IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2016-11-13

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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: util-linux-32: 2.28.2 -> 2.2901:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: mesa3d-32: 12.0.3 -> 12.0.401:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: git: 2.10.0 -> 2.10.201:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.9.22 -> 1.9.2305:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pkgconf: update to 1.0.208:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: mksh: update to R5408:51
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frinnstport 53 should be open now10:44
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teK__this wont help either, sorry11:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: llvm: use DYLIB option instead of shared libraries12:08
teK__FP mismatch?12:13
teK__or what's the issue :)12:13
teK__that I included it again?12:13
Romsterno just see the file that you had removed before the llvm update12:14
teK__if you try to build some target (I tested bpf), it will complain about the missing file because it is referenced in several .cmake files12:16
teK__so I opted for including it again vs. patching those files, too12:16
Romsteri see12:16
Romsterwasn't there a way to build shared with static?12:17
teK__but thanks for payiung attention12:17
Romsterwell i have to redo llvm-32 again12:18
teK__there was a bug report that building failed in shared lib mode, its also discouraged by upstream12:18
teK__and what do you mean shared with static? By using the .a archive?12:18
teK__as I wrote in -devel.. I am not quite sure why this is required  or should be better than having indivual shared librarires12:19
RomsterDYLIB o thought would keep all the .so files and also add the .a files12:19
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Romsterno idea12:19
teK__yeah, you get one big and the ar files12:20
Romsteri see12:26
Romsterwell i don't understand hot it quite works, than one monolithic shared library or 212:26
teK__difference: one works in general, the other doesnt anymore ;)12:27
Romsteri bet it boils down to assuming and hard coding stuff.12:27
Romsterin programs that depend on llvm12:27
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: llvm-32: use DYLIB option instead of shared libraries13:12
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aixHi there13:36
aixWhat kinds of window managers do you guys use?13:36
frinnstfluxbox here13:36
aixI kind of want something that shows I use crux13:36
aixalso, the slim crux theme has slightly broken writing13:37
aixis that like openbox?13:37
emmett1im using dwm13:37
aixi don't mean name-wise13:37
aixoh man i forgot about dwm13:37
aixyou compile it yourself or is there a way to edit the config before compiling?13:37
emmett1recompile everytime edit config.h13:38
aixyeah i figured that but13:38
emmett1so i dont make Pkgfile for dwm13:38
aixusing the ports manager13:38
aixoh so you compile it yourself13:38
emmett1its hard to make Pkgfile for my dwm setup13:38
aixi've kinda run into some issues with mpv13:38
emmett1bcoz to many patches13:39
aixit doesn't seem to show the progress bar anymore13:39
emmett1i dont use mpv13:39
aixwhat do you use for video playback?13:39
frinnstmplayer here13:39
emmett1smplayer + mplayer13:39
emmett1before this i make mplayer with support gui13:40
aixmpv kinda is mplayer13:40
aixthats essentially mpv :P13:40
frinnstmpv is just a mplayer fork13:40
emmett1mpv is different with mplayer13:40
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emmett1i dont know13:40
aixwell it's also horribly laggy for some reason13:41
emmett1but play with mpv got screen flickering on video13:41
emmett1mplayer doing great no flickering at all13:41
aixoh also what browsers do you use13:41
emmett1for now firefox13:41
emmett1theres other browser good for linux?13:41
emmett1other than firefox?13:42
aixthere's luakit and dwb13:42
aixbut they are to firefox what i3 is to lxde13:42
emmett1tried luakit but so much key to remember13:42
emmett1so just stick with firefox13:42
emmett1i can use uget with firefox13:43
emmett1for easy downloading13:43
emmett1yeah uget13:43
aixthat a plugin?13:43
emmett1no, its a download manager13:43
aixwhy not just use wget c;13:43
emmett1like idm on windows13:43
emmett1uget got gui13:44
emmett1i dont know how to resuming download using wget13:44
emmett1see my dwm setup :P13:48
emmett1still work in progress13:50
emmett1not found suitable Xdefaults color yet13:51
pedjatry base1613:51
aixmplayer works pretty well actually13:51
emmett1pedja, base16?13:51
aixyou should try ACYL13:51
emmett1aix, yeah13:52
pedjaI've been using monokai-dark for a while now.13:55
pedjafor vim and xfcee-terminal13:56
emmett1pedja, base16 is nice13:58
emmett1nice color13:58
emmett1but not matching with my crux wallpaper13:58
pedja <---previews13:59
emmett1 <-- dont know hoy to use this with urxvt14:02
emmett1what gtk theme and icon do u use guys?14:04
emmett1so hard to find gtk theme not broken with firefox14:05
emmett1yeah im using archblue-numix14:05
emmett1from arch > gentoo and now crux14:05
emmett1still archblue-numix14:05
emmett1cant find another gtk theme that perfect like numix14:06
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pedjadamn, new libvirt site is nice.14:35
pedjawelcome to 2016.14:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: quota: update to git HEAD as of 2016080915:28
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john_cephalopodafltk seems to install to a wrong directory.15:32
john_cephalopodaOh, wait, it just interfered with something else.15:34
john_cephalopodaNow it works.15:34
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tsaopteK__: thanks for the llvm fix!16:08
teK__thanks for reporting, the docu stated that shared lib is discouraged..16:08
tsaopvulkaninfo should work now16:09
tsaoptoo bad the vulkan example apps still glitch horribly on my R9 390 with RADV16:09
tsaopbut at least something gets shown16:09
teK__I should revisit my BPF example program which also failed to compile16:10
tsaopmmh, looking into vulkan-icd-loader and vulkan-validation-layers16:12
tsaopattempting to package them16:12
teK__go wild (I have no idea about GPU based computation AT ALL)16:12
tsaopI guess i can't be bothered and just make a single Pkgbuild that installs them both without splitting16:12
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tsaopit needs python316:15
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tsaopvulkaninfo runs now, as expected:
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pedjaVulkan port of Quake runs fine, too :)20:10
pedja(with Nvidia binary driver, after some tweaking)20:11
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