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vstevewhere do I find error logs for system services?00:07
vsteveI'm still getting wlan [Error] on start up...though it appears to be working fine, I'd love to know what's throwing the error00:09
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vsteve...I guess my last message got eaten by the void?  tilman told me to compile the intel wifi stuff as a module, which fixed some repetative errors in the kernel log, but didn't change the system startup for wlan00:43
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jaegerWhat's the problem with the startup?01:01
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vstevehey jaeger, when I start up, I get the text that shows the system services coming up, and it goes through all the normal stuff, lo net crond and wlan01:16
vsteveon wlan it prints [Error]01:16
vstevebut 1. I'm not sure where it's telling me exactly what error it's having, and 2.wlan seems to actually be working fine, so now I'm just curious why it thinks there's an error01:17
jaegertake it out of the services array and then run /etc/rc.d/wlan start manually after a boot, see if it shows you the error01:18
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vsteveso jaeger, a few things01:26
vsteveone, x11 (which I normally start with 'startx') seems really confused when I try to launch it prior to letting wlan do its thing01:26
vsteveI got tired of waiting for x11 to move, so I hit ctrl+c and for some reason that made it come up01:26
vstevenow, the error I get when manually doing ./wlan start is : Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant /sbin/dhcpcd already running.01:27
jaegerFix one thing at a time. I'd ignore X until you get wlan sorted01:28
jaegerLooks like dhcpcd is being started somewhere else, too. Are you running both net and wlan?01:28
vsteveI imagine so, if net is on by default in crux 3.2, I haven't gone out of my way to disable it01:32
vstevebut what starts net?01:33
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jaegeris it in the services array?01:34
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vsteve....oh boy01:37
vsteveit sure is01:37
vsteveso I guess I should take the dhcpd line out of either net or wlan?01:39
jaegerprobably, or avoid using net if you only need wlan01:41
vsteveahh I thought wlan depended on net01:43
vstevebrb again01:44
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vsteveok, seems alright without net, but 'startx' is still acting weird01:48
vsteveit takes a long time claiming that various Xauthrority files can't be found01:49
vstevecuriously the Xorg log in /var/log shows no error or complaint01:50
jaegerwhat does your .xinitrc contain?01:51
vsteveno quotes, that's just the only line01:52
jaegershould probably be 'exec icewm' but I'm not sure that would cause issues01:56
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vsteveit's been fine until i started messing with 'net' and 'wlan'01:58
vsteveI don't know what could have changed in there that'd have any impact on x1101:58
jaegerperhaps icewm is trying to do something that requires a network connection02:00
ryu0well, x11 does use sockets, even locally.02:00
ryu0but i don't see why unix sockets would have issues there.02:00
vsteveryu, I was wondering about that02:00
ryu0(then again i didn't hear the start of this)02:00
vstevethe short version is, I've been getting wlan [Error] on startup when the system services come up, though wifi seems to be working fine, and always has02:01
jaegercan you pastebin your wlan script?02:02
vsteveout of academic curiousity, I wanted to see what was causing the error, and apparently having net and wlan start up is an issue because they both launch dhcpd02:02
jaegerlooks alright02:04
vstevecan't you delete the .Xauth files if x11 acts up?02:08
vsteveI thought that was one of the preliminary quick fix type things02:08
vsteveor there was something you could delete...I thought02:08
ryu0vsteve: and the error is?02:10
vsteveryu, it doesn't show up in the Xorg log02:12
vstevebut I see it...I'll have to do something else to capture it02:12
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vstevewell this is odd02:14
vsteveso in that wlan script, I noticed that when it puts the options on dhcpd, it has a line containing $(/bin/hostname)02:15
vstevei noticed in the script for net, when hostname gets called, it's handled like '/bin/hostname' instead of with brackets02:16
vsteveI assume...somehow...when wlan runs and tries to do $(/bin/hostname) it's not doing something it should02:16
vsteveso I changed that in my wlan script, now x11 comes up without a fight02:16
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vsteve_annddd I kicked myself out of irc02:17
vsteve_anyway,I have to assume that when x11 or icewm come up, they're doing something that needs /bin/hostname to have run a certain way (I guess?)02:18
vsteve_does that make any sense, or am I just wandering through a minefield of my own stupidity?02:19
jaegerdoesn't make sense to me... but you could also just remove the -h <hostname> option from dhcpcd entirely02:19
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vsteve_well, as it stands, the options being passed to dhcpcd are "--waitip -h '/bin/hostname' -z wlp8s0"02:22
ryu0ACTION winces.02:22
jaegerso dhcpcd is reporting your hostname is "/bin/hostname" instead of your actual hostname02:23
jaegeryou probably want `/bin/hostname` instead02:23
jaegeror to remove it02:23
ryu0but $() does the same thing.02:23
rmullbackticks is the default02:23
jaegerIt should indeed do the same thing02:23
jaegereven in dash02:23
ryu0oh, dash. i'm used to bash.02:24
rmullI've had problems using the crux default rc.d/net script with multiple interfaces until I started passing the interface name to the dhcpcd invocation for each interface02:24
rmulljaeger and I discussed it some time ago and there was a reason for not doing that by default but I can't quite recall it02:24
jaegerIt was because the dhcpcd dev said it was recommended02:25
rmullah right02:25
ryu0it is possible to setup dhcpcd to run on all interfaces in its own separate process rather than per interface.02:26
ryu0i experimented with that once but no idea if it is recommended.02:26
ryu0couse you could always try dhclient02:26
rmullMore specifically, what I did was modify the stop case in /etc/rc.d/net to say /sbin/dhcpcd -x ${DEV}02:27
rmullBut maybe that's not related to your issue, I haven't read the whole scrollback02:27
ryu0shame there's no network management system that doesn't weight a shitton02:28
