
pedjacmake stuff and sanstats23:31
pedjait's so nice from my ISP not to give me passwords for ssh/telnet that run on the ADSL router.23:34
teK__if they do telnet, put a sniffer there, wait for them to push new configs ^;)23:34
pedjait's just for the LAN side, they use that remote management protocol thingie.I hope.23:39
teK__phenoelite had a database for default creds but it may be out of date now23:41
pedjaI changed the creds in the web frontend, but telnet/ssh are hardcoded in the fw, iirc23:42
pedjaand there are no exploits for the shh server they used, afaict.I looked :)23:44
teK__clang is building now again :023:45
pedjaAnd they route my emails to them directly to /dev/null, it seems.23:46
pedjaReplacing that router with something I can control is pretty high on my TODO list.23:47
teK__I switch mine to DSL modem only on put a dd-wrt box behind it23:48
pedjaI was thinking of something like pfSense/opnSense.23:48
teK__go wild23:49
jaegerI've used pfsense for many years now, very happy with it23:49
pedjai would, but the prices are insane here.23:49
teK__do you guys know fli4l, the single floppy router distro? :D23:50
teK__I have grown old.23:50
jaegerI remember using one of those dists like 15 years ago for grins23:51
teK__only thing that can safe meknow is some good old irony. brb (simpsons)23:51
teK__I never got it to work :P23:51
teK__as most stuff 15 years ago23:51
jaegerworst floppy experience was installing os2 warp from them... it was like 50 or 60 disks, can't remember now23:52
pedjaheh.I have isos for 4.52 somewhere.23:54
abenzoh wow did you 3D print the save icon?23:59

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