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Romstermount -t iso9660 -o loop crux-3.2.iso /mnt01:26
Romsteryou are probably missing support for loop mounting in your kernel01:27
Romster$ zgrep CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP /proc/config.gz01:27
RomsterNecrosporus, ^01:27
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brian|lfsWe really need to consider getting api keys for chromium06:35
marakutrue, that would be nice06:36
marakualso, widevine for netflix06:36
brian|lfsnetflix don't bother me I'll watch that on my TV06:39
brian|lfsis widevine a seperate package06:39
marakusort of06:41
marakuit's a binary bundled with chrome06:41
marakutake and from the chrome deb and put it in /usr/lib/chromium06:42
marakuthat and a patch + enable in the Pkgfile = working netflix06:42
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brian|lfshey maraku I got webspace and lots of ports but never got aroudn to getting a repo working lol06:50
brian|lfsjust got too busy to care06:50
brian|lfsso I jsut use my ports locally06:50
brian|lfswhich isn't nice sharing is caring06:50
marakulet your ports be free!06:51
brian|lfsmajor port I got is the skype alpha06:51
marakugithub's pretty nice for hosting ports, i use it and 6c37 + a ton of other people here do to06:51
brian|lfsinteresting never tried github06:52
marakui mainly do it because i have multiple machines running crux, but revision control's always good06:52
brian|lfsI hope 3.3 is close to release06:53
brian|lfsI've seen a lot of updates to 3.306:53
marakuyeah, the package update emails get duplicated for 3.2 and 3.306:53
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emmett1anybody can share latest compiled gcc and llvm?07:59
emmett1my laptop dead yesterday07:59
emmett1now im installing crux on old netbook08:00
emmett1intel atom08:00
frinnst2i build with -native on this machine08:00
frinnst2so it wont run on an atom08:00
emmett1its ok08:01
emmett1i think its gonna take 5 to 6 hours to compile llvm and gcc each on this machine08:01
emmett1i got i7 pc at home08:02
marakuoh, you could get the updated iso from jaeger08:02
emmett1its ok if im install compiled package from that pc?08:02
marakuthat has new llvm and gcc08:02
Romsterjust uploading gcc now08:02
emmett1Romster, ok thanks08:03
Romsteryou'll need mesa3d wit the llvm 3.9.0-2 to match if you use mesa3d08:03
emmett1i cant open firefox right now cuz not update to latest yet08:04
emmett1its always force closed08:04
emmett1can u give me the link08:04
Romsterfirefox is there too ^08:04
emmett1so i can just wget it08:04
Romsterwget or curl and pkgadd08:04
Romsterjsut eb sore you got all the other dependencies installed already08:05
frinnst2"jsut eb sore"08:05
abenz_I think he means he wants the direct link to FF so he can wget the file08:05
Romsterjust be sure08:05
emmett1abenz_, yeah u right08:05
abenz_since he can't open the page08:05
emmett1old version firefox always forced closed08:05
Romsterwget -O firefox#49.0-1.pkg.tar.xz08:06
abenz_how much ram does your netbook have?08:06
emmett11gb ddr208:06
abenzyea not sure installing a new one will help there08:06
emmett1thanks Romster, wget it right now08:07
abenztry lynx browser08:07
abenzdont run a GUI08:07
emmett1but firefox cant run anyway if its dependency not update yet08:07
emmett1abenz, i will try lynx08:07
abenznot sure how text browsers handle the modern web.. haven't tried one is ages08:09
abenznow with frameworks and bootstraps and all08:09
emmett1gotta try it first08:11
emmett1u know any lightweight web browser with gui08:11
emmett1cuz firefox eat so much ram08:11
frinnst2about:performance can be useful08:12
emmett1frinnst2, ok i will look at that08:13
SitriNot even sure if it's still maintained08:19
frinnst2most performance troubles i've seen in firefox seem to be extensions doing stupid things08:19
frinnst2and ofcourse javascripts08:22
Romstermidori isn't doing many commits
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-input-keyboard: update to 1.9.009:00
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-input-mouse: update to 1.9.209:00
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu: update to 1.2.009:00
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: update to 7.8.009:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: amule: 10866 -> 2.3.2 FS#134909:02
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loungehi ,i seee crux 3.3 is coming ,when will be available for download ?16:15
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frinnstlounge: not sure, a few weeks atleast16:31
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SitriWhat do I have to do to make firefox be able to play mp4s?17:13
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frinnstinstall ffmpeg17:52
frinnstprt-get readme firefox17:52
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SitriNot seeing a port for ffmpeg, guess just install from source myself?18:41
SitriI'm on 3.218:41
marakuyou've got to enable contrib Sitri18:43
marakuor just httpup/rsync just ffmpeg18:43
SitriOh, deer18:45
SitriThanks :)18:45
SitriGuessing I'll need to rebuild firefox after?18:48
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onoderaSitri: I imagine so19:13
onoderabut you should test it just to be sure19:13
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frinnstno you dont20:34
frinnstjust restart it20:34
SitriTo late, rebuilt anyways.  Last version was a binary download I think20:40
SitriThings work now though, so \o/20:40
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