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emmett1guys, where is the exact location for udev rules file?07:03
emmett1im trying to install libmtp07:03
emmett1./configure --prefix=/usr --with-udev=/usr/lib/udev07:04
emmett1this is flag for my libmtp07:04
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brian|lfsthat sounds about right07:35
brian|lfswhereis udev07:36
brian|lfsudev: /usr/lib/udev /etc/udev /lib/udev /usr/include/udev.h /usr/share/man/man7/udev.7.gz07:36
emmett1im not thinking about doing 'whereis udev'07:48
emmett1changed to /etc/udev/07:48
emmett1still cant mount my android device07:49
emmett1using gvfs07:49
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emmett1my thunar detect android device07:53
emmett1but cant mount it07:53
emmett1unable to open MTP device "[usb:001,007]"07:53
emmett1popup dialog said07:53
emmett1when try to mount android in thunar07:54
abenzhow about you install sshfs on your android phone and mount it from crux?08:03
emmett1is it mount wirelessly with same wifi or using cable?08:16
frinnsti use simple-mtp, works without problems for me08:17
frinnsthm, distfile is wrong08:18
emmett1simple-mtpfs not working08:21
emmett1simple-mtpfs --list-devices  > my device listed08:21
emmett1simple-mtpfs ~/mnt/mtp > nothing happen08:22
emmett1wait, wrong path mount08:22
emmett1it workk08:23
emmett1thanks frinnst08:23
emmett1but still want to figure out why it cant mount using gvfs08:24
emmett1gonna google more08:24
emmett1mount using gvfs work now08:25
emmett1after modprobe fuse08:25
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ryu0donato: the indentation you use is entirely up to you. no one has an agreed upon standard. the only time this doesn't apply is if coding standards are in effect.08:29
emmett1after reboot both not working08:30
ryu0donato: if you want a source code formatter to help you out, you can look at uncrustify (usable on many C-like languages) or clang-format.08:30
donatoryu0: I was using 2 spaces in JS, but I didn't know if that was ok (= readable for others) in C08:31
emmett1LIBMTP PANIC: Trying to dump the error stack of a NULL device!08:31
ryu0donato: some people use it.08:31
ryu0donato: some people just use tabs and say, let people choose what tab is equal to.08:32
donatoryu0: Did you already start with the rewrite?08:33
ryu0donato: not yet.08:34
ryu0donato: have you been following .net core?08:34
donatoryu0: No, net yet.08:35
ryu0if you end up writing server side web code, core is one of the first applications of it being ported. it should be possible to use it with Linux http servers.08:36
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donatoAnd what is the difference between that and just using nginx?08:37
ryu0eh? isn't nginx just another web server?08:38
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ryu0donato: is a web framework. it operates on top of a http server.08:38
ryu0donato: nginx operates are a lower level.08:38
ryu0certain frameworks may prefer being used with nginx, but it's not bound to any particular web content system.08:39
donatoryu0: I'm going to check it out, don't know anything about it yet08:39
ryu0donato: php is another option, is written in C#.08:40
ryu0donato: just php has a lot of land mines. too many bad code examples.08:40
donatoCould I technically write C/C++ applications and use then? Or does it really have to be C#?08:41
ryu0it has to be something that can run atop .net.08:41
ryu0you can link to C or C++ code with C#, but that's not the same thing really.08:41
ryu0donato: just php and seem to be some of the better known web development frameworks, server side anyway.08:42
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ryu0there's also node.js i guess, but i don't hear many talking about it.08:43
ryu0(which is a server-side javascript VM)08:43
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donatoWe're currently working with NodeJS, so I only have experience with that (and PHP from a few years ago)08:44
donatoBut I'm going to read more about, it seems interesting08:44
ryu0just a lot more material for it compared to a lot of other frameworks.08:45
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ryu0incidently there's 1 web development framework for C, but i don't know why anyone would use it.08:46
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emmett1my android can mount using gvfs only after i made new udev rule for it08:48
emmett1why is that08:48
donatoFor web applications I currently only use NodeJS because I'm comfortable with it08:48
ryu0donato: D is also a pretty interesting language, sort of like a mixture of C and Java.08:48
emmett1any udev expert here08:48
donatoryu0: for I would have to look into C# too08:48
ryu0donato: indeed. you pretty much have to look at other languages for other frameworks. it's part of life as a software developer.08:48
