IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2016-11-27

john_cephalopodaAlso an important thing to do: Documentation.00:04
john_cephalopodaThe default alsa setup in crux isn't really usable for all purposes.00:04
teK__never felt the need for pulseaudio :]00:05
john_cephalopodaInstalled it once because skype needed it (on archlinux). Broke my audio setup and set itself as unkillable user-systemd process. It was hell.00:05
john_cephalopodaThe only way to disable it was to remove it.00:05
john_cephalopodaBack in a bit.00:06
teK__I actually instaled it for skype and or steam, too00:06
pedjaACTION thinks about releasing a few repos into the world00:07
teK__btw, I am looking into providing repo hosting on our new crux server for the community00:07
pedjaI have a couple of repos on the Bitbucket.00:10
teK__and that is fine, still00:10
pedjaWhat would you use, Gitlab?Or something less heavy?00:11
*** donato has joined #crux00:11
teK__I set up gitolite00:12
teK__it's a huge leap forward compared to what we have currently00:12
pedjagit-spindle is a nice CLI for GH/BB/Gitlab00:13
teK__I have git already. Is this for issues, pull requests and the like?00:14's a set of git subcommands.00:15
teK__oh, git has ootb support for new subcommands?00:16
teK__or is it patching git?00:16
pedjano, ootb00:16
teK__very cool00:17
teK__git crux check_port_quality_so_tek_wont_hurt_me00:17
pedjaI didn't bother to make a port, just pip installed it :)00:17
teK__I have not yet decided if I'm friends with pip,npm,rake and the like00:18
pedjaOh, Tex one, right?00:20
pedjaI am mostly familiar with pip and npm.00:21
teK__I am a python guy. ruby uses too much colons00:22
pedjaso, salt/ansible > Chef/Puppet?00:22
teK__I proposed and pushed for puppet @work00:23
teK__are you happy now? ._.00:23
teK__a friend of mine works at netways which does a lot with puppet and icinga. Also a neighbor department uses puppet already00:23
pedjathen it makes perfect sense to standardize on one tool.00:26
pedjagetting help/tips is much easier, too00:26
teK__yes, it helped a great deal. They already had a hardening module etc.00:26
pedjaansible/puppet seems to be the most common combination00:28
teK__we do no bootstrapping before puppet enters the scene00:28
pedjaso it bootstraps itself?00:29
teK__no. Manual installation of the VM/server00:29
jaegerwe use cobbler to pxe boot physical machines and install the OS with a puppet agent.. for VMs, a template that's already prepared with puppet00:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.9.23 -> 1.9.2400:30
jaeger(though cobbler works fine for both the template is faster than a fresh install)00:30
teK__that's nice, yet we have way too few machines imho. Our newly hired admin may disagree, though. :-]00:30
pedjawhich VM platform, teK__ ?00:31
teK__not sure if they use anything around it for failover00:31
teK__i.e. the enterprisey stuff from vmware00:32
pedjaa friend of mine is currently doing Vmware ---> (HP) OpenStack transition at work.00:35
teK__and how does that work out for them00:35
teK__also: what was the reason to change? Budget or "acessibility" of the code00:35
pedjait is 90% there.Budget reasons.00:36
frinnstvmware are shafting us too00:37
Romsterspeaking of gitolite teK__ i set that up again last night and found a issue00:37
pedjaHP support sucks, though.00:37
pedjahis words.00:37
Romsteri fixed it by blanking the password sudo passwd -d git00:37
teK__can you share the amount of storage, cores and machine they have roughly?00:37
*** blueness has quit IRC00:37
Romsterbefore that i couldn't log in with the ssh key said git user was locked.00:37
teK__I may have run into that too. I fiddled with /etc/shadow ;)00:38
teK__% greps git /etc/shadow00:38
teK__Pasting parts of your /etc/shadow to the public internet: achivement unlocked ✓00:39
frinnst+10 xp?00:40
Romstercould you add that to the pre-install teK__00:40
teK__ah, right. I packaged that thing up. :D00:40
Romsterpasswd -d git00:40
Romsterbefore that i did the naughty and git cloned gitolite00:40
Romsterand never bothered to package it00:41
Romsterand then i saw it in opt when i was contemplating how to set t up on my new server00:41
Romsterstill have to figure out cgit or something else to show changes in the git trees00:42
