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teK__pedja: uploaded updated port00:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: clang: remove duplicate files fromllvm port00:14
pedjayay, that one works ;)00:15
pedjathanks again00:15
teK__no problem, wished I had done it righr, first time00:15
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Romsterof course llvm fails because of no cmake as dependency...01:17
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Romsterbuilding it and i'll push it to tonight01:19
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frinnstwtf usa?07:08
tilmanfuck if i know07:15
tilmanmaybe jaeger can break it down for us sometime ;)07:16
leetspete1Well, I didn't vote for Trump and do not like him, but I can say that the news here is pretty distorted about him, and what I've seen of foreign coverage (yay internets), it's not any better.07:33
leetspete1He's actually not as bad as he sounds.  He's still terrible.07:33
leetspete1(But my vote didn't matter in the least; I live in California.)07:35
frinnst2but the shit that comes out of his mouth..07:45
leetspete1Yeah.  He's pretty terrible.07:51
leetspete1One thing that will make a lot of it make more sense:  for 16 years (correct, 8 years after he left office), the media has been rambling about Bush, calling him Hitler, etc.07:53
leetspete1Bush, in terms of his actual policies, was a right-leaning centrist.  Not a good president, but not Hitler.07:54
leetspete1So when a guy that spouts actual, literal fascist rhetoric shows up, and they call him Hitler, most republicans were already ignoring that kind of talk.07:54
leetspete1And then Clinton is basically one of the most hated people in the country.07:55
frinnst2I still dont get why though07:56
leetspete1I'm not saying Trump's good or even tolerable; I want to stress that. ;)07:56
frinnst2(why she is THAT hated)07:56
frinnst2and people seem to think that you are electing a dictator for 4 years07:57
frinnst2thats obviously not the case. the prez signs laws. thats about it?07:57
leetspete1Ah, no.  He's going to have a very uncooperative Congress.07:57
leetspete1Signs laws, head of the military (sort of), head of diplomacy, appoints judges and federal prosecutors, etc.07:58
leetspete1Proposes the budget and can suggest laws, although it's entirely non-binding.07:59
frinnst2head of diplomacy07:59
leetspete1Haha, indeed.07:59
leetspete1It's really the cabinet that carries out most of the duties, and the president makes some decisions and largely poses for photos.07:59
leetspete1If he tries half of what he said he'd do, even the stuff he didn't back out of, he'd get impeached and then removed pretty quickly.08:00
crash_i don't get it why you choose a 70 year old for a president i mean the retierment home is near for him anyway.08:01
leetspete1Both were pretty old this year.  I don't mind an old president, because they tend to be a little more sensible...except this year.08:07
frinnst2anyways. atleast you got weed out of it08:36
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leetspete1Ha, yeah.  I liked that proposition, but only for philosophical reasons.  Glad it passed.  What didn't make the news, and bothered me more than Trump:09:01
leetspete1CA voted to keep the death penalty, and to limit the appeals.09:02
frinnst2lol what?09:03
frinnst2death penalty seems to be working well as a deterrent. its not like you have most prisoners in the world already09:03
leetspete1Ha, well, technically it's the US.  China doesn't count people that are involuntarily confined for re-education as "inmates".  But being second place is still pretty awful.09:05
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dlcusaPossible explanations, such as, may help.  The disappearing middle class seems to still vote.09:25
dlcusaAt least this should kill all concerns re: rigged USA elections.09:27
frinnst2were anybody else really concerned about that. other than trump that is09:27
dlcusaWell, there's acknowledgements of "miscalculations" beginning to appear.09:28
dlcusaI think rigging elections is always more likely than fixing elections--rigging is not omnipotent.09:31
dlcusaVoter fraud does happen, guys.  Hopefully it is rare, detected, and the perps get what they deserve.09:37
dlcusaRecent presidents have used more end-runs around Congress via Executive Orders and a friendly Supreme Court.09:41
dlcusaImpeachments are as hard to pull off as amending the Constitution.09:43
dlcusaTrump's may be easier.09:44
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wildefyro bou12:27
wildefyrdidn't expect to see election analysis here12:27
dlcusawildefyr, frinnst2 asked a question.12:36
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pedjaand I glad that it was answered.13:49
pedjaIt's always interesting to see people's perspective on their country13:49
pedja(I do that sometimes, so I am maybe biased :) )13:50
retardfrinnst2: you don't get why clinton is hated?13:50
retardthe woman who said "can't we just drone this guy" about assange?13:51
retardhillary "women have always been the primary victims of war" clinton?13:51
retardthe woman who publicly opposed an international free trade agreement while lobbying members of congress to support it?13:52
pedjathere's an interesting theory on why she lost so badly on conspiracy subreddit, of all places13:52
retardi've seen people blame the people who voted independently for this13:53
pedjagorilla got 11.000 votes13:54
retardclinton was a *dreadful* candidate, and i've been smiling and laughing this whole day13:54
retardtrump is not a snake in the grass, he will fuck up constantly, insult people and grab america by the pussy13:55
retardbut he won't erode civil liberties anymore, and he doesn't have the finesse to be twofaced13:55
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pedjaretard, would you've preferred Sanders as a candidate?13:55
retardpedja: sure13:56
retardthe us would not though13:56
pedjawhat about Trump's VP?he has quite a record as a governer, afaict13:57
pedjawell, we survived a civil war, bombing and a'll be fine ;)13:59
retardmike pence is considered the better half from what i've seen14:01
