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brian|lfsanyone alive06:30
brian|lfscool so am I06:37
brian|lfskind of surprised I'm running curx 3.3 few miner issues but haven't seen any movement the past week at all in getting closer to a 3.3 release06:37
nwe:) nice!06:38
tilmansounds like the release date of july 1st can be achieved after all06:39
brian|lfshuh july 1st lol06:39
brian|lfsI was thinking more like Feb its pretty dam close06:40
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brian|lfsbetween now and July it could bump up like 3 gcc versions and up a few glibc versions06:45
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teK_wrt release targets, I prefer:   commits or stfu   :-)10:22
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SiFuhpidgin and cyrus-sasl oh the shame12:08
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abenzSiFuh: what are you talking about?12:15
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: mesa3d: update to 12.0.512:22
SiFuhi was looking at a port12:26
SiFuhgive me second12:27
SiFuhabenz: contrib/pidgin to compile it you need to install cyrus-sasl12:28
SiFuhtilman you around?12:29
SiFuhi wanted to thank him for some advice on irc back in 2008 :-)12:29
SiFuhabenz: I am installing CRUX on a "12:31
SiFuhMetabox P650RS-G12:31
SiFuhbasically a Clevo rebranded...12:31
abenznot sure what that is, hold on12:31
abenzthat looks high speccy12:32
abenzI'm waiting for zen launching next month12:32
abenznot going to buy it just want to see prices normalize, hopefully..12:33
SiFuhits taiwanese made12:33
SiFuhbut yes price and specs are high12:33
abenzsteam laptop?12:34
SiFuhcompiled crux opt, xorg, contrib, compat32 and core in 12 seconds....12:34
SiFuhno clevo/metabox12:34
SiFuhi hate the display because i am so old, and having trouble focusing on the DPI :-) had to adjust it to 20012:35
abenzhold on what?12:35
abenzcompiled opt, xorg,... and all that in 12 seconds?12:35
SiFuhi find it funny that libreoffice took 2 minutes and 4 seconds.12:35
abenzlibreoffice is a binary package in crux, its not compiled from source12:36
SiFuhim compiling it12:36
abenzI see12:36
abenzcongrats on the purchase12:36
SiFuhmy bank hates me12:37
abenzhow's the display after DPI adjustment? I was under the impression those high res displays don't make good linux choices12:37
abenzeven windows 10 struggled with this for a while, a friend tells me12:37
SiFuhwell that is the thing12:38
SiFuhXorg is fine with it12:38
SiFuhbut GTK for instance choose to ignore it12:38
abenzI see12:38
SiFuhi found the only way to neatly do it is put the DPI in xorg for everything that is not a desktop environment..12:39
SiFuhfor desktop environments create a Xresources with dpi using Xft12:39
abenzwhat DE are you using?\12:40
SiFuhfluxbox ?12:40
abenzSiFuh> for desktop environments12:40
abenzI see12:40
SiFuhi used xfce, enlighten (dr17) hated both so i changed to WM Fluxbox12:41
SiFuhDesktop Environments and me don't go together well12:41
abenzI'm on openbox which is very minimal, took a while to set it up the way I like it but now when I see DEs I find them quite bloated12:41
SiFuhthe Debian machine is using xfce but i honeslty hate it12:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dovecot: udpate to 2.2.2712:42
SiFuhi saw openbox and tried it once but i havent the time to figure it all out. Using fluxbox since early 2000's12:42
SiFuheven my openbsd machine uses fluxbox12:42
abenzyou have an nvidia 1070 in there? heh12:42
SiFuhahh np12:42
SiFuhhang ong12:42
abenzagreed, there's a very useful app for openbox, called obmenu12:43
abenzit allows you to easily customize the menus and such12:43
abenzinstead of having to deal with xml files manually12:44
SiFuhi have Kali Linux Menu for Fluxbox... wrote it by hand when bored.. should upload it online12:44
abenzthere's also obconf to set all the other major settings12:44
abenzthese two utilities should be part of the official upstream OB imho, would make it much more accessible12:44
SiFuhwhat is OB ?12:45
abenzso thats a quite capable laptop there, you having to check what graphics card it has tells me you won't be using this for gaming :)12:45