*** blueness has joined #crux00:42
teK__-d makes it passwordless00:43
Romsteryes same as your shadow grep00:44
teK__how does this disable the account? I gave it a try and it will let me su into it without any password (.. sure)00:44
Romsterwell it would not let me in before i did that00:44
teK__that's after passwd -d nobody00:44
teK__that's not good, imho00:44
teK__oh and btw...00:45
RomsterPWD=/home/romster ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/prt-get depinst gitolite00:45
Romsterire_new sshd[7282]: User git not allowed because account is locked00:45
teK__look at the pre-install script. I used -p x to unlock it but specify an 'impossible' password00:45
Romsterfire_new sshd[7282]: input_userauth_request: invalid user git [preauth]00:45
teK__how is git locked after using my script?00:45
Romsterrunscripts yes is on in prt-get.conf00:46
Romsteri do not know this is a fresh install and i seen that.00:46
teK__that's also why I fiddled with shadow, to get the script right00:46
Romsterwell your shadow grep matches mine00:47
Romsterafter i blanked the password00:47
Romsterwhich i thoguht would be very bad todo...00:47
teK__yes but the first grep has an 'x' in there00:47
Romsterbut i can't seem to log in with a blank password without the ssh key00:47
teK__well that may be ssh thingy, too00:47
teK__from my POV, the script is fine00:48
Romsterhmm what is that x for again?00:48
teK__it's the supposed result of crypt(3)00:48
Romsterfailed for me i'll try with your x added.00:48
teK__thre is no valid hashing schema to result in x as the hash. So you cannot specify any password matching that hash00:48
teK__so the account is not locked (by putting a ! there) but also not password less00:48
teK__I can putt Hello_Romster into /etc/shadow as the PW, too :>00:49
Romsterright sshd must have a thing to forbid blank password logins00:49
teK__and this protected you from serving that account for free to everybody[tm]00:50
Romsterwell i stuck an x in there now.00:51
Romsterso could you please change the account so it is not locked on the pre-install script00:51
Romsterand that works still.00:51
Romsteri had my doubts leaving password blank but i couldn't log in because of sshds config PermitEmptyPasswords00:52
teK__it should work with the script00:52
Romsteranyone that allows empty passwords is a fool.00:52
Romsterwell it did not -_-00:52
Romsterthis is what i am telling you it said the account was locked00:53
teK__ACTION is resisting to make a stupid joke00:53
Romsteri'll even pastebin the auth log00:53
teK__let me finish this coding I am doing right now so I can test it at my local installation00:53
pedjateK__, sorry, all I know is that they bought servers and Helion OpenStack from HPE as a 'packaged solution'.00:54
teK__ok. I tried setting it up, once. It was semi-funny00:54
RomsterUser git not allowed because account is locked00:56
*** donato has quit IRC00:56
pedjaOpenStack maintains an official Ansible playbook, if you have a couple of spare servers :)00:57
teK__the account can only be locked if the field begins with an !. As you can see in the script, I explicitly set 'x' as the hash00:57
teK__pedja: I tried it with a couple of VMs (:D) on my tiny i7 laptop00:58
pedjaRackspace uses it for deployment, iirc00:58
teK__also, I used CRUX as the basis :>00:58
pedjaof course you did ;)00:58
teK__Of course.00:58
teK__can we put 'Make Linux great again' on our website?00:58
teK__Oh wait. I do have write access to that wiki00:59
pedjawhy bother, frinnst will delete it 'by mistake' anyway01:00
abenzyou blamed an innocent man01:03
frinnstlook before pressing enter01:04
frinnstand dont expect autocomplete to find something01:04
Romsterat least you do have backups01:07
teK__in case of the wiki we dindt01:07
Romsteroh crud01:07
teK__our restore strategy was teK fucking had to type the whole article on signing ports in01:07
teK__so you may notice some brevity in that article because I hate typing stuff twice01:08
Romsterwhat no way back machine history01:08
teK__no because the article could not even celebrate it's one-day-birthday, iirc01:08
Romsterwe not popular enough to be archived01:08
Romsterif i didn't use unload tab add-on, i would of had the text still01:09
jaegerIt might have been in my backups if it was at least a day old01:10