abenzemmett1: use, both ends need to be on lan08:49
abenzin fact, anywhere over the internet08:49
abenzas long as you have the ports forwarded08:49
ryu0abenz: what does that have to do with MTP, GVFS, and USB? they're not even connected to the general network.08:50
emmett1abenz, im sorry, what u say is?08:50
emmett1i dont understand08:50
donatoryu0: Can C# be compared to C/++? I have to make a schedule when to look at which language with all the ones I want to learn/have to take a look at haha.08:50
abenz1. install easysshfs08:50
emmett1owh about sshfs ealier08:50
abenz2. sshfs user@your_phone_lan_ip: /loca/mount08:51
ryu0donato: C# is more comparable to Java. it's not really at the same level.08:51
ryu0donato: as C or C++.08:51
emmett1abenz, im gonna try it later, thanks08:51
emmett1but now my android already can mount in thunar using gvfs08:52
frinnstunless you use tabs for indentation you are doing it worng08:52
frinnst<shots fired>08:52
emmett1but after i create new udev rule for it08:52
ryu0frinnst: was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced DOA. RIP. =p08:52
emmett1why default rule from libmtp package not working?08:53
donatoryu0: Any tips for learning multiple languages at once?08:53
frinnstlinux/Documentation/CodingStyle is pretty fun read :)08:53
emmett1my device listed in libmtp rule08:53
ryu0donato: don't? i've only focused on one new one at a time largely.08:53
emmett1but its now working08:53
donatoryu0: Then I will first continue with the C book, then look at C#08:54
ryu0donato: yea, it's better not to get in the multitasking trap.08:54
ryu0donato: i have to learn skills that the market actually wants, so that's why C#. a lot of job postings here ask for C# and/or .NET experience.08:54
donatoryu0: In which country do you live? Here everybody is suddenly looking for JS / web developers.08:55
ryu0my guess? they're big users of microsoft stuff.08:55
ryu0i don't like MS too much but what choice do you have?08:56
donatoYeah unfortunately08:56
ryu0but it does look like they're moving more of their software cross-platform.08:56
ryu0visual studio code started awhile ago and is like a lightweight version of visual studio.08:57 core, other development tools of theirs are going cross platform.08:57
ryu0aka, open source as well.08:57
ryu0it just looks like they're moving more stuff so it can be used apart from windows.08:58
ryu0no idea how far they'll take it.08:58
donatoI heard a friend of mine talking about something like that a few weeks ago. He was happy that he suddenly could develop on linux08:58
donatoI wonder when the startups here are going to move away from NodeJS to something different08:59
ryu0donato: dunno. D has its own web framework now called vibe.09:01
ryu0just that .net has more uh...09:02
ryu0market volume.09:02
donatoAre there large programs that are written in D? I always hear about C or C++, but never about D09:03
ryu0but then, define "big".09:04
ryu0D produces staticly linked binaries, more or less. it only dynamicly links by default to libc.09:04
ryu0donato: you may notice something about the majority of the languages i'm considering.09:06
ryu0donato: they're all staticly typed.09:07
donatoryu0: I noticed it. Did you already use all of them in a program or is it just considering until now?09:08
ryu0donato: haven't had time to learn anything new yet. school is too demanding still.09:09
donatoryu0: Which languages do you know? I think I never asked that.09:11
ryu0donato: C, subset of C++, AWK, shell.09:13
ryu0that should tell you a lot. =p09:13
ryu0donato: have you read about arrays in C yet?09:14
donatoryu0: That's the next chapter I have to read09:14
ryu0type identifier [length];09:15
ryu0is the basic syntax.09:15
ryu0the length can be omitted under certain circumstances, but if you do, it has to be given an initializer expression.09:15
donatoOk, so that's basically like in Go09:16
ryu0donato: yet remember C is not Go.09:16
ryu0Go is a mixture of various language syntaxes.09:16
donatoSome things I recognized while reading the book09:16
ryu0one of the architects of go was heavily involved in C.09:17
ryu0Kernighan i believe.09:17
ryu0Go was designed to be super simple, few advanced features.09:18
SiFuhtilman: thanks for the help :-)09:22
donatoryu0: C does not seem too overly complicated yet either. I'm curious if it stays like that. i still have over 200 pages left09:22
ryu0donato: one thing you may notice is how limited C is compared to other languages. in particular, it has no features from functional languages.09:23
ryu0donato: like first class functions.09:23
ryu0donato: aka no nested functions or closure.09:23
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ryu0though there are extensions to C that offer it.09:23
