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rmullRomster: Cheers04:52
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Romsterrmull, :)05:41
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*** emmett1 has joined #crux11:15 it possible to make crux act like homeserver?11:15
ryu0emmett1: why wouldn't it be?11:17
ryu0any system with sockets can be made into a server.11:18
emmett1i want make my data like movie and song inside my external drive that connected to my laptop can be access by any mobile phone and laptop at my home11:20
emmett1but i dont know how11:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: slock: update to 1.411:21
emmett1what i need to make it work?11:22
ryu0emmett1: that depends entirely on what client software is available on the host devices.11:31
ryu0samba (SMB) is a good choice if you want to share files on only the LAN.11:32
ryu0but, i don't know if phones even support SMB.11:32
ryu0though i personally prefer SSH SFTP or SCP.11:33
ryu0it comes free with sshd.11:33
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emmett1ok thanks ryu011:43
emmett1im gonna google-ing and utube-ing for SMB SSH SFTP and SCP 1st11:44
abenzalso google dlna11:44
emmett1to see what i need11:44
ryu0ssh is for remote logins.11:44
abenzreadymedia or minidlna11:44
ryu0SFTP / SCP are file transfer protocols that work over ssh.11:44
ryu0ssh is also a channel that other protocols can use.11:44
emmett1ok thanks guys11:45
emmett1i'seen on utube they use samba on ubuntu server11:45
emmett1but i dont understand much yet about samba11:45
ryu0my ubuntu 16.04 NAS uses samba to serve windows clients.11:45
ryu0other than that i don't use it.11:45
emmett1need google more11:45
emmett1what client is good for windows?11:47
emmett1and for linux?11:47
ryu0samba. windows comes with it out of the box.11:47
emmett1owh ok11:47
ryu0for Linux? use something else. i prefer SFTP and SCP, but it's entirely up to you.11:47
emmett1for linux thunar can?11:47
ryu0it's just convenient.11:47
ryu0oh, you're thinking of VFS... no idea. i don't use VFS much on Linux.11:47
ryu0i use sftp/scp from command line.11:48
ryu0though i guess you can make them available to any local software if you use fuse.11:48
emmett1woah, VFS?11:48
emmett1too much coming11:48
ryu0it's a general concept.11:48
ryu0virtual file system.11:48
emmett1cant catch that11:48
ryu0it's used by some software programs to access files that aren't stored in a literal file system.11:49
ryu0could be network, a zip archive, etc.11:49
ryu0thunar provides a means of using VFS last i checked.11:49
ryu0like conceivably it could access files over the network using a VFS abstraction.11:50
ryu0that are actually accessed over another protocl like SMB.11:50
emmett1i got windows,linux,android and ios user at my home11:50
emmett1i wish all can acces my shared data11:51
ryu0they can, you'll just need to understand your technology better.11:51
ryu0just i don't know what smart phones ship with out of the box.11:51
emmett1i dont understand yet about sharing like this11:52
ryu0Linux can adapt to nearly anything11:52
emmett1just starting to learn11:52
ryu0Samba (SMB) is the only thing i can think of that works out of the box with windows.11:52
ryu0it's how windows has conventionally shared files with other windows machines.11:52
ryu0there's always FTP but i consider that a last resort.11:53
ryu0it's insecure.11:53
emmett1ok im gonna try samba 1st then to see how it look11:54
ryu0there's no shame in using multiple services.11:54
ryu0i just tend to prefer fewer of them (security reasons).11:55
ryu0but not always an option.11:55
emmett1thanks ryu011:55
emmett1im going to watch utube and google more11:56
emmett1if got stuck i will come here11:56
ryu0or, heaven forbid, you crack open a manual :)11:56
emmett1read manual u mean??11:57
ryu0how do you think i figure shit out?11:57
ryu0man smb.conf11:58
ryu0assuming you have samba installed11:58
emmett1not yet on my crux11:58
emmett1will install it11:58
emmett1dont know how long to compile samba and dep in my intel atom12:00
frinnstits not too bad12:00
ryu0and people wonder why i prefer binary packages.12:00
emmett1last night it take 8hours to compile qt412:00
frinnstqt4 is a behemoth12:01
frinnsti'd say qt and chromium takes the longest to compile. followed by firefox12:01
Romsteri don't really notice it.12:01
Romsterstart it walk away come back later12:02
emmett1i already install qt4 binary from but cant set gtk theme on qtconfig12:02
emmett1so last night i recompile it12:02
emmett1now i can set gtk theme on qt apps12:02
emmett1thats why sometime i lke about source based os12:03
Romsteremmett1, you should of asked me to rebuild qt412:07
Romsterbut there is no broken ness with revdep12:09
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emmett1Romster, i dont want troubling u12:18
emmett1at the same time im curious if i recompile qt4 is it solve my problem12:18
emmett1so i recompile it and get to sleep12:19