SiFuhi only play Xplane 1012:46
SiFuhwhats wrong with the graphics card?12:46
SiFuhi have been out of the loop about 5 years now12:46
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SiFuhand no i am not a gamer12:47
abenzI didn't mean it like that, I meant that you having to check what your new laptop has for a gfx card shows you were not interested much in how much gfx horsepower it has, hence you won't be using it for gaming12:47
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abenz_sigh, really getting tired of this connection dropping 5 times daily..12:49
abenz_anyways, congrats again. bbl12:49
SiFuhi bought the power but i dont wield a sword...12:49
frinnstSiFuh: my pidgin port has less dependencies
SiFuh5 times a day  you must be in Australia haha12:50
SiFuhfrinnst: thank you so much12:50
SiFuhfrinnst: --enable-cyrus-sasl12:51
SiFuhthanks frinnst:12:55
SiFuhit's nice to see the linux kernel compiling quite well without conflicts :-)12:57
SiFuhhello jaeger jdolan jue nwe and teK_13:00
jdolanwell well13:01
jdolani've not heard from the mighty SiFuh in about 10 years.13:01
jdolanwhats up man?13:01
SiFuhjust my ceiling13:01
SiFuhhow are you?13:01
jdolanoh you're into flight sims?13:01
jdolani'm alright. about to hop in the shower and head to my physical therapy appointment.13:01
jdolanhave you ever tried Rise of Flight?13:01
SiFuhcan it compare to X-Plane 10 ?13:02
jdolanif you like WWI and old aircraft, i highly recommend it. it's from 2009 so system requirements are not so bad.13:02
jdolanyes. it has the most convincing FMs i've ever seen.13:02
SiFuhhave you seen X-Plane 10 ?13:02
jdolani have.13:02
SiFuhreal time, real weather, blah blah13:03
SiFuhchecking out what you suggest13:03
jdolanRoF doesn't have all of the real world immersion -- it's set in WWI. but the FMs are amazing, the planes are beautiful, and the multiplayer is absolutely sick.13:03
SiFuhRise of Flight can work on Linux ?13:03
jdolanuh, no. DX9 only, sadly.13:04
jdolani boot Win10 from an external USB HDD just to have RoF, lol.13:04
SiFuhX-Plane 10 was designed for mac and runs on windows and linux13:04
SiFuhi've never owned windows.. i feel ashamed sometimes that i can't format a hard drive in windows13:05
SiFuhmy father at 70 years of age had to show me. :-( 4 days ago/13:06
SiFuh69 years old13:06
abenz_quite the techie I must say13:09
abenz_I don't think I've seen any 60+ old person do that sort of thing (eg format)13:10
abenz_Rise of Flight seems interesting jdolan13:10
abenz_I played Armored warfare.. and World of tanks previously but that game is absolutely rigged13:11
SiFuhnah Dad is cool, he just tinkers a bit. Loves his computer and his game. Agressive when has no internet. But he figured it out when he was in his 50s13:11
abenz_they have patented the rigging mechanism, and their online forum is full of shells telling anyone who points out the obvious rigging that hes a "conspiracy tinfoil" or "leave if you dont like it"13:12
SiFuhHe asked me to install and explain Linux Mint on his PC. Install was easy, explain took about 5 hours but... he seems to understand it.13:12
abenz_SiFuh: heh. thats great13:12
SiFuhYeah I think so.. Mum can use but it is funny13:14
SiFuhsister has notebook not working, decides to dismantle it. "the screw is stuck"13:14
SiFuhyeah turn it the other direction13:14
abenz_tech family13:15
SiFuhBorther and I laughed13:15
SiFuhshe looks for a few minutes and says it is junk and says i can have all but the hard disk13:15
SiFuhi cleaned it and put in a new disk and it works fine, it is an asus... it is junk13:16
abenz_I was under the impression asus was mid tier stuff13:16
SiFuhabenz_: im the engineer13:16
abenzI see13:16
SiFuhi have a rule13:16
abenzwhat would be a first tier? sony Z, thinkpads?13:17
SiFuhif it starts with A, B, C, D or HP it is junk ;-)13:17
SiFuhonly sony i ever owned was an Xperia X10 phone. Awesome, unbrickable.. piece of rubbish13:18
SiFuhstill using it today ;-)13:18
abenzunfortunately I have an iphone :(13:18
abenzwe need variety in the phone world13:18
SiFuhlife shall get better soon13:19
SiFuhyes i like phones13:19
