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guest__I got a quick question, I just set up crux and started into openbox but my resolution is not being recognised. Do I just need to add it via xrandr or do I need to do something else? (Using an AMD card)12:05
teK__make sure to install the proper driver12:08
teK__in your case, probably xorg-xf86-video-ati12:10
teK__for the open source version. fglrx is the closed source driver with supposedly  better performance12:10
guest__Already installed the xf86-video-ati12:12
teK__check /var/log/Xorg.log if it is loaded, also look out for lines with (EE) for errors12:15
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guest__teK__: Found the following error: (EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory12:36
teK__check your kernel for support of 3d acceleration12:37
teK__Device Drivers -> Graphics support12:38
teK__tick at least CONFIG_DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) and the driver matching your card12:38
teK__also make sure, you are in the video group (if /dev/dri/* exists already)12:39
guest__How can I check/reconfigure the kernel on a system that is already set up?12:40
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teK__the source should be in /usr/src/linux12:41
teK__or linux-a.b.c12:41
teK__if you followed the setup instructions12:41
guest__Found it12:41
teK__check /dev/dri/* first12:41
guest__Don't even have /dev/dri12:42
teK__then reconfigure and recompile12:42
teK__(and install the new kernel, dont forget to run lilo if you use it instead of grub)12:42
guest__Do I need to tick something else or just the Direct Rendering Manager?12:43
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teK__the radeon driver12:47
guest__Ok recompiling12:54
guest__Ok installed the new kernel and rebooted13:02
frinnstwhat hardware is it?13:03
guest__It's an r9 nano connected with displayport13:03
guest__xrandr doesn't recognise the resolution13:03
frinnstisnt that amdgpu?13:03
frinnstalso make sure xorg uses the right driver, and not some vesa/fb/modesetting generic13:04
guest__Just checked, it's an amdgpu13:07
frinnstthen make sure you install linux-firmware (its in opt)13:08
frinnstand select amdgpu in the kernel dri selection. also make sure you install xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu13:08
guest__Can't find the amdgpu in the kernel13:27
guest__Could it be that it isn't there on the kernel version I'm using? (4.1.13)13:31
teK__I have it13:32
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teK__  │ Prompt: AMD GPU                                                         │13:32
teK__in Device Drivers -> Graphics Support13:32
guest__Ok, can't seem to find it anywhere there13:33
teK__4.2 seems to have it13:34
teK__the next longterm branch is 4.4, though13:35
guest__Does it matter which kernel I'm using for crux or can I go with the latest longterm?13:35
teK__get 4.4.34. copy the .config from your current kernel into the source directory, run make oldconfig and make sure amdgpu is selected, afterwards13:35
teK__it does not really matter13:35
teK__I use 4.8 from some git checkout of linus' master branch13:36
teK__for reasons : )13:36
guest__Are there any recommendations on what to change in the kernel? I just removed some file system stuff and wireless support13:38
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teK__once in a while I go through the whole tree and remove everything that accumulated between releases, as I generally use make oldconfig13:40
teK__but it should not matter too much13:40
guest__So I could technically use the .config that came with the kernel and just disable everything I don't need?13:40
teK__I would try to work out something that works and then start removing stuff13:42
guest__Ok, compiling again. Already thank you for helping me out13:46
guest__After a reboot, should it automatically create /dev/dri/card0?13:49
guest__Ok, something went wrong. Display gets a signal and then it cuts and I don't see anything14:02
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Anon868Is it possible to install CRUX on an i686?14:11
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teK__we had a contrib iso for 32bit, iirc. But I fail to find one for 3.2. Maybe jue can shed some light on this14:13
Anon868Why wouldn't it work with 32 bit14:15
teK__because the kernel and all applications are compile for 64 bit operation14:19
teK__on our official iso14:19
teK__there is 32 bit compat but your hardware needs to support 64bit operation14:20
teK__i.e. you can run skype which is/was a 32bit application in a 64bit userland/kernel14:20
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guest__Any idea why my screen turns off and on as soon as I boot into crux with the new kernel?14:39
guest__According to the boot log it selects the right mode (Fiji)14:41
guest__nomodeset fixed the issue14:50
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Anon868Hey I found a 32-bit ISO at crux.ninja15:59
Anon868But I didn't see the source code anywhere which is kind of concerning15:59