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ryu0GNU C has nested functions and clang has blocks.09:23
ryu0they're just assbackwards to use.09:24
donatoryu0: I think I will only use C for some simple programs that automate some tasks on my machine, so the limitations should not matter that much I hope09:24
ryu0donato: all i'm saying is, it takes good planning to do well with C for non-trivial programs.09:25
ryu0i guess that's true of most programs, but especially for C.09:25
donatoryu0: Would you mind looking over my code after I get a bit further with the book?09:26
ryu0donato: i suppose. C is one of the languages i know best.09:26
ryu0donato: i can tell you that certain features of C are nearly 99% unused in real code, or only shows up in ancient code.09:29
ryu0trigraphs, digraphs, register/auto keywords, ...09:30
ryu0oh, and K&R function definitions.09:30
donatoBut it's still good to know about them, I guess?09:34
ryu0donato: yes. just pointing out some parts of C are just legacy.09:34
ryu0donato: so it's not important to remember them.09:34
ryu0donato: one major piece of advice i have: always use {}s. a lot of bugs are due to scope and it pays to always use them.09:35
ryu0that goes for C++ too.09:35
donatoOh that was another questions too: {} on a new line or on the funtion/statement line?09:35
ryu0your choice. i used to do separate lines for both, now it's just for the closing one.09:35
ryu0if(...) {09:36
ryu0is my preference now.09:36
ryu0donato: just saying that because for anywhere a statement is demanded, the {}s can be omitted.09:37
ryu0and that's a source for bugs.09:37
donatoI already saw it in the book, they are a bit inconsistent with that09:37
ryu0donato: C switch cases also fall through to adjacent ones if break is not used. this can be a problem. always use break when each case is over.09:39
ryu0donato: unless you have a good reason to let them overlap.09:39
ryu0and, C switch cases only work on integer expressions, such as enums and characters.09:40
ryu0donato: oh, here's something you might find baffling.09:40
ryu0assume x is of type int. what does this do?09:41
ryu0if(x) { ... } else { ... }09:41
donatois the int 0 or > 0?09:41
donatoIf it's 0, I guess it's false, otherwise it returns true09:41
ryu0either. just tell me what you think it will do.09:41
ryu0oh, so you figured that out already, eh?09:41
donatoIt was just a wild guess haha09:42
ryu0if an integer is used where a conditional is expected and no boolean operator is in use, 0 is taken to be false and non-zero is taken to be true.09:42
ryu0incidently, C boolean operators always return 0 or 1 integral values.09:43
ryu0you'll notice C has weak typing.09:43
donatoOh and I noticed that they always omit the arguments in the main function09:44
donatoAnd the compiler shows a warning09:44
ryu0there's really no barriers keeping you from treating booleans, chars, enums, and integers in like manner.09:44
ryu0 you mean...09:44
ryu0int main() { ... }09:44
donatomain() {}09:45
ryu0fuck. DO NOT DO THAT. always specify a return type.09:45
ryu0it throws away what little type checking C can do for you.09:45
donatoIn every example in the book I read until  now, they just opened the program with main() {}09:45
donatoThat's it, no return09:45
ryu0it's valid C to do that.09:46
ryu0it defaults to int if unspecified, but compilers have a fit if you use it.09:46
donatoOnly noticed that because the compiler kept printing warnings09:46
ryu0another big no-no: undefined function references09:46
ryu0they're called implicit function declarations09:46
ryu0always declare function prototypes before they are referenced the first time.09:47
ryu0donato: also, when declaring functions, you may notice: int foo() {...}09:48
ryu0which is different than09:48
ryu0int foo(void) {...}09:48
ryu0the difference is the first takes an unknown number of arguments.09:48
ryu0the 2nd takes no arguments at all.09:48
donatoOh ok, I didn't know that it's like that09:48
ryu0the first is rather useless. always use the 2nd form for declaring functions taking no arguments.09:49
ryu0like i said, C has a lot of bizarre behaviors and quirks. plenty of land mines.09:49
donatoThat they didn't mention in the book..09:49
ryu0if it's the ANSI C book they will eventually.09:49
ryu0at least the void part.09:50
ryu0it's how i even know about it.09:50
donatoIt's the ANSI one09:50
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onoderais there a reason firefox is not being build with the system-icu flag?11:29
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onoderadoes anyone here know how I can get my mic to work in firefox/webrtc13:45
onoderamy cam works just fine but firefox doesn't detect my mic...13:45
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retardhm, same here13:55
onoderathis seems to work13:59
