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emmett1anybody can help me using ck4up?08:41
frinnst2whats up?08:56
frinnst2~onner P eripherals 850MB09:05
frinnst2[    3.666198] scsi 6:0:0:0: Direct-Access     Conner P eripherals 850MB      PQ: 0 ANSI: 2 CCS09:06
frinnst2[    3.666914] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdd] 1666020 512-byte logical blocks: (853 MB/813 MiB)09:06
emmett1ck4up is app to track package update right?09:10
emmett1i dont know how to use it09:10
emmett1been read its man but still cant figure out how to use it09:11
abenzfrinnst2: is that the...?09:16
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frinnst2emmett1: just add the sync command in mpup.lst09:23
abenzI knew it09:24
frinnst2just copy/paste the "Download command" from
frinnst2like so: httpup sync ansible09:24
crash_nice hostname :)09:25
frinnst2I think i've gotten one of the amigas to start up. But the screen is all white. got 2 screens so gonna test the other one09:25
abenzpics when get around to it :)09:27
crash_frinnst2: did you get them for a nice price?09:28
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emmett1frinnst2, i dont understand09:31
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emmett1i want track package update for my own ports09:32
emmett1i thought i have to configuring ~/.ck4up/ck4up.conf09:32
frinnst2im fucking stupid09:33
frinnst2confusing ck4up with mpup09:33
frinnst2I dont have ck4up here to show you09:33
emmett1i've read your msg few times like 20 times09:33
frinnst2but you pretty much just add a url. when that url's checksum changes you are alerted09:34
emmett1i read on the crux wiki09:34
emmett1most my port is sourceforge and github url09:34
emmett1already add the url09:35
emmett1when i run ck4up the output like 404 not found09:35
frinnst2sourceforge can be very tricky these days09:35
frinnst2they used to have a project id for every project you could use to access the releses with.09:36
abenzman I like those antiques09:38
frinnst2crash_: 3800SEK + avgifter. totalt 4735:-09:38
emmett1frinnst2, im fucked up then with this ck4up09:39
emmett1ok thnks anyway gotta find other way to track package update09:40
crash_frinnst2: that was not that expensive :)09:40
crash_for 209:40
emmett1what with this amiga anyway?09:41
emmett1is it a legendary computer?09:41
frinnst2geez dude09:41
frinnst2its not optional knowledge09:42
emmett1maybe i'm born late09:42
emmett1not know about this amiga09:43
frinnst2if i'd known 20 years ago i'd own fucking 2 amiga 4000 040 i'd be extatic09:43
crash_i'm jealous09:43
frinnst2i'll sell you one09:43
abenzthats what I call business09:43
frinnst2i was surprised they didnt sell for over 10 000SEK09:44
frinnst2seems they were previously owned by my local high scool09:44
frinnst2one were equipped with a GVP Impact Vision 24 card09:44
crash_did they come with amigaOS?09:45
emmett120 years ago i was just start learn to run maybe09:46
abenzthis is what frinnst2 bought:
emmett1do u have ever run crux on this machine?09:46
abenzsee the link I posted09:47
abenzCPU Motorola @ 25Mhz09:47
abenzthese are classics, bought for sentimental value.. not for modern workloads..09:48
emmett1yeah i read it09:48
emmett1very classic09:48
abenzalthough one could play some games I reckon09:48
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emmett1gonna take weeks or month maybe to compile firefox09:49
emmett1or maybe a year09:50
abenzmore, and you need ram09:50
abenznothing a 5GB swap wont fix though ;)09:50
emmett1its 2mb ram right?09:50
emmett1very legendary09:51
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dlcusaMainframers feel much like the Amiga community folks (all the OSes--MVS, VSE, VM), and then there's the Venn Diagram intersection group (not me--I just know about the Amiga).12:55
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pedjaACTION has an Atari 130XL somewhere in the basement14:56
pedjait *is* a retro tech appreciation day at #crux, right?14:58
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pedjacongrats on the Amigas, frinnst2 :)15:17
pedjaNetBSD has an amiga port, as you know, if you ever get tired of AmigaOS15:17
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frinnst2netbsd has a port for everything15:47
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] vim: update to 8.0.009516:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mupdf: fix dependencies16:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gvim: update to 8.0.009516:32
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dlcusafrinnst2, clearly not anything IBM mainframe:
john_cephalopodaRomster: Your package "terminator" is outdated, its footprint wants some python 2.6. You should regenerate the footprint.18:08
john_cephalopodaRomster: Also a runtime requirement seems to be python-vte18:10
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pedjainteresting project
pedjaI had no idea that Crux has an 'official' image on Docker Hub19:09
teK__prologic did it, afair19:09
pedjaah, yes.he asked if someone else would maintain it on one of the lists, iirc19:11
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jaegerI believe Romster was planning to take it19:39
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Romsteri need to look into that this weekend21:08
Romsteri always got stuck on the base install in /dev and such wrecking the docker build from working21:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nspr: updated to 4.13.121:12
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Romsteri can't push to my repo yet until i reconfigure some stuff here. so it is there for the time being21:54
john_cephalopodaRomster: Thanks21:56
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