Romsterwell i am rebuilding qt4 right now12:19
Romsterand i'll upload it to the site.12:19
emmett1nice thank u12:19
emmett1actually i already got home pc with intel core i7 8 cores12:20
emmett1with crux installed12:21
emmett1but not updated very often12:21
emmett1bcoz always use home pc for game only in windows12:21
emmett1for movie and other stuff only on my laptop12:22
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RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/qt4#4.8.7-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded13:02
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rmullteK__: texlive URL is no longer valid, AFAIR it's been at least a couple of weeks that way - if you could revise it when you have a chance it'd be appreciated15:34
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onoderaI'm rewriting my crux port management too a la prt-get in go now, it's kind of working now (well, the dependency calculation part)15:56
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jaegerhrmm... my docker daemon started doing something odd18:46
jaeger$ docker run -it centos:6 /bin/bash18:47
jaegerdocker: Error response from daemon: Container command '/bin/bash' not found or does not exist..18:47
jaegerdoes the same for every container and every command18:47
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jaegeroddly a restart of the docker daemon wouldn't fix it but a reboot did19:11
jaegerShould get new versions of docker, runc, and containerd up today19:35
abenzyet to use it jaeger19:36
abenzalways had the impression its not production ready although it seems to have a huge corporate user base19:37
ryu0jaeger: -insert nautical puns here-19:41
jaegerIt's not production-ready, in my opinion19:51
jaegeryet we use it in production :P19:51
jaegerryu0: they do more than enough of that without my help19:52
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onoderadoes anyone know how I could optimize this, it's really quite slow atm20:17
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guestIs crux still being actively developed? Don't see any news on the homepage20:18
onoderaguest: yes, 3.3 will realese "soon" I think20:19
guestonodera: Thanks.20:20
onoderaalso, most packages that are not in the core repo are rolling release20:21
onoderaand usually up to date20:21
ryu0onodera: how slow is slow?20:21
onoderaryu0: slower than using grep, tr, cut and head from the shell20:22
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onoderaI think about 0.2 seconds, where using grep and some other comands to get the same info is almost instantaneously20:23
ryu0onodera: my guess? it could be related to the fact that you're using immutable strings. could be a penalty from copying operations.20:25
ryu0but then i don't know Go too well.20:25
ryu0you'd have to do profiling to really know.20:25
ryu0profiling is a basic first step to researching performance issues.20:28
onoderathanks, I'll look into that20:28
jaegerodd... docker 1.12.3 gives a "container not started" message rather than "command not found" when you run a nonexistent command20:28
jaegerotherwise seems to work fine20:28
ryu0onodera: just seems kinda silly to read in the whole file when you're only going to keep a small amount of it.20:29
ryu0but that's just me.20:29
ryu0i'd have preferred just reading it line at a time.20:29
ryu0onodera: fyi, i wrote the new revdep, but i was using C++.20:30
ryu0i had to use a language that exists in minimal installs of crux.20:30
guestIs anyone of you using crux on their daily machines? Thinking about removing win from my hardware and changing from Debian to crux20:33
abenzyes, full time here20:34
abenzmain desktop20:34
onoderaguest: I use it on my vps, home computer, and school laptop :)20:34
guestAre you guys missing something or does it have everything you need?20:34
onoderaThe best part about crux for me is the ease of creating ports20:35
onoderaso if something doesn't exist I just create a port myself20:35
onoderaanyways, the repos are pretty versatile, and there are tons of user repos20:35
guestWanted to try an install on a virtual box tonight and see how I like it. Have been working with a Debian min install for the last few months20:35
guestAny tips before I start?20:36
onoderaI'd say read the handbook of course. If something is not in the handbook just check the arch or gentoo wiki20:36
john_cephalopodaYep, the handbook is very valuable.20:37
onoderaprt-get is pretty much a wrapper for pkgmk, so learn about both20:37
abenzI'd say crux is easy to configure but don't expect everything to just work like in debian. If you read the handbook and finetune your system I think you will find the process very satisfying20:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: containerd: updated to version 0.2.420:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: runc: updated to version 1.0.0-rc220:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: docker: updated to version 1.12.320:37