onoderabut uhh, it detects the mic now I think. but I'm getting a not authorized error on pages13:59
retardnow it works for me too14:01
onoderadoes it actually record stuff14:02
onodera for example here14:03
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retardi tried a call14:07
retardit worked14:07
onoderaoh got it to work14:08
onoderaby fiddling with alsamixer14:08
retardfrob the knob14:08
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retardis skype actually working for anyone14:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mutt: update to 1.7.214:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: scite: update to 3.7.114:17
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onodera retard just tried the web client and coudn;t get it to work14:20
onoderanow installing tons of 32bit libs for the linux client... ;s14:20
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john_cephalopodaretard: I tried it once, I think. It ran but pulse sucks.14:34
john_cephalopodaretard: The web client works for chatting. I use it all the time.14:34
john_cephalopodaretard: When you want to videochat with people, just write them a message in the web client and use for video chat.14:35
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retardjohn_cephalopoda: package depends on apulse-32 though14:56
john_cephalopodaretard: I used it on Archlinux back then.14:56
retardProject is in stale state since its proclamation. The main objective, working Skype test call, is reached. I don't have any plans for further development.14:56
retardpretty cool14:56
retardor it would be if skype actually functioned14:56
retardi run the full linux client inside a ubuntu vm, but it's still pretty terribad14:56
john_cephalopodaretard: Use for chat. If you need video call, I'd advise you to use jitsi ( - works without registration). It's better than skype calls and open-source.14:57
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pedjaafternoon server pr0n:
pedjadamn, that's nice.15:26
abenzpower bill though..15:29
pedjawell, if you pay 210k for a server, I am pretty sure you can afford to pay the power bill :)15:32
pedjamicroblade is 6U, and the standard rack is what, 42U?15:34
pedjaso, 1.4 million per rack.15:35
pedja50TB ECC RAM, 6272 long would it take to build Firefox on *that*?15:36
abenzwith -j1 ?15:37
pedjathis would make a nice early Christmas present for some sheikhs geeky kid15:40
pedjait must be nice to be a billioner.15:44
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tilmanSiFuh: what help?18:20
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pedjawell, fuck.,33112.html20:12
pedja"SSD prices to increase 20-25% over the next few months."20:13
joacimtime to hoard20:13
*** leetspete1 has joined #crux20:15 10 750 EVO's now 2.sell them for a hefty profit in the spring 3.deown in hookers and cocaine20:15
frinnstsweeeeet, both amiga 4000's are up and running \o/20:37
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frinnstorly pedja? good thing we ordered 2x 850 EVO for the new crux server already \o/20:38
pedjathey'll be worth their weight in gold soon enough :)20:39
frinnstbut they havent been delivered yet :(20:42
frinnstI bet this nand "shortage" is artificial20:53
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nweis it someone more that god private spam  on freenode on the evening??21:21
nwelike this.. 20:56 -!- Irssi: Starting query in Freenode with foldavi ?21:23
frinnsti think you can prevent private queries for unregistered users on freenode21:35
frinnstdont remember, check freenode.org21:36
frinnstor maybe that was some other network21:36
nwe got alots of this21:37
frinnst+g ought to do it21:37
nwestarted for a couples of days..21:37
nwefrinnst: looks like it would be +R21:38
frinnstyeah but +g would kill everything :D21:39
nwewhich  modes does you use?21:40
frinnstjust +i21:40
frinnsthavent had that problem21:40
nwebut I dont know why I have got it..21:42
nweI have never had the problem before itÅ› started for say 2 - 3 days before..21:42
nwefrinnst: 22:45 -!- Topic for #freenode: A botnet is PM spamming freenode users. Set user mode +R, which will block PMs from unidentified users (/mode yournickhere +R). Do not report bot nicks here or21:45
nwe          in PM to staff. We are detecting them ourselves. | Welcome to #freenode. Staff are on '/who freenode/staff/*'; some may also be on '/stats p'. Feel free to message us at any time.21:45
nwe22:45 -!- Topic set by dax [~dax@freenode/staff/dax] [Mon Dec  5 21:45:00 2016]21:45
teK_apparently, I am too unintereting for them :}21:46
frinnstthere you go :-)21:46
frinnstmaybe its because of your short username? its all scripted.. a, aa, ab, ac etc :-)21:46
teK_it could be shorter21:49
teK_but fn has stupid rules :]21:49
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