jaegerAnon868: it's based on the same source as the official CRUX ISO16:00
jaegeronly small changes to make it i686 instead16:01
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retardjaeger: thank you for making that, by the way :)16:07
jaegerwelcome. :) It's obviously not as up-to-date as official but I work on it every so often16:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.8.318:22
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DaViruzwow i just found a command i've often wanted but never knew existed, pipe viewer, pv20:41
DaViruzit's been quite a while since that happened!20:41
jaegerpv is indeed awesome20:45
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RomsterAnon868, the only changes are at
Romsternot sure what changes to the iso itself were done, maybe you could include the references to that aswell jaeger21:30
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Romsterjaeger, i was looking at cruxex it's got a few problems with not being jremerged and some old core ports that we don't have in core anymore. i'd like to learn how to make a crux live cd desktop like that. and you are the expert on that, any pointers how i'd use uninionfs or something else to make a live cd?21:32
Romsteri'd like to stop using a very old linux live cd i have for recovery pourposes and use the crux packages for that. as in roll my own crux live cd with useful tools for recovery on a minimal window manager.21:33
jaegerTo be honest I've never really made a true "live" cd, only stuff like the initramfs that CRUX's install media uses. I suspect unionfs or aufs would be a good place to start, though21:34
jaegerWith that said, feel free to ask/chat about it while you work on it, I'll help if I can21:34
Romster not sure if can find the source of how that was made. but i didn't look to deep for it21:35
Romstermight be able to disect it from the iso itself21:36
jaegerprobably, yeah21:36
jaegeror ask him for info21:36
jaegerOr look at something like knoppix or slax21:36
Romsteri'll try that first.21:36
Romsteryeah those are options as well.21:36
Romsterjust thought you would be the best person to ask first, as you are the most familiar.21:37
Romsterwhat is the best EFI/CSM dual boot option thesedays? isolinux?21:38
jaegerMy experience is more with initramfs/initrd than a true "live" setup, though21:38
Romsterfor EFI and legacy booting21:38
jaegersyslinux's efi support is really buggy, I've never been able to get it working consistently21:38
Romsterclose enough for a start :)21:38
jaegerThe crux iso uses syslinux in bios mode, grub2 in uefi mode21:39
Romsterah so that is really the only reliable way so far? not one tool for both methods21:39
jaegerI'm not sure if there's a single loader than can do both but I suppose syslinux comes closest21:39
jaegerThough I don't know much about systemd-boot, it might be an option21:40
jaeger(formerly gummiboot)21:40
Romsteri'll contact this cruxex guy and see if i can get the source. failing that i'll try to look in the iso itself.21:40
Romsteri'd rather avoid anything systemd creeping in if i can help it.21:40
Romsteri heard of gummiboot being absorbed into the systemd ecosystem21:41
jaegerI've read somewhere that even though it's systemd-boot now it doesn't require anything systemd, but I haven't done any research on it myself21:41
Romsterlast timei tried grub2 i wasn't happy with the confusing autogenerated configuration file. and i've been just usng lilo everywhere.21:41
Romsteri spent all of i think an hour trying to learn how to use grub2 with a minimal configuration boot file. then gave up to lilo.21:42
Romsterbut that was a year or so ago now since my last attempt.21:43
jaegergrub2 certainly has a learning curve21:43
Romstermost definitely21:43
Romsteri'll study the crux iso.git and see what i can find out about cruxex and see if i can roll my own. if ic an figure it out you might find a use for a live crux iso as well.21:44
jaegerIf I remember right, LFS also had a live CD at some point. That might also be interesting21:49
john_cephalopodaThe crux iso is basically a live CD. Even an extended one.21:50
Romsterhmm i'll have a look later for the LFS iso21:51
Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, i realize this. might be able to tack on a uninionfs or aufs and add xorg and have a live desktop21:51
Romsterand time for me to get to work21:51
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: it's much more limited than a try live cd such as knoppix or the like, though21:52
john_cephalopodajaeger: Well, it delivers the standard experience of an unconfigured Crux ;)21:52
jaegeryou can't really use it as a standalone system, though21:53
jaegerAt least not a very featureful one21:53
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joacimjaeger: a store here is selling waterblocks for my old r9 29023:35
joacimfor a third of the original price23:35
joacimit is tempting23:35
joacima fifth actually23:36
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joacimordered one. cant find a general kit for the cpu tho23:49
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