vsteve_...I've gotta be screwing something else up02:28
rmullIf the problem at the moment remains that /etc/rc.d/wlan start is failing because dhcpcd is running, I recommend a pkill dhcpcd and retrying02:28
vsteve_hold please02:29
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rmullwpa_supplicant and dhcpcd should both be killed off for good before attempting to start the wlan script again02:29
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vsteveI set '/bin/hostname' back to $(/bin/hostname), exactly the way it was02:32
vstevenow everything is fine02:32
vsteveso have no idea what's going on02:32
vsteveso, that's fun02:33
vsteveanywho, thanks for your help all02:34
vsteveI'm out for now02:34
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ryu0rmull: almost makes me wonder if connman would be a small enough network manager to offer an alternative to the standard networking scripts for computers that need more than wired management.02:36
ryu0of course it doesn't make much sense to use it for all computers, just certain types...02:37
rmullI'm not familiar with it02:41
ryu0rmull: me either, but it doesn't appear to be as heavy as networkmanager is.02:42
ryu0it was designed to be "lightweight".02:42
ryu0embedded devices even.02:43
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frinnst2anyone have experience with seagate ironwolf disks?09:07
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frinnst210TB ~369€09:08
frinnst22 in raid1 perhaps?09:11
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Romsteri tend to put <hostname> in /etc/hosts so that X11 can resolve my hostname to localhost.09:34
Romsternot sure if that is required but i know it fixed something in the past.09:34
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retardi'd rather hgst, frinnst212:05
frinnst2they are still deathstar in my mind :-)12:15
frinnst275gxp or whatever it was called12:15
frinnst2our old netapp 2040 has ~40 seagate disks in it. not a single failure for 6-7 years12:16
abenz_hgst no more retard12:16
abenz_hitachi sold that business long ago12:16
abenz_its being made by none other...12:16
frinnst2our 2240 has hitachi and we lost one in 4 years12:16
abenz_anyways with HDDs its very anecdotal, some people swear by X, while others swear by Y12:17
frinnst2yeah. seagate had a bad run in 2012? with the floods12:17
abenz_and its all based on anecdotal stories, you never know what condition the HDDs were running at (temp, use, etc..)12:17
frinnst2the drives manufactured afterwards were shit12:17
frinnst2hitachi (ibm then) made a bunch of crap drives in -00 or something12:18
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retardi am fine with toshiba and hgst14:10
retardfor consumer grade the cheapest option is good14:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] chromium: update to 54.0.2840.10014:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: jdk: update to 1.8.0_11214:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: u-boot-tools: update to 2016.1114:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: vte-gtk3: update to 0.46.114:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libwnck-gtk3: update to 3.20.1 and fix deps14:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libsdl2: update to 2.0.514:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: usemod: update to 1.0.615:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] poppler: update to 0.49.015:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: poppler-glib: update to 0.49.015:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.49.015:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: ruby: update to 2.3.215:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: ruby-doc: update to 2.3.215:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: msmtp: update to 2.3.215:35
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libdrm: upate to 2..4.7316:14
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-libxfont2: initial release18:18
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onoderaRomster: There is a new libass19:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: firefox: updated to 50.019:44
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pedjasome pretty nice hw pr0n here
pedja <---want (can't afford, but want).20:00
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frinnstlooks like a hp microserver20:03
frinnstbut beefier20:03
frinnstthe price is pretty fucked up though20:03
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pedjathe CPU is half of the price :)20:08
pedjaI know a few people that can afford this without a problem, but they rather spend this kind of money on Apple gear.20:13
pedjaor their children.20:13
pedja128Gb/12 cores is an ideal machine to build FF on.20:17
pedjaFree* Win2k16 DC licence if you switch from VSphere?Sneaky, MS, sneaky.20:20
abenzthere's a win2k16? heh20:21
pedjaHyperV Manager looks like a polished virt-manager or Ovirt.20:22
pedjaNano Server is no longer remote admin only?I might play with it then.20:32
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tilmanACTION installs an ancient fucking version of autoconf so he can build fucking firefox21:08
dlcusa6c37's opencv no longer references package mesa, and alan's k2pdfopt and tesseract packages reference missing package leptonica.21:08
pedjait references mesa, which is wrong, it should be mesa3d.21:16
onoderathanks for the headup dlcusa/pedja21:18
pedjawell, that was quick ;)21:19
retardACTION enables swap on his 8gb ram system that never uses more than 2 gb so he can build webkit21:21
onoderaI want netsurf to be usable21:25
onoderacompiles in a minute or so, launches immediately21:26
onoderaas oposed to chromium/firefox which takes like 5 seconds on my machine21:26
pedjato build?damn21:27
pedjaWell, FF didn't break any of my extensions, and looks OK with Numix theme, so I am happy.21:29
joacimI just use swapd =)21:35
joacimcreates swap files as needed21:35
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retardonodera netsurf is my wet dream21:51
retardwould be21:51
retardif it worked just a little better21:51
pedjaspeaking of browsers, is there any of the console ones that actually work with the 'modern Web'?21:57
pedjathe problem is almost every goddamn site requires javascript to work properly.21:59
pedjawhich makes troubleshooting without X running...challenging...22:00
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dlcusapedja, onodera, it referenced mesa, now it does not; i.e., it's been fixed.22:48
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