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pedjawell, that was quick :) thanks, teK__00:01
pedjato get rid of the scary warning (server gpg-agent is older than us), I had to kill the agent, reload isn't enough.Interesting.00:05
pedjagnupg is similar to git in some's not that hard to figure out the basic usage, but it can be un-intuitive sometimes.00:11
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pedjaI'd like to get Yubico Neo, or something like that, to play with it a little.00:20
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brian|lfswow firefox update yesterday another today00:40
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john_cephalopodaRomster: /usr/ports/romster/spacefm/spacefm#1.0.5-1.pkg.tar.gz failed building. No package 'libffmpegthumbnailer' found.03:55
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Worksteri'll fix that later it's called ffmpegthumbnailer04:53
Workster# Depends on: gtk udev shared-mime-info desktop-file-utils xorg-libxdamage ffmpegthumbnailer04:55
Worksterit's not missing or incorrect04:55
Worksterjohn_cephalopoda use prt-get depinst not prt-get install and make sure you got my romster repo in prt-get.conf04:55
emmett1Workster, ur ffmpegthumbnailer can make thumbnail on video?05:00
emmett1bcoz i have my own port for ffmpegthumbnailer but video not showing thumbnail05:00
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donatoIs there a "right" way to start openbox or is "exec openbox-session" in a ".xinitrc" already enough?06:25
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abenz_donato: I use openbox-session in xinitrc06:32
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abenzthen the classic, startx ;)06:32
donatoOk, so the same I do.. Still trying to troubleshoot why the application won't run and maybe thought that it's because of the way I start openbox06:34
donatoDo you add new users to any kind of groups when you create them or just their normal user group and audio?06:34
abenzat terminal when you run:06:35
abenzwhat do you see?06:35
donatoIt says "Openbox-Message: Failed to open the display from the DISPLAY environment variable."06:39
donatoBut when I start it with startx, openbox just runs06:39
tilman"exec openbox-session" in ~/.xinitrc is fine06:43
tilmani'd open a terminal once you're in X (in the openbox session) and start the program through that terminal06:43
tilmanthe output it prints should give you some hints about what's wrong06:44
donatoThat was the problem, it didn't print anything and strace showed it starting up normally but no process was started06:44
donatoAs a root the program worked but as a non-root it didn't06:45
tilmanstill sublime text?06:45
donatoYeah, even the support forum couldn't help me06:45
tilmanso strace (and sublime text) keep running after start?06:46
tilmanor does strace exit shortly after you start it?06:46
donatostrace exits, but it does that too for the root user where sublime starts up06:46
tilmantry strace -f06:47
nwemaybe write strace to file and share it here?06:47
tilman("Trace child processes as they are created by currently traced processes [...]")06:47
nwedidn't say so much, I see that you have open a ticket on submlime forum..06:55
donatoOpened it yesterday after troubleshooting for a few hours and they ran out of ideas too unfortunately. The weirdest part is, that the -v and -h options work but starting the program up doesn't06:56
nwehow is it with the permissions on /dev/shm ?  if it´s like with chrome that the permission of it must be 666 /dev/shm otherwise chrome wont start or something like that..06:59
donatoThey currently are 75507:01
tilmani jsut gave you an idea07:01
tilmanstrace -f07:01
donatoOh I'm sorry, didn't see it07:01
tilmanstart with strace -f -o/tmp/the.log right away, its going to be lots of output07:02
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donatoApparently something with dbus07:05
tilmanthere you go07:05
tilmanand apparently it was kind enough to redirect stderr to /dev/null so you cannot see the error message07:06
donatoDo you possible know what could cause the problem? Unfortunately I'm kind of new to crux07:09
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nwedonato: if you set the permission too 666 on /dev/shm and try again07:35
nwebecause with 755 only the owner can write to /dev/shm (root)07:35
nwechange too 666 and try to run it again as non-root use07:36
donatoStill nothing, do I need to mount /dev/shm in fstab? I currently only have my root, home and swap partition in there07:37
nwedonato: add none /dev/shm tmpfs rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec 0 0 in /etc/fstab07:42
nwemount -a07:42
nwechmod 777 /dev/shm07:42
donatoSublime started07:44
donatoThanks so much07:45
donatoThat was the only thing left to do so I could use my machine as a daily driver07:46
donatoBut is there something else I need to add to the fstab? In the documentation they only mentioned the root, home and swap07:46
nweyou can add chmod  777 /dev/shm into /etc/rc.local (so it will fix it on the next reboot)07:47
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pedja'tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs defaults 0 0' in fstab should be enough, according to kernel docs13:01
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pedjaunless you want to get fancy13:02
pedjaand there *is* a sample fstab in core/filesystem port13:03
pedjaSublime is nice.But Vim is awesome.13:10
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pedjaAnd if *I* could learn to use it, anyone can.13:11
onoderaI use micro13:12
onoderaan editor written in go, it's pretty much notepad(++) for the terminal, so CUA shortcuts, syntax highlighting, lua plugins13:12
pedjanever heard of it.13:12
onoderait's pretty new13:12
onoderait's getting multiple cursors like sublime as well13:13
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pedjathis ?13:13
frinnstnano ftw!!13:17
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pedjaMonokai as a default colorscheme?I lik eit already :)13:18
pedjastatic binary is an interesting approach.13:20
pedjaaren't all Go apps static binaries?13:20
onoderawell, I haven't come across one that isn't13:22
onoderaonly stuff like config files are a bit messy13:22
onoderathey pretty much get generated from the binary13:22
pedjafrinnst, I thought you used Atom :) ?13:23
onoderabtw if you are interested, I'm writing some prt-get inspired tool in go, *some* of the commands are usable now :)
pedjaACTION hides 13:23
pedjaI would be more interested in prt-get Ansible module, tbh :)13:28
frinnstthe firefox vuln. list has finally been updated:
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pedjawith Linux desktop usage of 1.5%, I sometimes wonder why do they even bother14:17
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pedjabad PR, I guess14:21
rmullHmm, on my windows machine, the noscript icon in firefox disappeared after the latest round of updates14:24
rmullI will try the "refresh firefox" option.14:25
rmullSeems to have worked.14:27
pedjaI prefer uMatrix/uBlock Origin combo to NoScript.14:30
rmullHmm, not familiar with umatrix, will look into that14:38
rmullHuh, pretty neat14:43
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john_cephalopodaI'm using noscript and requestpolicy.14:55
john_cephalopodaAlso that cookiemonster thing.14:55
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frinnstnew battery soldered on the amiga 400020:00
frinnstsome acid damage on the pcb but nothing that looks fatal20:00
frinnstthe rest looks brand new. no bulging caps or anything20:00
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rmullfrinnst: Got photos?23:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to 45.5.1. Fix for mfsa2016-9223:16

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