abenzthere was this Turing phone thing13:19
abenzbut it seems to be a flop13:19
SiFuhulefone is ok if you want bleeding edge but, a year from now dead.....13:19
SiFuhbest phone nokia n90013:19
abenzoh man13:20
SiFuhstill have 2 working models here13:20
abenznostalgic days13:20
abenznokia truly had a great hardware team13:20
abenzSiFuh: send me one?13:20
SiFuh3rd is dead from motobike acident..13:20
abenzQuad core 2.5Ghz, 5.5 FHD display, 3GB ram13:20
SiFuhthere is a n900 replacement never relase4d  but with standard hardware13:21
abenznice specs.. and runs sailfish, sailfish is brought to you by the same guys who developed maemo13:21
abenzyou will feel right at home with it13:21
abenzsadly it doesn't feel as polished13:21
SiFuhand enhanced in Russia13:21
SiFuhgot to love them13:21
SiFuhand i hate maemo sorry13:22
abenzwhat do you run on your n900s?13:22
SiFuhspecs seem good13:22
abenzwhat about functionality?13:23
SiFuhbrother bought a blackberry storm 2 and it died13:23
abenzis it a nice mini ssh terminal, or can you use it as a phone?13:23
SiFuhso he asked me about n900 and he bought  he is running maemo13:23
abenzI see13:23
abenzneed to run (for real this time), ttyl SiFuh13:23
SiFuhconfigure the terminal to support a pipe |   it is a mini notebook13:24
SiFuhi hacked the celluar network with wireshark and an n900 for fun. Way before 3g and 4g 4glte13:24
SiFuhn900 is awesome but  quite slow.13:25
SiFuhimagine what you could do if you used your own software?13:25
SiFuhreminds me of the Motorola C123   ugly phone but how much power did you actually have in your hands?13:26
SiFuhno one has done SDR on Crux?13:50
rmullI haven't heard of anyone doing that in IRC at least13:59
SiFuhdon't worry rmull: I will do it to CRUX ;-)14:10
rmullCool - would love to enjoy that vicariously :)14:22
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SiFuh:-O what???14:50
jaegerSiFuh: been a long time since you were using crux, right? If I remember correctly14:50
jaegerwelcome back if so :)14:50
jaegerI used a sager laptop in the past that I really liked. It was also a clevo rebrand14:51
SiFuhthat is cool14:52
SiFuhyeah i am back14:53
SiFuhsame as Han OpenBSD lover but Crux also14:53
SiFuhwhere is Han ?14:54
jaegerHaven't seen him in years14:56
SiFuhhe hated me14:56
SiFuhfunny because he was most influential guy from the unix comunity in my life.14:57
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SiFuh7:49 to compile gimp.15:25
frinnsthan was "special"15:38
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SiFuhmaverick was15:40
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jdolanabenz: RoF is as good as it gets if you like old airplanes.15:43
jdolanget yourself a HOTAS, some rudder pedals, TrackIR and an ultra-wide format display, and you might as well be flying.15:44
jdolani had all of that, but sold it a few years back during a move. i still have the HOTAS, pedals and TrackIR, but i play on a Macbook Pro and single 25" monitor.15:44
jdolanit's still fun.15:44
jdolan(i think Han hated everybody?)15:45
jdolansup jaeger15:46
SiFuhno, i think he knew he was better than us all.15:46
jaegerjdolan: not too much here... docker work this morning, woo15:50
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SiFuhrmull: dbrooke has already made the ports for SDR18:19
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tilmanSiFuh: i'm here now18:34
SiFuhme too18:34
tilmanwhat ancient port of mine did help you out there? :p18:35
SiFuhwanted to thank you for your comment back in 200818:35
SiFuhancient port?18:35
tilmansorry, i don't remember18:35
SiFuhyou said something like "thinks he hasn't removed the comment in prt-get.conf"18:43
SiFuhwhich got me thinking, I had not removed the comment also ;-)18:43
SiFuhso 9 years later your words still echo across the internet18:44
SiFuh8 years18:44
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dbrookeSiFuh: I have work in progress on updating some of my SDR ports, mostly just need to make sure the dependencies are correct before I put them on my public repository20:56
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