Romsteras i did have that tab open01:10
jaegerI don't remember, though, maybe that was the problem01:10
teK__gone and forgiven, we are <301:10
Romsteri think everyone looked and said nope01:10
pedja80$ for 256gb m.2 ssd?no wonder it's almost sold out on Amazon.01:12
abenzno backups in the "cloud" ?01:12
teK__I used one two days ago. Very impressive.01:12
teK__the intel something which is said to have even better performance01:12
teK__I have no idea. My father gave it to my son and I took his machine for a LAN party with my colleagues01:13
abenzdoes anyone know of a good commandline tool to test internet speed?01:13
Romstercurl ?01:14
teK__wget and vnstat?01:14
abenzpreferably multi session01:14
abenzto fully saturate the line01:14
teK__download stuff from and :->01:14
Romsteraria2 can do multipart downloading from multiple servers01:14
Romsteri have a few times stuck every file mirror from and gentoo soruces and a few others to get a singe file for the heck of seeing how full i can make my pipe01:15
abenzthanks. frinnst , say you want to test your 1gbps line from command line (upload and download).. how would iperf work? you need another end that can do 1gbps too01:17
abenzI think I found it01:18
*** admincomplex has quit IRC01:21
*** abenz_ has joined #crux01:22
abenz_running that speedtest dropped my line.. vdsl so crappy01:22
*** admincomplex has joined #crux01:23
teK__I have 900KB/s downstream sitting right in a german mid-sized city01:23
abenz_nice thing it gets the closest speedtest server automatically and all01:23
frinnstDownload: 238.76 Mbit/s01:24
frinnstUpload: 94.29 Mbit/s01:24
frinnstlet me test my other isp01:26
pedjanot bad for 20/201:27
*** frinnst_ has joined #crux01:27
RomsterYou are using pip version 8.1.2, however version 9.0.1 is available. teK__01:29
teK__again? :}01:29
teK__sorry for forgetting01:29
Romsterit is your port :)01:29
teK__I took it because crux should have it :}01:29
Romsterhmm i have a bunch that need bumping too01:29
Romsteri know it is helpful01:30
Romsteri just tried pip install speedtest-cli01:30
Romsterbut ti failed01:30
*** frinnst__ has joined #crux01:30
frinnst__Download: 44.39 Mbit/s01:30
frinnst__Upload: 11.10 Mbit/s01:30
abenz_Romster: wget
Romster9.0.1 even01:31
abenz_chmod +x speedtest.py01:31
abenz_ ./speedtest.py01:31
*** frinnst2 has quit IRC01:31
Romsterah even easier why didn't i think of that01:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pip: 8.1.2 -> 9.0.101:31
abenz_frinnst_: so your second ISP is feeding into the same location or did you just login remotely to somewhere else?01:32
abenz_I'm asking to see if you have a dual-wan setup01:32
frinnstboth are in my apartment. I got vdsl the same day they finished with the FTTH rebuild01:32
frinnsti was told it would be finished january/february01:32
frinnstso ordered vdsl.. then they complete the work the week after01:32
abenz_so what did you do just now to switch?01:32
frinnstfailed over01:33
abenz_unplug cable and plug into other router?01:33
Romsterplease tel me vdsl is not that bad as i'll be getting that soon, australia is too cheap to offer FTTH, we'l get FTTN then vdsl off that.01:33
pedjait depends01:33
abenz_Romster: mine's bad due to cheap wiring in last mile01:33
abenz_if your ISP has proper wiring it should be very stable01:33
abenz_good wiring and modem obviously01:33
*** frinnst_ has quit IRC01:34
abenz_the ISP technician said it himself when he was installing: oh man, this building has very poor wiring.. look at this: he strips the wire with his hand01:34
pedjacrappy Huawei 'modem' works fine (most of the time)01:34
teK__zoidberg maxes at 5MB/s up, frinnst01:35
abenz_whenever I do full load (like doing the speedtest now) drops the line01:35
frinnstno he doesnt01:35
Romsteri got a really good adsl/vdsl modem i am using now01:35
teK__the hetzner doe01:35
teK__which I dont believe01:35
abenz_huwaei will be good if the dslam on the other end is huawei also01:35
abenz_matching vendors on both ends usually gives best results01:35
Romsterabenz_, ah crap man, so it's int he building and not out on the street too?01:35
abenz_yes, all my troubles are caused by the wire from the cabinet at ground floor to my place01:36
abenz_its fiber to the building, vdsl up the building01:36
