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tilmanpedja: re. firefox not showing link targets. this was a window size issue; moving ff from a 1920x1200 spectrwm workspace to a 1920x1080 workspace didn't resize the window or something10:33
tilmanpedja: i apologize for talking shit about our glorious bloated browser10:34
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ryu0tilman: it may be a turd, but it's our turd!11:25
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frinnstdont you miss maintaining firefox tilman? :D11:58
tilmandon't think i ever did11:58
frinnstI adopted it from you!11:59
tilmani have no recollection of that happening12:00
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emmett1what advantage if i change CFLAGS in pkgmk.conf?13:31
onoderaemmett1: customization13:35
onoderafor example I have march=native for optimizations that are specialized for my cpu13:35
emmett1is it make compilation faster?13:36
onoderawell, you can use -pipe (if you are not compiling in ram) for faster compilation13:38
onoderaor edit the MAKEFLAGS var to use more cores (if you have them)13:38
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emmett1i got intel atom13:39
emmett1can i use march=native too?13:40
onoderamarch=natvie is pretty much an alias for march=atom then13:42
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emmett1i found this on funtoo subarch -->  -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -march=bonnell -pipe13:43
emmett1can i use it for intel atom?13:43
emmett1if i change to march=native, i have to recompile everthing in my crux?13:45
onoderaI don't suggest using stuff besides the -O2, march and pipe flags13:48
onoderasuch as fomit-frame-pointer, I've heard it causes more harm than good13:49
onoderaanyways, yes, if you want to take advantage of the optimizations, you have to recompile stuff13:49
onoderabut really, the performance gain is minimal, so you don't have to13:50
onoderahm it looks like fomit frame pointer gets enabled by -O2 already13:51
emmett1ok thanks for information onodera13:52
emmett1u say the performance gain is minimal, so i think im stick with default CFLAGS13:52
emmett1since i got only intel atom only13:53
emmett1compile firefox already take 5-6 hours13:53
emmett1if i compile everything its gonna take almost a week i think13:53
emmett1btw, i got intel i7-3770 home pc running crux also13:55
emmett1what CFLAGS u suggest to use for my intel i7?13:56
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emmett1since compile on my home pc faster a bit, i want take chance to try change its CFLAGS13:57
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tilmanthe correct answer is -march=native -O2 ;)14:09
john_cephalopodaemmett1: Are you using all of your CPUs to compile?14:14
john_cephalopodai.e. MAKEFLAGS="-j8"14:15
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pedjatilman, I guess our choices wrt.browsers are: bloated FF or data hoover by Google :)14:48
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john_cephalopodaThat reminds me of the message I get on some file upload sites when visiting them with lynx.14:53
john_cephalopoda"Your browser is not fire fam. Install the latest Firefox or Google Botnet and come back <3"14:54
tilmanwtf does "fire fam" mean?14:54
john_cephalopodatilman: The website is It's using some slang stuff to match the website theme.14:55
john_cephalopodaMy internet connection is horrible right now. 6KiB/s (mobile internet).14:56
john_cephalopodaFirefox is nearly unusable and most stuff just looks like crap in lynx.14:56
pedjawelcome to Web 2.014:57
john_cephalopodaI am messing around with gopher sometimes. It's really fast and it looks good in any browser.14:57
john_cephalopodaLess than 500 sites exist though, most of those are pretty boring.14:58
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emmett1john_cephalopoda, yeah already use all of my cpu to compile16:07
emmett1already set MAKEFLAGS16:08
john_cephalopodaCFLAGS don't bring that much speed boost.16:09
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emmett1i see16:10
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retardany efi gurus here? my /sys/firmware/efi/efivars is unpopulated, despite booting in uefi mode20:35
retardi just want to be able to write a boot entry20:35
jaegeris the efivars module loaded?20:35
jaegeryou can use either efivars or efivarfs - efivarfs is the newer one but both should work in general20:36
retardthe efivars module is loaded, but i haven't tried efivarfs20:36
jaegerone populates /sys/firmware/efi/vars, the other /sys/firmware/efi/efivars20:37
jaegercheck vars instead of efivars, tehn20:37
retardefibootmgr insists on efivars20:37
retardi don't really know how to do this without efibootmgr :X20:37
jaegermaybe version-dependent. I changed the ISO to efivarfs in 3.3 anyway20:38
retardmodprobe efivarfs leaves efivars unpopulated20:38
jaegertry loading efivarfs and mounting the filesystem20:38
jaegerthe efivars module created the vars automatically, efivarfs is a filesystem you need to mount20:38
jaegermount -t efivarfs none /sys/firmware/efi/efivars20:38
retardTHANK YOU.20:39
retardthat worked20:39
retardthank you so much jaeger20:39
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rmullRomster: ping, youtube-dl could use a bump22:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: youtube-dl: 2016.06.27 -> 2016.11.1823:12
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