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Sitri... what package is arp in?01:09
SitriWhile I'm at it dig/nslookup as well01:10
frinnstuse "ip neigh" instead01:10
SitriWhy are none of the network debugging tools default?01:10
frinnst"arp" is/was part of the net-tools port. Its been deprecated01:11
frinnstyou can use "prt-get fsearch <file>" to find what port supplies the program/file01:11
frinnstarp is being deprecated anyways. ipv6 doesnt use it01:13
SitriSure, but IPv4 is still being used01:13
frinnst <- differences01:13
frinnstdig is part of core/bindutils01:16
frinnstnslookup can be find in the bind port01:16
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aixi'm having some issues with uhm12:27
aix well this12:27
aixi can't remember what character that's supposed to be but it's definitely not a question mark12:28
aixLC_CTYPE is empty and there's no LANG variable in my env either12:28
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frinnstyou need to generate the locales you want yourself12:58
frinnstand set them12:58
aixi did12:58
frinnstits all in the handbook12:58
aixoh, how do i set them?12:58
frinnstexport LANG=<locale>12:58
aixoh damn12:58
frinnstif you want it for all bash-shells you can set it in /etc/profile12:59
frinnstor your ~/.bash_profile12:59
aixis xinitrc okay12:59
frinnstthink so13:00
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aixhi again14:18
aixseems that now compton refuses torun:
aixcould i be missing a package or something?14:19
aixalso, how would i go about enabling SLiM ?14:21
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tsaopI noticed that building llvm with -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=1 breaks stuff like vulkan applications and it is not recommended by upstream:
pedjaaix, add '--show-all-xerrors' to the compton line, and paste that.15:06
tsaopThey advise to build with -DLLVM_BUILD_LLVM_DYLIB and -DLLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB if you need a shared library15:06
pedjaaix, also output of glxinfo15:07
tsaopthe downside is you get a bunch of static llvm libraries in /usr/lib and a shared libLLVM.so15:07
frinnstaix: add slim's rc.d script to /etc/rc.conf15:14
frinnstlike with all services15:14
aixno xorg config necessary?15:15
frinnstdepends. xorg is pretty good at starting without one15:15
aix i need the mesa 32 bit package for steam, and i'm not sure what went wrong here15:15
aixso many issues at once :P15:16
frinnsti'd make sure to have xorg running before autostarting slim though15:16
aixdo i need to put xorg in the services line?15:16
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frinnstno. slim would start X for you15:16
frinnstbut i'd suggest just running "startx" before you have everyhting setup15:17
aixah okay15:17
aixpedja: glxinfo:
frinnstyou'll need to run glxinfo from X15:18
aix i am15:19
aixokay lemme just restart w/ slim15:20
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aixstill getting this
aixpedja: ^15:36
aixthis is from inside X15:36
pedja'gl-select status'15:38
aix"* xorg gl/glx is selected"15:40
pedjaare you using nvidia binary driver?15:41
aixyeah, `nvidia` is installed15:41
pedjagl-select use nvidia15:42
aixyeah just ran that one15:42
aixdoesn't seem to change anything15:42
aixglxinfo still fails15:42
pedjano error from gl-select?15:43
pedjatry gl-select use xorg, than gl-select use nvidia, and check the symlinks at /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions15:45 should point to libglx_so_nvidia15:46
jaegerDoes the Xorg log file show nvidia being used?15:46
aix yup15:47
aixglxinfo fails either way though15:49
pedjathat's weird15:49
aixis nvidia-sl a "lts" one?15:50
pedjano, short life15:50
pedjanvidia is the stable one15:51
aixokay what if i generate another xorg config15:53
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pedjapaste the whole /var/log/Xorg.0.log15:55
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aixit works now for some reason16:10
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aixbut steam still crashes because it needs a 32-bit which i don't have16:11
pedjathat's mesa3d-32, I think16:13
aixit is16:13
aix doesn't seem to compile though16:13
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pedjaxorg-libxcb-32 builds fine
aixis this all the same for you?
