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brian|lfslots of new packages last few days00:18
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frinnsttilman: autoconf 2.13 was always needed to build firefox.07:01
frinnstbut they used to bootstrap the source with it, so you didnt need it to build07:02
frinnstthey no longer do that. because fuck you07:02
tilmanfuck me then07:02
retardthe most hilarious dependency07:05
retard1999-01-05 Ben Elliston releases Autoconf 2.13.07:07
tilmanwhen i said "ancient" i didn't actually know it was *that* old :o07:11
nwegood morning!07:20
abenz1999? thats vintage07:41
frinnst2ACTION is bidding on 2 x amiga 4000 04007:41
abenzanything before the .com boom is historical by now07:41
frinnst215 bids now :(07:42
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frinnst2load average: 7.25, 6.69, 6.4808:27
frinnst2my pc at work is sooooo fast08:27
abenz325 EUR?08:41
abenzACTION places another bid08:43
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frinnstim #3 in the bidding war :-)11:27
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abenzfirefox's share is far below than I expected15:26
abenzless than 6% !15:27
abenzchrome took over the interweb15:27
frinnst2shame for everybody15:38
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abenzgoogle is very aggressive in marketing chrome15:39
abenzwhen you google: get chrome!, antivirus?: Install chrome!, youtube? Chrome!15:40
frinnst2I wonder how much data they really mine from chrome15:44
koriAll of it15:51
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pedjaabenz, source for that?17:29 ? :-)17:33
pedjaaccording to this, it's ~16% and declining17:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: nginx: updated to version 1.11.617:39
pedjaso, becoming a Chrome clone was a bad decision?who knew.17:40
pedjathanks, abenz17:51
pedjathey put FF (all versions) to ~12%, and declining.17:55
pedjalinux desktop is 1.2%, so the Year of the Linux Desktop[tm] is, by my calculations, 2138.17:57
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pedjagive or take a 1000 years18:00
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NecrosporusI cannot install glibc-32 port because of lack stubs-32.h include23:16
Necrosporusand I have tried to install it because I want to update gcc23:16
frinnstwhy dont you have glibc-32 installed?23:18
frinnstits installed with core23:18
frinnstyou can manually install it from the iso23:19
frinnst"its broken because i've broken it"23:20
NecrosporusI do not want to run 32 bit apps23:26
NecrosporusAlso I think I have removed iso23:27
frinnstits a vital part of the toolchain23:27
jaegerYes, you need glibc-32 even if you don't run 32-bit apps. It's the only required -32 package23:28
NecrosporusI didn't know that23:29
NecrosporusAlso cc1plus segfaults23:30
Necrosporusdo you think it could be because of this?23:30
jaegerConsider removing anything in core a "bad idea"23:30
frinnsthehe yes23:30
jaegeryes, definitely23:30
Necrosporusbut it did work on other apps I have compiled23:30
NecrosporusIs there a way to get a prebuilt package from internet?23:32
NecrosporusLike prt-get23:32
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frinnstnothing official23:33
frinnst"pkg-get" is a thing23:33
Necrosporusso there is no way to get that file but to download iso again and unpack it?23:34
Necrosporusor ask somebody else to23:34
frinnstjust a sec23:34
frinnstuploading it now23:34
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Necrosporus~# modprobe isofs23:49
Necrosporusmodprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'isofs': Device or resource busy23:49
Necrosporus~# mount -o loop,ro crux-3.2.iso /mnt23:50
Necrosporusmount: /mnt: mount failed: Unknown error -123:50
Necrosporuswhat am I doing wrong?23:50
abenzI usually modprobe loop ..23:51
Necrosporusthen it works23:52
NecrosporusI thought mount was supposed to do it automatically23:52
Necrosporusbut what's wrong with isofs module?23:52

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