abenz_a few meters that cause all this misery01:36
pedjamy ISP uses Huawei almost exclusively these days.01:36
frinnstteK__: you are connected over ipv601:37
frinnstand I tunnel that through he.net01:37
teK__oh? sweet. Did not know that it worked at all :D01:37
teK__nice catch01:37
abenzfrinnst: why not dual-wan the two lines and start torrets at combined speed01:37
abenzthat'd be fun01:37
abenzshouldn't take long to setup (if u have dual-nic card)01:38
frinnstnah. Im cancelling the vdsl asap01:38
Romster3.80 Mbit/s down and 0.98 Mbit/s up01:38
Romsterthis is what i have to put up with01:38
frinnstRomster: but is it stable?01:39
frinnstwhen they were rebuilding my network I was on  4g for 2 months01:39
pedjasomeone on reddit posted 'I have symmetrical 10Gb line.What do I do with it?'.Bastard.01:39
frinnstspeeds varied from 60mbit to 0.501:39
frinnstand the bufferbloat was crazy01:39
frinnstdns queries timed out01:39
Romsteri can sometimes just watch 4 medium quality streams01:39
abenzpedja: I'd suggest offering seedbox services ;)01:40
abenz... to be able to download linux isos quickly of course01:40
Romsterbufferbloat on 4G is terrible.01:40
abenzRomster: you're on 4G ?01:40
Romsterno but my phone is01:40
abenzI thought your primary internet was01:40
Romsterwhen i am not in wifi range01:40
abenzso your main line is ADSL ?01:40
teK__5.21/0.99 \o/01:41
Romsternah primary is adsl01:41
abenzis it capped at 4mbps or best efforts (ie whatever your modem can sync at) ?01:41
Romsterspeedtest-cli --json is nice01:41
Romsteri could put this to use01:41
Romsterand plot my connection over time and graph it.01:42
teK__for improved misery?01:42
Romsterproblem is to get ideal results i have to not use my line for anything else to get reliable results01:43
Romsterlol teK__01:43
frinnstyou can tell when my ftth was turned back on again01:44
Romsteron that big green spike on thursday?01:45
abenzyou must have rejoiced tears01:46
frinnstyeah but they made an error when reactivating my port. so i was limited to 100/10 for the first night01:46
teK__ACTION is shaking his head01:46
Romsteryour average for out is far higher than in are you torrenting :D01:46
abenzcool story brah01:47
frinnstand some other services for friends :-)01:47
Romsterah right the file mirror01:47
abenzah, services, I see :)01:47
teK__real friends, I guess01:47
frinnst.. and some enemies01:47
teK__:D :D01:47
Romsterones that pay with beer01:47
abenzyea.. coz that distfiles link would take minutes with your line ;)01:48
abenzall small ones01:48
abenzops, seconds rather01:48
abenzand the graph indicates rather heavy use01:48
frinnstyeah some filesyncing going on too01:49
frinnstoffsite backups that has been queued for almost 2 months01:50
Romsterdelayed due to shitty net01:50
abenzI'd be very interested to see cpu graph on system running those tasks.. I always wondered about cpu tax with heavy traffic01:50
Romsterwould of been painful01:50
abenzbut I recall you saying your NIC has hardware acceleration of sorts no?01:50
frinnstnot really noticeable tbh01:51
frinnst100mbit isnt that much. hardware in the 90s could handle that01:51
frinnstEthernet controller: Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection01:52
Romsterif you do connection tracking that would raise the overhead01:52
Romsterwhat no 10gig controller :P01:53
abenzyea thats accelerated01:53
Romsterdatacenters have 50gig or more controllers01:54
joacimwhat do you do for offsite backups?01:54
Romsteris insane but they would move so much traffic01:54
teK__did you checkout the new 100G switches from FB?01:54
frinnstserver at work01:54
frinnstmicroserver with cheap storage01:54
joacimoh ok01:55
frinnstteK__: no, url?01:55
teK__backplane = sum(all_ports)01:56
frinnstwe use 10gbit switches at work for iscsi traffic. not exotic these days01:56
teK__couldnt find pricing, though01:56
teK__also you are a nerd and I am cool without good internet01:59
frinnstthese bad boys dont have internetz:
teK__ ?02:01
frinnstbut these are making my life more difficult:
frinnst$150 for a zorro3 ethernet card :/02:01
frinnstlots of resoldering to do02:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: cffi: 1.5.2 -> 1.9.102:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: cryptography: 1.2.3 -> 1.602:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: enum34: 1.1.2 -> 1.1.602:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pycparser: 2.14 -> 2.1702:09