guestOk, will do. Thanks!20:37
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john_cephalopodaHmm, does prt-get have a wrapper for ports?20:38
john_cephalopoda(ports as in "ports -u")20:38
onoderaI don't think so20:38
guestonodera: Are you using a tiling wm or a stacking one on your machines?20:50
onoderaso stacking20:51
onoderaACTION showsoff20:52
ryu0ACTION sinks onodera with a stray torpedo.20:52
guestLooks nice, weechat or irssi? And what bar is that?20:53
onoderaand lemonbar20:53
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john_cephalopodaHmm, I should think about making my desktop fancier.20:58
john_cephalopodaPlain i3 is nice but doesn't look like anything :þ20:59
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jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: i3 with some small tweaks:
john_cephalopodajaeger: Nice21:06
abenznostalgic pics21:07
abenzlooks like desktops from the early 2000s21:07
ryu0abenz: and the ones from today look like they were made in the 90s.21:08
jaegerone of those is mine. :P21:08
jaegerfrom 199721:09
abenzthats normal, human beings are sentimental creations21:09
abenzwow jaeger21:09
abenzthat page brings back memories21:09
tilmanthat feeling when google what rofi is and then the link is purple21:10
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: if you haven't already seen it,
jaegertilman: :D21:10
john_cephalopodajaeger: Internet too slow for youtube rn21:10
jaegerwell, for reference, he has a video or two about i3 customization21:11
abenzwhich is yours jaeger ?21:11
jaeger"Cool desktop from an unknown user"21:11
jaegerIt looks terrible now, of course... but I thought it was awesome back then21:11
jaeger(I didn't create this page or name the links for what that's worth)21:12
ryu0jaeger: let me guess. back when you used to get high? =p21:12
jaegerI never really did much of that... but I loved FF721:12
jaegerand faking transparent terminals was all the rage21:12
jaegeralso wmaker21:12
tilmanthose classic enlightenment shots :D:D:D21:12
ryu0now we have composition. yay.21:13
jaegerback before freenode existed21:13
tilmanhaha, feat. claudia schiffer21:13
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abenzI'm still faking trasparent bg on my terminal21:17
abenznever got the real thing to work21:18
abenzso went back to how I did it in the old days21:18
john_cephalopodaI sometimes wonder: How hard can it be?21:18
john_cephalopodaEven the simplest 2d sidescrollers that people make in elementary school have transparency.21:18
tilmanmight be because those draw everything every frame21:21
john_cephalopodaBig WMs are larger and need more resources than 2d games. They have sfx and everything21:22
tilmanwhat's your point again?21:23
john_cephalopodaSome things are just very hard to achieve although they seem simple.21:27
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john_cephalopodaAlso some stuff is quite badly documented.21:30
onoderaI wanna get port CDE to crux21:32
onoderamost comfy desktop environment21:32
pedjaXFCE ftw21:33
pedjait's the perfect balance for me.21:35
john_cephalopodaI used xfce for a long time, very nice.21:39
onoderaI love openbox, it has evertthing I need without having stupid extra stuff like panels21:40
onoderaI guess it could do without the build in hotkey daemon, but whatever21:40
abenzonodera: I use openbox too21:44
abenzwith many customized keysu21:44
abenzone thing I'm yet to fix is pcmanfm's shortcuts for navigation21:44
abenzie Alt+Left to go back and Alt+Right to go forward21:45
abenzand alt+Up to go up dir21:45
abenztoo bad pcmanfm doesnt allow those to be customized (last time I checked)21:45
abenzwhat do you use for a FM ?21:45
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john_cephalopodaNot sure if it is easily customizable though.21:52
abenzwill check it out thanks21:58
pedja [off topic] I am a patriot, but Murray's wife is much sexier than Đoković's [/off topic]21:59
teK__rmull: works just fine22:03
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rmullteK__: You're right, maybe the failure was intermittent. Thanks for confirming.22:20
teK__welcome. consider setting in pkgmkg.conf: PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(
teK__or for round-robin22:27
rmullI'll leave the round-robin in pkgmk.conf but commented just in case I need it in the future22:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: redis: 3.2.3 -> 3.2.523:19
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dlcusaIf guest drops in again, and he wants xfce ports, point him tothis paste of /etc/ports/xfce.rsync ( -- doesn't know about that collection anymore.23:51
Worksterit's stale now, sepen needs to bump it to 3.2 and even then 3.3 be out soon.23:56
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dlcusaWorkster, it's better than nothing.23:59

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