pedjaI can't wait for The Last Week Tonight.14:04
pedjaJohn Oliver staring into the void for half an hour.14:06
retardyou forgot him yelling TWENTY SIXTEEN one second before credits roll14:09
pedjaJon Stewart really picked a wrong year to retire :)14:11
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pedja'Now we know what was in the Chicago Cubs deal with the Devil'14:14
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pedjaback to tech.let's see if my nasty hack in llvm Pkgfile actually works.14:58
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vsteveis it right for ntp to chown some part of itself to a user named 'ntp'?17:20
vstevei'm trying to install ntp with prt-get install ntp and I get this error: + chown -R ntp:ntp /usr/ports/contrib/ntp/work/pkg/var/lib/ntp /usr/ports/contrib/ntp/work/pkg/var/run/ntp /usr/ports/contrib/ntp/work/pkg/var/log/ntp.log chown: invalid user: 'ntp:ntp'17:21
tilmanyou didn't run the pre-install script, i guess17:23
tilmanyou can enable the "runscript yes" thing in /etc/prt-get.conf17:24
vstevethat sounds plausible, where would I find that?17:24
tilmanto have them run automatically17:24
vsteveso what makes ntp so special?  I've never had to do anything like that before17:24
tilmanusing dedicated user accounts for your daemons is considered good security practice17:25
vsteveinteresting, I need to brush up on my security17:25
tilmanyou start them as root, they drop their root privileges by switching to the dedicated account (in this case, ntp:ntp)17:25
vsteveoh cool17:25
tilman_if_ there's a code execution bug in the ntp code, the attacked would only be able to run his stuff as 'ntp' instead of root17:26
vstevewell that's good to know17:26
vsteveI'm used to working on air-gapped systems where security is an after thought17:26
abenzyou run an unpatched kernel17:26
tilmanthere's more "unlesses", but that's the basic idea17:27
vsteveoh hey abenz17:27
abenzhi :)17:28
vsteveI put a good deal more work into my amdgpu-pro script, I've been working with the amd devs on it17:28
abenzhow's the nano now?17:28
vsteveI got opencl kernels running, got some interesting results17:28
vstevecertain memory operations run at 2 TB/s17:28
vsteveno GL yet though17:29
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vstevecan't execute openCL on the cpu though, so that's where I'm throwing dev info at the amd people17:29
vsteveonce I get an uninstaller implimented, I'll post the script in a more public place17:30
vsteveamd's dev forums are walled off even from reading for some reason (I think)17:31
tilmanshould i/can i use the amdgpu drivers on my SI card? R7 bonaire17:32
vstevewell so, amdgpu and amdgpu-pro are two different beasts17:32
abenztilman: I'd wait a while longer17:32
vsteveamdgpu may be your best bet17:32
abenza lot of changes are being merged into current kernels17:32
vsteveand what abenz said17:32
abenzunlike radeon which is quite mature17:32
vsteveradeon is half cob-webs at this point17:33
vsteveI'm trying to force my R9 nano to work full-featured in crux, so I'm doing lots of silly things no one really intended me to do17:33
vsteveGL worked...once...though performance was shit...but I forget if that was with amdgpu or amdgpu-pro17:34
abenzoutdated but gives you an idea17:34
vstevealso thanks for your help tilman17:35
pedjavsteve, if you want just the basic ntp client, try openntpd.17:40
vsteveoh I got it, I just wanted my system clock to be right17:40
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vstevedoes anyone know if all the kernels on have been patched for dirty cow?  or just the ones released since the discovery?19:00
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jaegerno idea here19:29
pedjaI don't understand the question.what 'all' kernels?listed on the front page or?19:40
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pedjaall longterm/stable kernels had a new release, so it's safe to assume that they are patched.19:42
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vsteveanyone around particularly adept with firefox?21:06
vsteveor compiling it, rather21:07
frinnstno :-)21:09
frinnstI maintain it, but it's a pain21:09
frinnstwhats up?21:09
frinnstif you have problems compiling the port in opt its probably because a new dependency was added - autoconf-1.13. Install that first21:10
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vsteveautoconf 1.13?21:12
vsteveI thought it was 2.1321:12
vsteveand I put in a symlink to point autoconf213 to autoconf21:12
vsteveand I had one error on an out of date "nss" whatever that is, I fixed that easily enough, but now I'm getting:21:18
vsteveDEBUG: configure:24125: /usr/bin/gcc -std=gnu99 -c -Wall -Wempty-body -Wignored-qualifiers -Wpointer-arith -Wsign-compare -Wtype-limits -Wunreachable-code -Wno-error=maybe-uninitialized -Wno-error=deprecated-declarations -Wno-error=array-bounds -O2 -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-math-errno -pthread -pipe   conftest.c 1>&5 ERROR: old-configure failed21:18
jaegerI doubt that symlinking autoconf works... if it were that simple it wouldn't be an extra dependency21:20
frinnstyes, 2.13 sorry21:21
frinnstyeah that wont work21:21
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vsteveoh weird21:41
vsteveso how do I get 2.13 on there?  when I do prt-get install autoconf, obviously it sees that it's already installed21:41
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vsteveand more importantly, can I have autoconf213 and autoconf installed at the same time?21:45
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pedjavsteve, yes.22:25
pedja'prt-get install autoconf-2.13'22:26
pedjaor 'prt-get depinst firefox'22:26
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vsteveahh thanks pedja, forgot about depinst22:34
pedja'prt-get depends' is also handy.22:36
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vstevefirefox is a remarkably tall order to recompile23:22
vsteveI updated my kernel in minutes, firefox has been chugging for about an hour now23:22
brian|lfswow what kind of processor and compile options23:27
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