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aixhow recently did you update?16:26
aixo shit16:27
aixnvidia-32 fixed steam for me16:27
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vsteveis there a way to control when udev starts?  or alternatively can I get my system to only try to load the wlan modules later in startup?16:34
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vsteveI'm having a problem where I get "wlan[ERROR]" when system services come up, and I noticed in the kernel log that the intel wifi firmware blob fails to load, then later udev starts and it tries again and works the second time, I assume udev assists in the process somehow16:41
aix anyone know what's going on here?17:02
darfovsteve: udev is started by /etc/rc. You could comment it out but all sorts of stuff will break.17:04
vstevedarfo, thank you, maybe there's a way to get udev to start sooner?17:04
vsteveaix, I find this line HIGHLY suspect : [1112/] Less than 64MB of free space in temporary directory for shared memory files: 0 crash_20161112165746_1.dmp[26145]: Uploading dump (out-of-process)17:05
darfoI don't think so. the kernel calls init and then it calls /etc/rc due to /etc/inittab item.17:05
vsteveI don't know much about steam for linux, but I imagine it finds shared memory pretty important, I'd go to the steam devs17:05
vstevedarfo, poopy17:06
darfoWhy is the kernel not loading the firmware blob. Is the correct blob in the correct place?17:06
vsteveI believe so, lemme grab a log snippit17:06
aixthing is, there's a lot of errors in there and it doesnt look like it stops on any of them17:07
vsteve Nov 12 11:29:25 m11x kernel: [    0.556623] Intel(R) Wireless WiFi driver for Linux Nov 12 11:29:25 m11x kernel: [    0.556850] Copyright(c) 2003- 2015 Intel Corporation Nov 12 11:29:25 m11x kernel: [    0.557454] iwlwifi 0000:08:00.0: Direct firmware load for iwlwifi-7260-17.ucode failed with error -2 Nov 12 11:29:25 m11x kernel: [    0.557870] iwlwifi 0000:08:00.0: Direct firmware load for iwlwifi-7260-16.ucode failed with error -2 17:07
vsteveaix, there are a lot of errors, but I always try to track down complaints about memory first, programs get sad without memory, or the illusion of available memory17:08
vstevethat's just my two cents though, I'm no steam expert17:08
aixany idea what a "temporary directory for shared memory files" is?17:08
vsteveprobably something like /tmp or /var17:08
vstevebut I'm not sure exactly what it thinks that means17:09
vsteveI would have to redirect you to the steam devs on that as well17:09
vsteveknowing steam, it might use its own directory and for some reason it's not able to, which might explain the broken pipe17:10
darfoyou could change the driver to a module instead of built in to the kernel then load the firmware and modprobe the driver in /etc/rc.net17:10
vsteveahh brilliant17:10
vsteveI'll try that17:10
vstevethank you17:10
darfogood luck17:11
aixvsteve: where can i contact those steam devs?17:11
aixoh i need to mount shm17:13
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aixall works now!17:24
aixexcept i don't have en_US.UTF-8 locale, it's called en_US.utf8 and that apparently mucks things up17:24
aixalso multicore rendering is glitchy as hell17:24
aixis there an easier way to install multiple ports from different repos without cloning all manually?18:49
jueyes, install opt/mpup18:54
pedjahas anyone else has a problem with 'pass -e' not working?19:06
tilmanyou mean passwd?19:13
pedjano, password-store19:15
aixjue: would it then be possible to get a list of packages not installed from an updatable repo?19:15
aixas in, manually running httpup...19:15
aixalso, could i substitute one dependency for another19:28
aixsome packages need `freetype`19:29
aixi have `freetype-iu`19:29
aixand clearly i don't want to install both just to make dependency resolution scripts happy19:29
pedjadid you run post-install script for freetype-iu?19:29
pedjait will set up an alias, iirc19:30
pedjaafter freetype-2.7, freetype-iu is not that useful anymore, imho.I switched back from it to freetype-proper.19:32
pedjaand my fonts are still gorgeous :)19:33
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pedjaargh, I am so stupid.manpage for pass clearly states that's either -m OR -e, they can't be used both.19:46
onoderapedja: I might switch as well20:02
onoderaespecially since it seems like the main iu dev is gone20:02
pedjaI still, mostly out of lazyness, use my freetype port (enabled subpixel rendering).20:12
pedjawith good fonts, and some fonts.conf voodoo, vanilla freetype works just fine20:15
pedja(Adobe Source for me).YMMV.20:15
aixpretty right?20:22
frinnstaye. but too large for my taste20:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: spm: update to 1.5.020:51
aixyeah it's a little big20:52
aixwhat's your pkginfo -i | wc -l ?20:54
darfo# pkginfo -i |wc -l21:08
darfothat's a VM with only core installed21:08
darfonot sure why you want that number, it will vary greatly21:09
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aixjust curious21:21
aixmine's 48021:21
SitriWhat did you do to get the lines in ls?21:32
aixinstalled ls++21:33
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