Romster 403 forbidden fix your directory fancyindexing frinnst02:12
*** BitPuffin|osx has quit IRC02:19
*** onodera has quit IRC02:23
frinnstah they all are02:25
frinnstswitched to git recently02:25
joacimhavent found much old crap here recently02:30
joacimso much of it is overpriced, and people are only throwing out microwaves and other crap02:31
teK__Romster: I had a logic error in the script02:36
teK__the last line would never get executing (if the previous call to useradd succeeded)02:37
teK__thanks for reporting02:37
teK__I just pushed the fix to 3.302:38
teK__off to bed.02:41
Romstercool teK__ thanks for that.02:43
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john_cephalopoda      !__builtin_types_compatible_p(typeof(*x), struct static_key_false)) \06:13
john_cephalopoda/lib/modules/4.9.0-rc2/build/include/linux/jump_label.h:297:48: error: expected primary-expression before 'struct'06:13
john_cephalopodaIn virtualbox,.06:13
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frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: why are you running an old rc kernel?11:18
*** emmett1 has joined #crux11:35
teK__and dont expect to know virtualbox about rc kernels.. bump the port to .10 and retry. Otherwhise use 4.811:58
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john_cephalopodaI got the module /lib/modules/<kernel-version>/extra/vboxdrv.ko but "modprobe vboxdrv" tells me "FATAL: Module vboxdrv not found in directory /lib/modules/4.8.11"18:27
*** ubuuu has quit IRC18:31
jaegerhave you run depmod? also, is it built for 4.8.11 or were you using a different kernel?18:31
john_cephalopodaLinux metis 4.8.11 #1 SMP Sun Nov 27 16:06:16 CET 2016 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux18:32
john_cephalopodaHaven't run depmod yet, didn't know that command.18:32
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC18:36
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux18:38
john_cephalopodaOkay, works now. Had to do depmod and groupmems myself to the vbox-driver-thing group.18:38
*** ileach has joined #crux18:38
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pedjaACTION purged Vmware Workstation and Virtualbox from the system a while back 19:06
pedjaKVM/QEMU ftw19:06
*** emmett1__ has quit IRC19:08
pedjalibvirt + openvswitch = very nice19:08
pedjalower overhead, too, which is an issue on my ancient computer with Vbox or VmwareWS19:09
john_cephalopodaI had some issues running linux isos with QEMU.19:11
pedjawhich ones?19:26
dlcusajohn_cephalopoda, tek__, re: yesterday's discussion "proper (i.e. consistent and integrated) management of repos is not our strong suite in pkgutils/prt-get"...19:28
john_cephalopodapedja: Kali. Might be due to me not knowing the right commandline options though. I ran it without any, so that might be the problem.19:29
dlcusaI get around it by creating symlinks in all port directories to a directory for all packages built the same way for all packages built using the same build environment.19:30
dlcusaThe directory name is a handle for that build environment and the symlinked path includes the collection as part of the subpath.19:31
dlcusaFinally, /etc/pkgmk.conf contains "PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PWD/pkgsb3" or whatever.19:36
pedjajohn_cephalopoda, a lot of people seem to have problems running Kali with qemu ;)19:40
dlcusaOh, and my prt-get/pkg* wrapper script logs a line containing all pertinent info for each invocation of the basic tools.19:40
pedjaSetting -vga std or qxl worked for them, if the issue was black screen.19:41
pedjai don't have an iso handy, to try it.19:41
pedjabut the problem seems to be with the Gnome3 (the default GUI that they use).19:43
dlcusaIf I wanted more granularity, I could add a version subdir to the path; e.g,20:03
dlcusapkgsb3 -> /_/ZH/CRUX/pkgsb3/core/gcc/5.4.0-1/20:04
dlcusabut that's overkill since the version is in the package filenames.20:05
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john_cephalopodaHmm, I want to write some software. Are there parts of crux where I could contribute?23:51

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